Double billing

Double billing

Double billing refers to charging for the same product twice.


In commerce, double billing is the error of charging a customer twice for the same unique product. This can occur due to a change in product name[1] or due to a software error.[2]


In law, double billing refers to charging an hourly rate to two clients for the same time spent working. The American Bar Association prohibits double billing.[3] It is tantamount to overcharging, since the amount of time actually spent working on any one client's work is less than the amount billed to that client.

Associates and partners alike at large law firms face significant pressure to double bill or to "pad" their hours in order to reduce overwork.[4] These attorneys are usually required to bill 1800 to 2000 hours per year. This can ideally work out to a 40 hour work week, but it is usually 60 or more, since most attorneys must spend one hour in the office for every two they can bill to a specific client. In 1998, Cameron Stracher's book Double Billing[5] suggested that double billing is common in law firms, but that implication was misleading.[6]

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