Stroke 9

Stroke 9

Infobox musical artist
Name = Stroke 9

Background = group_or_band
Origin = San Francisco, California, USA
Genre = Alternative Rock
Years_active = 1989–present
Label = Rock Ridge Records
Universal Records
URL = [ Official website]
Current_members = Luke Esterkyn
John McDermott
Eric Stock
Jens Funke
Past_members = Greg Gueldner
Tom Haddad
Kirsten Stromberg

Stroke 9 is an alternative rock band that was formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989.


The band actually formed due to a "Rock Band" class at Marin Academy in San Rafael, just north of San Francisco. In 1990, as a project, students Luke Esterkyn, Greg Gueldner, Tom Haddad and Kirsten Stromberg went to Jim Reitzel's Right Sole Studio in Kentfield, California. They produced a demo containing five songs, including "Blindness", "Wild", and "Dream Song". After Spring that year, they took their final half-semester off during Senior Project to form the band Stroke 9 for full credit. They set up in Luke's basement and started writing songs for their next demo.

Stroke 9 had their first "official" live performance at Caffe Nuvo in San Anselmo. They split up for the summer and didn't get back together until the summer of 1991. However, Tom Haddad and Kirsten Stromberg had no desire to revive Stroke 9. Therefore, Luke and Greg recruited old schoolmates John McDermott and Stephen Heath. They moved from the basement to the garage, and played publicly anywhere that they could. The band put out two independent releases in 1993 and 1995. Eric Stock began filling in on drums in April of 1997; Eric was a New York transplant who had previously toured with Modern English.

After signing to Universal Records, the band released "Nasty Little Thoughts" in 1999, which charted in the US and yielded two rock radio hits, "Little Black Backpack" and "Letters". The band appeared in the movie EdTV as part of the promotion of "Nasty Little Thoughts". [ [ Biography] ,] A second album on Universal followed, entitled "Rip It Off". The album's art cover was made to resemble a bootleg CD-R, similar to that of System of a Down's "Steal This Album!", which was released about a year later. The album was not promoted heavily, and its lead single, "Kick Some Ass", was less successful at radio. "Kick Some Ass" also appeared in Kevin Smith's "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" during a montage of Jay & Silent Bob flying around the states to attack message board users who bashed them. Late in 2003, the band split with Universal and announced plans to release its next album, "All In", independently. [ [ Stroke 9 Goes Unsigned] , Alternative Addiction, October 12, 2003. Accessed May 8, 2006.]

The band's most recent effort, "Last of the International Playboys", was released June 5, 2007, on Rock Ridge Records, and the band is touring the US Midwest in support of the album.


The Rock Band class seniors were:
*Luke Esterkyn (Guitar and Vocal)
*Greg Gueldner (Drums)
*Tom Haddad (Bass)
*Kirsten Stromberg (Keyboard and Vocal)

As signed to Universal:
*Luke Esterkyn (Guitar and Vocal)
*John McDermott (Guitar)
*Greg Gueldner (Bass)
*Eric Stock (Drums)

Current lineup:
*Luke Esterkyn (Guitar and Vocal)
*John McDermott (Guitar)
*Jens Funke (Bass)
*Eric Stock (Drums)


*"Music About Friends, Acquaintances, and People We Don't Even Know" (1991)
*"Boy Meets Girl" (1993)
*"Bumper to Bumper" (1995)
*"Nasty Little Thoughts" (Universal Records, 1999) Billboard Top 200 peak #83 [ [ Billboard] ,]
*"Rip It Off" (Universal, 2002)
*"All In" (Rock Ridge Records, 2004)
*"Hidden Treasures" (Rock Ridge Records, 2005)
*"Cafe Cuts" (Rock Ridge Records, 2006)
*"Last of the International Playboys" (Rock Ridge Records, 2007)

Charting Singles


External links

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