Bill Coffin

Bill Coffin

Bill Coffin is a writer of novels and role-playing games. He is probably best know for his work at Palladium Books at the end of the 1990s on a number of Palladium's lines including "Palladium Fantasy", "Heroes Unlimited", "Systems Failure" (his own game) and some work on the "Rifts" line.

Many people consider Bill to have been one of the best writers in Palladium's history. However, due to a conflict with Kevin Siembieda he left the company in 2002, much to the disappointment of his fans.

In 2007 it was announced that Coffin was working on a new campaign setting – "Septimus" – for the "D6 Space" core book for West End Games [ Announcement of his working with WEG] . However, due to financial concerns [ [ Bill Coffin's Septimus Cancelled :: :: Where Gamers get their News ] ] the publisher canceled the project. In May 2008 Coffin announced that he would release the game as a PDF under Evil Hat's " FATE" system [ [ RPGnet Forums - View Single Post - [Septimus Bill Coffin's Septimus Cancelled ] ] [ [ RPGnet Forums - View Single Post - [Septimus Bill Coffin's Septimus Cancelled ] ] .

Credited books from Palladium

*"Heroes Unlimited": :"Century Station":"Gramercy Island"
*"Palladium Fantasy": :"The Western Empire":"Baalgor Wastelands":"Mount Nimro, Kingdom of Giants":"The Library of Bletherad":"The Northern Hinterlands":"The Land of the Damned One: Chaos Lands":"Land of the Damned Two: Eternal Torment":"Wolfen Empire Adventure Sourcebook"
*"Systems Failure RPG"
*"Rifts":"World Book 21: Xiticix Invasion" (contributing writer):"World Book 22: Rifts Canada" (contributing writer):"Coalition Wars 2: CS Overkill" :"Coalition Wars 3: Sorcerers' Revenge":"Coalition Wars 4: Cyber-Knights":"Coalition Wars 6: Final Siege":"Dimension Book Five: Anvil Galaxy"

Additional Writing Credits

*"Heroes Unlimited Galaxy Guide"
*"Rifts GM's Guide"
*"Rifts Book of Magic"

Novels written include:
*"Prime Mover"


External links

* [ Pen and Paper profile of Bill Coffin]
* [ Bill Coffin on why he left Palladium]

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