Anglican Essentials Canada

Anglican Essentials Canada

Anglican Essentials Canada is a conservative group within the Anglican Church of Canada created by the coalition of three ministries within the Anglican Church of Canada:

*Barnabas Anglican Ministries (British-style Evangelical Anglicans)
*Anglican Renewal Ministries Canada (Charismatic Anglicans); and
*The Prayer Book Society of Canada

Conservative Anglicans formed the group in 1994 to represent their interests within the Anglican Church of Canada. Montreal Declaration] It was previously named 'the Essentials movement', and then in 2005, launched the Essentials Federation and the Anglican Network in Canada before 750 delegates, most of them Canadian Anglicans, during a gathering dubbed the "Open Door Conference." There were also visitors from the U.S. and abroad [ [ Anglican Journal: Essentials forms new groups, Sep 1, 2005] ]

Anglican Essentials Canada states they "offer support to Canadian Anglicans who wish to remain true to biblically-faithful, historically-authentic Anglicanism." [ [ Anglican Essentials Canada ] ] "Anglican Essentials Canada" stands for the supremacy of the complete Canon of Holy Scripture, the Book of Common Prayer as the standard of doctrine and worship, the Ordinal, and the Articles of Religion affirmed by the Lambeth Conference of 1968. [ [ What we stand for ] ] Although one of the constituent groups is the Prayer Book Society, Anglican Essentials Canada states that the "Book of Alternative Services" meets a widely-felt need for contemporary liturgy, and brings life and joy to many Anglican worshippers". Montreal Declaration] They are neutral on the matter of the ordination of women and include women priests among their ranks. They are opposed to the blessing of same-sex unions. Discomfort with the Prayer Book Society's involvement in "Anglican Essentials Canada" led some gay and lesbian members to found Propitiation (Toronto).

Within "Anglican Essentials Canada" there are two sub-groups: "The Essentials Federation" and the" Anglican Network in Canada".
*"The Essentials Federation" is dedicated to working for the Essentials cause within the Anglican Church of Canada.

*The "Anglican Network in Canada", or "Essentials Network", is preparing a separate Canadian Anglican jurisdiction in the event of a schism in the Anglican Communion.

ee also

*Anglican Coalition in Canada


External links

* [ Letter To Members of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada from Anglican Essentials Canada]
* [ Anglican Essentials Canada website]
* [ The Prayer Book Society of Canada website]

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