Kari Peitsamo

Kari Peitsamo

Kari Juhani Valdemar Peitsamo (born 26 August 1957 in Nokia, Finland) is a Finnish musician whose style has changed over the years from acoustic avant-garde pop to electric rock. His best-known song is probably 'Kauppaopiston naiset' from 1977.

Kari Peitsamo started his career with the EP "Kari Peitsamo ja Ankkuli", which was created with the assistance of Juuso Nordlund and Kaj Martin, the backing group of Juice Leskinen, on the studio time left over from Leskinen. Kari Peitsamo's debut album "Jatsin syvin olemus" (1977) was still performed as a trio but the following albums would be solos where Peitsamo performed his songs accompanied only by an acoustic guitar. Later on Peitsamo's acoustic guitar was switched to an electric one, and he was joined by the band Ankkuli, with its other members Harri Siirtola (bass) and Yrjö Majamaa (drums).

After this Peitsamo, who had recorded for Love Records, moved to Poko Records, and changed his band to Kari Peitsamo Revival, which was influenced by Creedence Clearwater Revival and Status Quo (Peitsamo also translated songs by both bands into Finnish). After the Revival period Peitsamo played rock with his new band Kari Peitsamon Skootteri between 1985-1994. Another ensemble of his, Kari Peitsamo & Hirttämättömät, also released one album in 1998, called "Bubblegum Warriors In Faded Jeans".

Kari Peitsamo is known for his vast productivity; for example, as many as six albums of his came out during the years 1993 and 1994. However, during the later years Peitsamo's musical activities have receded, and he has worked, among other things, as a grave digger and as a candidate for the Communist Party of Finland in the 2003 and 2007 parliamentary elections, as well as the local elections and elections for the European parliament in 2004.

Many of the Peitsamo's most famous songs are short rock songs with somewhat peculiar lyrics. His debut album contains a song "Uskon Beatleksiin" (I Believe in the Beatles) in which singer is rejected by his girlfriend but he is not desperate because he believes that some day The Beatles will descend from the heaven and bring peace to the world. The title track of debut album is about jazz music and it declares that the deepest nature of jazz is unknown. In addition to his typical absurdism and oddities Peitsamo has also written political songs.


* "Jatsin syvin olemus" (1977)
* "Vedestä nousee kasvi" (1978)
* "Kari Kolmas" (1978)
* "Kari Peitsamo ja Ankkuli" (1979)
* "Pölypilleri" (1979)
* "Levylaulaja" (1980)
* "Gratest Hits" (1980)
* "Gulliverin retket" (1981)
* "Vallankumous" (1981)
* "Kari Peitsamo 1977-1981" (1981)
* "Jokivarren jytäorkesteri" (1982)
* "Pieni suuri show" (1983)
* "Rokkiletti" (1984)
* "Älä koskaan laula kantria" (1985)
* "Kari Peitsamon Skootteri" (1985)
* "Amatöörirakastaja" (1986)
* "The 10th Anniversary Album" (1987)
* "Vedestä nousee hai" (1988)
* "Hämeen nopein" (1988)
* "Rankat ankat" (1989 )
* "Kadonnutta aikaa etsimässä" (1989)
* "Hellsinkin"' (1990)
* "Groovers' Paradise" (1990)
* "Are You Experienced? the Woodoo Collection" (1991)
* "Plays Wigwam" (1991)
* "Sergeant Rocker Rides Again" (1991)
* "Memories" (1992)
* "The Fool" (1992)
* "Natural Boogie" (1993)
* "Vi skall spela rock" (1993)
* "Jytäorkesteri tulee taas" (1993)
* "I'm Down" (1994)
* "How I Won The War" (1994)
* "Dr. Rockfinger & Outlaws Boys" (1994)
* "Before They Make Me Run" (1995)
* "Good Vibrations : the 20th Anniversary Album" (1997)
* "Peace, Love & Understanding : the Xmas Album" (1997)
* "Bubblegum Warriors In Faded Jeans" (1998)
* "Hoodoo" (1998)
* "Brono Starr's Rock'n'roll Roadside Attraction" (1999)
* "Pelle Show" (2001)
* "Lähde autoiluretkelle suureen etelän kanjoniin - Kaikkien aikojen parhaat" (2003)
* "Taistelujen tiellä" (2004)
* "Amerikkalaisia unelmia", with Freud Marx Engels & Jung (2005)
* "No Mercy" (2005)
* "Für Elise", with Aku Ankkuli (2006)
* "The 30th Anniversary Album" (2007)
* "The Second Coming Of Mr. Jesus H. Christ" with Risto (2007)
* "From Toijala with Love" (2008)
* "Liskon laki" (2008)

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