Battle of Kressenbrunn

Battle of Kressenbrunn

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Battle of Kressenbrunn

caption=Battle of Kressenbrunn in Chronica Hungarorum
place=near Kressenbrunn
result=Bohemian victory
commander1=Premysl Ottokar II
commander2=Bela IV

The Battle of Kressenbrunn was fought in July of 1260 between Bohemia and Hungary for the possession of Austria and Styria. The Bohemian force was led by Premysl Ottokar II while the Hungarians were led by Bela IV.

Ottokar's army consists Czech, German, Polish, Carinthian, Styrian and Moravian forces. Bela's army consists Hungarian, Cuman, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Wallachian, Ukrainian (Galician), Bosnian, Serbien, Pecheneg and Szekler contingents.

The Bohemian force was victorious.

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