Supernumerary (disambiguation)

Supernumerary (disambiguation)

"Supernumerary" is an adjective which means "exceeding the usual number".

When used as a noun, "supernumerary" means a temporary employee, additional society member, or extra manpower.

Other supernumerary things include:

* Supernumerary body parts
* In gender studies, supernumerary categories refer to gender categories other than male and female
* Supernumerary rainbows are an interference effect inside the arc of the primary bow
* A cadet who has successfully graduated from the Advanced Drills Course in the National Cadet Corps (Singapore)
* Supernumerary actor, a performer in a film, television show, or stage production who has no role or purpose other than to appear in the background, more commonly referred to as an "extra."
*Supernumerary rainbow

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