Sevens (Enneagram of Personality)

Sevens (Enneagram of Personality)

Sevens are a personality type of the Enneagram of Personality.

General characteristics

Sevens are people who tend to interact with the world through direct experience in order to feel fulfilled. They may have problems dealing with anxiety and insecurity, particularly concerning inner conflicts (which explains the need to resort to the external environment for happiness and satisfaction). When Sevens learn that being "alive" not only involves shallow experiences but also an in-depth understanding of why experiencing life is good they will learn to love life for what it is, even in the mundane.

Childhood issues

Sevens often feel that they could not depend on the nurturing figure to provide happiness or security. Thus they feel that they must compensate for the ineffectiveness of the nurturing figure by satisfying themselves. Whoever the nurturing figure was (mother, grandmother, in some cases the father, etc.), they may not have necessarily been themselves ineffective, but instead incapable of proper nurturing due to another factor (poverty or war for example).


Sevens with a dominant Six wing

When psychologically healthy they can be highly productive and charismatic. They are optimists, 'cheerleaders' and often the life (and hosts) of the party. Their ecstatic nature is infectious. Quick-witted and insightful to the inner wonders of fun.

When more average they tend to be impatient with others for not meeting their expectations or keeping up with them. Their enthusiasm is less controlled and more tiresome than healthy Sevens with a dominant Six wing and they become self-centered, expecting others to be happy with them and making them happy when they are down. Subject to substance abuse.

When unhealthy they can be riddled with insecurity coupled with the unhealthy clinginess of Six. It is up to others to get such Sevens out of their misery, a position they adamantly and obnoxiously assume. If expectations are not met they can become hysterical and helpless.

Sevens with a dominant Eight wing

When psychologically healthy they enjoy the good things in life but, more importantly, they understand how to acquire and maintain such wonders. They are highly successful in their endeavors, proactive and possess great leadership potential.

When in more average states they tend to be selfishly assertive, pursuing their interests and wants for their own interest. Regarding experiences and their materialist interests, it is the intensity and value of such things that attracts them. They have stronger willpower than those with a dominant Six wing and thus are less susceptible to substance abuse.

When unhealthy, they may seek extremes in terms of extravagance and experience, truly and dangerously "living on the edge". They become reckless and destructive, doing what it takes to get what they want.

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