Minor characters in Sonic the Hedgehog (comic book)

Minor characters in Sonic the Hedgehog (comic book)

This article is for minor characters that appear exclusively in the story lines of the "Sonic the Hedgehog" comic book. For information on characters who appear in this series and in the TV Series, see "List of characters in Sonic the Hedgehog". For information pertaining to characters that appear in other continuities, see the article "Minor characters in Sonic the Hedgehog". For information on villains from this series, see "Minor villains in Sonic the Hedgehog (comic series)."


Abby is a Mobian koala who works as a housemaid 25 years into the future. In the "Mobius: 25 Years Later" series, Abby serves the Guardian family; Knuckles, Julie-Su and Lara-Su, and is responsible for maintaining the household.

Amadeus Prower

Amadeus Prower was a Mobian fox living on Mobius during the time of the Great War. Amadeus was put in charge of the Special Forces Team, commanding Sir Charles, Jules and Bernie Hedgehog and Sherman Walrus into battle time-and-again and the ravenous Overlander hordes. During the siege of Mobotropolis, Amadeus led the charge against the Overlander shelling positions, but their leader, Colin Kintobor, shot him in the eye, badly maiming him (this act later proved to be their people's salvation as it convinced the Mobians to wipe out the entire Overlander people to save themselves).

After the war ended, Amadeus was promoted to Commander and Second-in-Command of the Royal Army, under General Armand D'Coolette's leadership. By this time, Amadeus had married Rosemary and was expecting a child with her, and was thrilled at the idea of being a father. Heeding the call of duty, Amadeus was summoned to help Warlord Julian Kintobor (ironically Colin's brother) dismantle the war ministry, but not before asking Sonic the Hedgehog, the son of his comrades Jules and Bernie, to look after his wife while he was away (this leads to the life-long friendship between Sonic and Amadeus's child). Amadeus was witness to Julian's experiments with the roboticizer on an innocent Mobian. Attempting to stop him himself with a confiscated Overlander pistol, he had Julian dead-to-rights, but was sneaked up upon by one of Julian's new "SWATbots", captured and roboticized, at the same time his son by Rosemary; Miles "Tails" Prower, was born.

Amadeus and Rosemary disappeared during the carnage of Doctor Robotnik's (Julian's new name) coup and were assumed to have been roboticized or killed. Nevertheless, Sonic took Tails under his wing and became best friends par to Amadeus's last wishes.

As it turned out, Amadeus and Rosemary, while initially captured during the coup, were teleported up to a Bem ship under Ceneca-9009's command, and Amadeus restored to normal. Because travel to Mobius was forbidden, Amadeus and Rosemary were stranded on the Bem homeworld of Argentium, though lived a life of relative comfort. It wasn't until 15 years later that Sonic, on an exodus in space, realized the truth. Though they initially planned to return to Mobius with Sonic, Amadeus and Rosemary were forced to remain due to not enough time, but not before making Sonic deliver a watch to Tails, which, when activated, displayed a holographic message to Tails from them, and Amadeus was finally able to express the love and encouragement to his young son he had never gotten a chance to,

Amadeus and Rosemary narrowly survived the crossfire between the orbiting Xorda and Black Arms fleets, and lived in the ruins of Argentium for months before his brother; Merlin Prower, Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna and Tails himself arrived to rescue them. As Merlin prepared to launch them back to Mobius, Amadeus and Rosemary tearfully embraced Tails, who did the same, finally reunited. Upon arrival back on Mobius, Amadeus became General of the Royal Army (Armand D'Coolette having since died) and accepted a place in King Elias Acorn's court, as he wished to use the ideas he had learned in space to improve life in Knothole.

When Knothole was destroyed by Doctor Eggman (Robotnik having since died) and New Mobotropolis established, Amadeus's tolerance for allowing the Acorn dynasty's faltering war on Eggman reached its end, and Amadeus led a civil war, with many supporting him, while more powerful Freedom Fighters staying loyal to the Acorns. This briefly lands him in prison, and when Elias confronted him over his reckless actions, Amadeus accused the House of Acorn of failing to measure up to the Freedom Fighters in the war against Eggman, which caused Elias' doubts about his abilities to rule the Kingdom to resurface. Amadeus was freed by Rosemary and Tails, leading to a battle between his son and Sonic as they found themselves on opposite sides and released all their pent up hostility towards each other. While Tails kept Sonic pinned in the prison, Amadeus and Rosemary headed to Castle Acorn to confront Elias. Elias refused to step down, resulting in a duel between him and Amadeus. The fight ended when Elias's more-responsible sister, Princess Sally Acorn intervened, admonishing them both for their radical stances. Amadeus and Elias admitted their fault in clinging to extremes, and worked out a deal to instead create the Acorn Council, electing six citizens to lead New Mobotropolis, with the king presiding as a seventh. Amadeus, surprisingly, does not run for the elections of the council members, and instead returns to his duties as a General in the war against Eggman, having since settling his differences with the crown.

Ancient Walkers

Three powerful entities, the Ancient Walkers hail from ancient times-they appear to have originally been Mobian dinosaurs-and remain an enigma, often appearing at important crisis times on Mobius. The Brotherhood of Guardians regard them as the only beings in history to attain absolute mastery of Chaos Energy. Appearing in multiple forms, most often as a trio of tiki masks, the three appear to offer advice and task their successors with the defense of Mobius. They most often communicate their wishes through their emissary, Knuckles' great-grandfather Athair.

The Ancient Walkers first appeared to Knuckles, warning him of a threat to Angel Island presented by half a Chaos Emerald that, if allowed to join with the whole that kept the island aloft, would destroy the island. Tails encountered them during his journey in Downunda, during which they taught him the history of the Chaos Emeralds and of the foretold coming of the Chosen One: Tails himself, though he wasn't told this at the time. The Walkers later put Sonic through an unusual test upon the hedgehog's acquisition of his one billionth ring, and rewarded him the opportunity to ask just one question. Knuckles encountered them the most out of the three prophesied heroes, including one occasion when they saved him from being molecularly disassembled by Enerjak.

Together with Athair, the Walkers also appeared during the battle with Mammoth Mogul, who had taken on the form of Master Mogul to do battle with Super Sonic, Turbo Tails, Hyper Knuckles, the Freedom Fighters, the Chaotix, and the Brotherhood, a conflict that led to the creation of the Master Emerald. Some time after that, they gave Knuckles the role of Mitre of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas as they made their way to Albion.

Due to the actions of Mammoth Mogul, who crippled them with his power after escaping the Master Emerald, the Ancient Walkers began to slowly deteriorate as time went on. Before Elias Acorn could use the power of the Crown of Acorns to help them, the Walkers were destroyed by an interdimensional breach opened by the Arachne wielding the Sword of Acorns, which also allowed Ixis Naugus to escape the Zone of Silence. Before their destruction, they chose Aurora, Athair and Tails' uncle Merlin Prower as their successors.


Vector the Crocodile's son from "", Argyle is described by Vector as being something of a homebody. Like his father, he wears a set of headphones, but his come equipped with antannae. Argyle seems to be somewhat attracted to Lara-Su, and came to her unveiling. Despite Vector's apprehension, Argyle actually made him look bad, dancing with Lara-Su with skill superior to that of his father. However, Argyle did not appear in the second "Mobius: 25 Years Later", possibly having been erased by the changes made to the timeline.

Armand D'Coolette

Antoine D'Coolette's father, Armand D'Coolette was the highest-ranking officer in the Acorn Kingdom Army. He taught his son the art of sword-fighting, and Antoine's uniform once belonged to his father. Sadly, the General was called away by duty, and disappeared, presumed to be dead.

It was only when Sonic, seeking to defeat Robotnik's sub-bosses, arrived in the forest kingdom of Mercia, that he discovered the fate of the General. Armand D'Coolette had been captured by Robotnik and roboticized, serving as the High Sheriff of the area and nemesis of Rob O' the Hedge. Sonic engaged the General in a failed attempt to jar his memory. Unaffected, Armand drove Sonic and co. from the area.

Some time later, General D'Coolette's free will was restored. He reunited with his son Antoine, returning to his old home. However, one obstacle had to be overcome for the memory of the High Sheriff to be put to rest: that of his old foe, Rob. Unaware that the General did not remember his deeds as the High Sheriff, Rob remained in Knothole for some time, to see if his old enemy had really changed. The General proved true, and Rob even departed on good terms with him. As with the majority of Mobius' population, Armand was de-roboticized by the Bem. He returned to duty in the army, but was forced to give up fighting due to poor health after being poisoned by Patch. He eventually passed away, but not before saying goodbye to Antoine and his girlfriend Bunnie Rabbot, voicing his approval of their relationship and imploring them to cherish it.

Armand had been a widower for quite some time (the exact number of years is not given, but Antoine seems to have little if any memory of his mom) and expressed faith that he would reunited with her in the afterlife. Though he was fearsome in battle, Antoine described his father as "the kindest soul who ever lived".

The SatAM episode "The Odd Couple" features a portrait of Armand hanging over Antoine's bed, although his appearance differs slightly with his comic depiction.

Arthur Mongoose

Arthur Mongoose was a Mobian mongoose living on Mobius during the time of the Great War between his people and the overlanders. Arthur became experienced and learned of combat and took part in many battles, proving himself to be an expert swordsman, but became increasingly distant from his feelings as he killed an increasing number of Overlanders without restraint or remorse.

While Arthur was alone in the forest, he saw another mongoose; Isabella, being chased by several Overlander soldiers. Strangely drawn to her, Arthur leaped down from his tree and killed the Overlanders before they could ready their weapons.

Instead of going back to his lonely life, Arthur chose to stay with Isabella, and later down the road Arthur and Isabella fell in love with each other, and then married and on October 11 3220, had a daughter they named Mina.

Arthur died in combat with the Overlanders, however, leaving his family behind. However, Arthur's memory remains strong, as Mina brings him up occasionally whether trying to be encouraged to do something heroic because of his heroic deeds, or simply trying to wonder how love works and thus how him and Isabella noticed each other in that special way. Isabella, on the other hand, thinks more on the lines of how he would be like if he were here to see his daughter today, in her heart she mentally expressed how she feels he'd be proud of their daughter's achievements.

Ash Mongoose

Ash Mongoose is the manager and boyfriend of Mina Mongoose. He is yellow with black hair, ear piercings, and is usually shown wearing a black t-shirt with an orange frowning face, a brick red shirt over that and jeans, although in #150 and #153-154 he wore a vest. He also has pink-lensed glasses and wristbands. Ash is very competitive with Sonic, partially because Mina told him about her crush on Sonic and how she was hurt when she saw Sally and Sonic kissing, Ash appears to be cold, but Mina really does bring out a warmer side to him. He was initially going to wear tattoos, each tattoo symbolizing something special to him (one would probably be dedicated to Mina as well), however the idea of giving him a tattoo could be seen as a bit mature so the idea was slated. He was born in around the year 3217 and is 19 years old - purposely designed to be a much older love interest for Mina. Ash's own heroic side came into play when Mina was targeted by an assassination attempt by former Chaotix members, Heavy and Bomb. After Heavy had been defeated, only one bomb remained. Ash and Mina found it in her dressing room, and Ash risked his life by grabbing it and diving out the door. Ash was injured, and seemingly comatose. However, as Mina cried over his hospital bed, he awoke with a smile, and Mina's resulting joy made it apparent that her feelings for Ash were genuine, putting an end to Sonic's chances of a romantic relationship with her. When Mammoth Mogul took control of Mina's mind, having "marked" her in the past, Ash attempted to stop her and then, putting aside old differences, worked with Sonic to free Mina from Mogul's control and save her life.


Allegedly the most powerful deity of Mobius (although "Sonic the Hedgehog" #163 implied that her might may be inferior to that of the Ancient Walkers) and the Chaos Force, Aurora's appearance depends on who views her. Because the only characters that have encountered her so far are Knuckles and Athair, she has only appeared before as a female Echidna. Aurora appears to Knuckles in the afterlife, after he sacrifices himself to save Dimitri. She shows him visions of his life, which prompts him to leave the afterlife and return home. She also helps him return to his normal red hue, as opposed to the green he would have had for some time.

Later, Aurora would prove more selective about her intervention: she is fully willing to get involved in her own affairs, but the rest of the time leaves Mobius hanging. Being a deity, she has untold knowledge, including the fact that Knuckles was worthy of a second chance at life. (It should be noted that Knuckles was revived, not reincarnated; in essence, Aurora found Knuckles worthy of coming back to life in the same body that he had died in, at the same age, instead of being reborn as somebody entirely different.)

When Knuckles visited his father's grave during the events of "", Locke and Aurora were seen looking down on him as he made the decision to let Lara-Su become a Guardian.

Mammoth Mogul revealed that the Order of Ixis, which he founded, was decimated during the "Forgotten War" with the Albion Knights of Aurora. This organization was named for Aurora, and in their efficient efforts left only Mogul and the three sorcerers who would become Ixis Naugus.


Professor Parg

Commander Bagbar Beeblebrox

Bernadette Hedgehog

Bernadette Hedgehog, or Bernie for short, is the mother of Sonic the Hedgehog, wife of Jules Hedgehog, and sister-in-law of Charles Hedgehog. Bernie was one of the Students of Nate Morgan along with Charles and future husband Jules (with whom she debated with and won all the time). Both Bernie and Jules were agents of King Acorn's special forces during the great war. When Jules was injured, she was devastated, but hope was still alive when Charles attempted to use his invention the roboticizer to heal Jules. Unbeknownst to the both of them, Warlord Julian tampered with the machine and took away Jules free will. After Charles left in disgrace, Bernie was all alone to take care of her newborn son. When Bernie found out that Julian was using Jules for labwork, she confronted him. As it turns out, Bernie had been roboticized by Robotnik, aided by the roboticized Jules. When Charles came looking for her, Julian lied and said that Bernie was fooling around with the roboticizer and ended up her current state, adding on to Charles' grief.

Ten years later, Charles learned the truth after having his will liberated by Sonic. Restoring Bernie and Jules' wills, he formed a secret resistance among roboticizer victims. Bernie reunited with Sonic, and was quick to accept that in her absence Sonic had grown up. Like most of the Mobians, Bernie was de-roboticized by Ceneca 9009, and since then has lived in Knothole and later New Mobotropolis, providing important moral support to the Freedom Fighters.


A scientist race from the Archie-published comics, the Bem all appear to be identical females, possibly due to cloning. The Bem travel the galaxy, and on several occasions their journeys have brought them to Mobius. The Bem recovered Shadow the Hedgehog from falling into the atmosphere, restoring him to health and giving him the energy to achieve Super Shadow to hold off the Xorda while they escaped. Later on, Sonic visited the Bem planet of Argentium, also known as Wheel World, where he found Amadeus and Rosemary Prower. Sonic eventually used a Bem wormhole to return to Mobius, finally ending the banishment imposed on him by the explosion of the Quantum Dial. Under the impression that Sonic was the renegade Bem Ceneca 9009, but unwilling to pursue his one-seater ship into Xorda space, the Bem allowed him to escape. Some time later, Sonic returned to Wheel World with Knuckles and Tails to find it in ruins with the Xorda and the Black Arms fighting in orbit.

Ceneca 9009

A Bem scientist from a distant galaxy, Ceneca 9009 was the first to invent a safe de-roboticizer. She developed this process to help the population of Biotex, whom were all metallic. Believing this condition unnatural, she used her device on them, only to discover an awful truth: The metallic physiology of the Biotexans had evolved as a defense against lethal microbes in their homeworld's atmosphere. Robbed of the their defense, the Biotexans died out, and the de-roboticizer was outlawed.

Ceneca later came to Mobius when Robotnik was about to take power, and de-roboticized Amadeus Prower and abducted him and his wife Rosemary. Ceneca had hoped that the evil process being used on the Mobians would galvanize her people against Eggman, but instead she was imprisoned for using the outlawed device. She served her sentence, and begged her people for the opportunity to convince them of Mobius' plight. Returning to Mobius, she conducted an experiment with Sonic, Tails, Snively, and Dr. Eggman to determine whether organic or Roboticized beings were superior, which resulted in Sonic and Tails becoming mechanical and the Robotniks becoming organic. The battle culminated in Mecha-Sonic and Tails' victory, thus leading the Bem to believe that it was better for the Mobians to be Roboticized while Robotnik and Snively were left organic once again. Following the experiment, the entire Robian population disappeared, only to reappear later one by one, everyone deroboticized except Sonic's father, Jules. It was later learned that Ceneca 9009 reversed the process with her outlawed device, only to be sentenced to death; she had in fact been ordered to Roboticize all the Mobians after the experiment revealed that Mobians were stronger in Robian form. However, she was saved from execution by Sonic the Hedgehog, who had come to Argentium due to being thrown across the galaxy after a battle with the warlike Xorda.

When Ceneca, Sonic, Amadeus and Rosemary needed to escape, the only vessel they had to take them to Mobius was a one-seater. Despite Sonic's protests, neither the Prowers nor Ceneca would board the vessel. So, they arranged a compromise: Sonic would take the ship back to Mobius. Since his existence was largely unknown to the Bem, they would assume that Ceneca had escaped. In turn, the Bem would not dare follow, out of fear of the dangerous Xorda. Ceneca, meanwhile, remained on Argentium with Amadeus and Rosemary, on the run but safe-until the Xorda and Black Arms devastated Argentium in their conflict.

Ceneca 10050


Ant-like aliens from the planet Thoraxia, the Blodex found Sonic after he was teleported to their planet after fighting the Xorda. Sonic helped save them from the Bzzzz, another insectoid race with whom they were mortal enemies. However, the appearance of an evil Super Sonic caused great devastation on their home planet, which would have turned out even worse had Sonic not intervened.




A legendary monster that lives in Downunda, Bunyip was part of an ancient race that was devastated by the predations of Crocbot. Trapped in stagnant water caused by a giant dam, Bunyip became aggressive towards other creatures, and even attacked and captured the Downunda Freedom Fighters. After talking the situation out with them, however, Bunyip became peaceable, and after the dam was destroyed left the Downunda Freedom Fighters on friendly terms.


A white bird who flys around the Floating island's countryside, he is an aquantence of Knuckles when Echidnapolis was still concealed in the pocket zone by Hawking's invention. Catweazle was somewhat of a friend, but more often than not was a thorn in Knuckles' side. He had a knack for showing up whenever Knuckles wanted to be alone. He has a shewish sister named Eggmuffin and a very lazy uncle. When Hunter was rampaging on the Floating island, he shot and killed a female bird friend of Catweazle named Snowpidgeon. Catweazle went on to warn Knuckles in his lair about Hunter. He was last seen with General Stryker and the other exiled dingoes in Sandopolis. He also appeared in a flashback when Knuckles and Vector first met.

Uncle Chuck

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Professor Cheddermund

Cheddermund was an Overlander male and a scientist with the title of Professor, and became an expert in astrophysics. Before the end of the Great War between his people and the Mobians, in which the majority of their people were slaughtered, Cheddermund joined Colin Kintobor's refugee group and fled into space to find a new home, presumably using his knowledge to make the journey possible.

When their group was forced to return to Mobius, Cheddermund and the rest of the group were taken into "protective custody" by Doctor Robotnik, and lived in Robotropolis without fear of the "furry menace" outside their gates. Cheddermund planned to make a documentary on their journey through space for the population, an idea that was supported by Colin, and he was paired with Robotnik to do so. However, Cheddermund was instead captured and became a test subject for Robotnik's physical-contact roboticizer, despite his pleas he had children.

Cheddermund and the other roboticized Overlanders died during the nuclear destruction of Robotropolis a short while later.


After the original Enerjak-aka Dimitri the Echidna-was buried in the collapse of his dark tower, his twin brother Edmund was charged with becoming the Guardian of the now-called Angel island to protect the last Chaos Emerald of the twelve that had originally held the island aloft. Edmund's nephew Menniker founded the Dark Legion as revenge for his father's "supposed death", and the Fire Ants took note of these developments and decided to intervene as they had against Enerjak.

Christopheles was ordered to help out Edmund, but was unable to protect him from being gunned down. A grieving Steppenwolf was comforted by Christopheles, who then began teaching him what would eventually be passed down through the generations of Guardians. They developed Steppenwolf's body, mind, and discipline until he became the first warrior Guardian, capable not only of physical feats far superior to his father's, but also of manipulating the energy of the Chaos Emerald itself.

Together, Christopheles and Steppenwolf defeated the Dark Legion, banishing them to the Twilight Zone but fearing that they would one day return; in particular, Christopheles contemplated where the family feud begun by Dimitri and continued by Menniker would lead. When Robotnik's ancestor Brutus Kintobor and troops visited the island with intent to take over and kill Steppenwolf, Christopheles and the fire ants were able to warn Steppenwolf of their treachery. After forcing the overlanders to leave for good, Christopheles suggested that in order to protect the island from more outsiders, he start training his young son Moonwatcher.

The families of Christopheles and Edmund have been bound together ever since Christopheles became Steppenwolf's mentor, and his descendant Archimedes would later appear to mentor Knuckles in his own battles with the Dark Legion.

Colin Kintobor

Colin Kintobor was an Overlander and his people's Minister of Justice, and essential commander-in-chief of all of their armed forces. Colin was among the most pro-xenophobic members of his species towards Mobians, and led his people into the Great War. Colin, in particular, took great pleasure in wiping out whole groups of Mobians, including innocent women and children, and came down hard on his brother Julian Kintobor and son Snively Kintobor, sentencing them both to 10 years in prison when he discovered his gruesome experiments. When Julian and Snively escaped, Colin ordered search parties to hunt down and kill them both, but they were rescued by Mobian Special Forces Agents Jules and Charles Hedgehog.

Colin personally led the siege of Mobotropolis, and oversaw the shelling from their position at the city limits. Unfortunately, when the Mobians sent a battalion of troops to end the attack, Colin personally shot one, Amadeus Prower, in the eye, blinding him in it, without hesitation, restraint or remorse. This cold-blooded act of attempted murder finally made the Mobains realize that the war was about survival of their entire species, and Colin's armies and people were quickly slaughtered. Colin, himself, escaped at the last second down a sewer tunnel and was never seen again.

As it turned out, Colin had gathered together 71 surviving Overlander families and fled into space on 2 spaceships to find a new home. During the long star trek, Colin's second wife died (his first wife died during childbirth when Snively was born), and when the group were attacked by the Xorda, their energy stores were depleted and they were forced to turn around back to Mobius.

Colin and the other refugees quickly accepted Julian's invitation to live in Mobotropolis (as by this time Julian had become Dr. Robotnik and Mobotropolis conquered by his SWATbot Army and renamed "Robotropolis"). The favouritism and privileges Colin, his mother-in-law Lady Agnes and stepdaughter Hope, received promptly made Colin believe "Julian" had changed for the better, and quickly accepted life in the city.

When it was ultimately discovered "Julian" was in fact an alternate-universe duplicate of the real Dr. Robotnik (who had since died) and was steadily poisoning and roboticizing the Overlanders, Colin attacked him, but was promptly roboticized by Robotnik's "physical-contact roboticizer".

Colin and the other roboticized Overlanders died in the nuclear destruction of Robotropolis a short while later.

ir Connery

Connery was a Mobian horse and a Knight in the service of the House of Acorn many centuries ago, and proved himself an expert swordsman and defender of the weak and innocent. For this reason, the Ancient Walkers selected him to be their Paladin and purge the world of dark magic, equipping him with the ability of longevity and the mystical Sword of Light for the job.

Connery did his job well, slaying many evil wizards and tyrants across the world. Connery assumed his job was finished after slaying Poe and Damocles the Elder, and went to become Merlin Prower's bodyguard. However, there were still elements of dark magic left on the loose, one such case that of the sorcerer Black Death and his partner the Enchantress, who took control of Knuckles the Echidna during his quest to find the Sword of Acorns. Connery saved the young Guardian, slaying the villains and becoming a friend to Knuckles.

Connery journeyed with Merlin to Knothole in the hope of saving the ailing Ancient Walkers and keeping Mammoth Mogul trapped in a Chaos Emerald. In the end, the quest ended before it even began, as the Ancient Walkers were destroyed by the dimensional breach caused by the activation of the Egg Grape Chamber, and Mogul quickly overpowered Connery and the other Freedom Fighters present and stole the Crown of Acorns, and later joined Ixis Naugus and the Destructix, recruiting them all and gaining the Sword of Acorns as well.

Connery and the Freedom Fighters attacked and did battle with Mogul and his army of minions, with Connery eventually fighting Mogul in a mighty sword battle. Recognising that the royal artifacts couldn't be saved, and he had one more task to complete, Connery summoned all of his magic, channeled his life-force into his blade and destroyed the Sword and Crown of Acorns in a mighty magical blast, and was reduced to ashes by the effort.

Connery's remains were later placed in Knothole Graveyard, and later Tommy Turtle was buried beside him. Connery's sword is now in King Elias Acorn's possession, who has vowed to be as strong and wise a warrior as Connery.

Deo Volente

One of the long living members of the race of fire ants on the floating island. Grandfather to Archemedes, Deo has carried on the family tradition of mentoring and standing by the current guardian of Angel Island. Deo wears a barret, and a green vest, and sports a white beard. Deo was a close friend to Knuckles' seventh generation grandfather Hawking.


Captain Oe

Helmsman Lu


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Eddy the Yeti

A yeti-a member of a mutant race created by the first Days of Fury-who befriended Nate Morgan. Eddy lived in the northern regions of Mobius. When Nate came upon Eddy, he was seriously injured and in danger of dying. Nate saved his life through the use of cyborg components. Eddy became Nate's close companion and protector, and shared his desire to protect the power rings from misuse. However, their happy life together in the castle they had built ended with the return of Ixis Naugus. In the ensuing battle between Naugus, Sonic, and Tails, Nate's castle collapsed. Eddy managed to save his friends, but at the cost of his own life. Sonic would later return to the site of Eddy's great sacrifice to leave a rose in tribute to him, only to be briefly interrupted by yet another attempt of Naugus' to escape the Zone of Silence.


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Hope Kintobor

Hope Kintobor was a female Overlander and the daughter of Colin Kintobor, niece of Dr. Robotnik, granddaughter of Lady Agnes, and half-sister of Snively Kintobor. Hope journied along with her father and surviving people, following the end of the Great War with the Mobians, into space to find a new home. During their journey, Hope, while in stasis, learned of the history of conflict between their peoples, but unlike other overlanders, did not feel the same hostility towards the Mobians.

Hope was among the first overlanders to arrive back on Mobius following their narrow escape from the Xorda (an event that would lead to the planet-wide battle against a Xorda battle cruiser in which Sonic nearly died). Hope was frightened by the battle between Sonic the Hedgehog and Monkey Khan, and fled with her people into Robotropolis, where they lived in safety from the "furry menace". Eventually, the lifelessness of the city motivated Hope to break curfew and explore, only to turn back upon finding a Robian.

Eventually, when Robotnik revealed he was steadily poisoning the population of the city to make them choose roboticizaion over death, Hope went on the run, her father and grandmother now roboticized. Sonic and his fellow freedom fighters saved her, however, and brought her back to Knothole, where she was later joined by the rest of her surviving people. While the overlanders went to Station Square, Hope, seeing how idealic the life was in Knothole, implored Princess Sally to allow her to stay, to which they agreed.

Hope enjoyed a happy life in Knothole, making many friends, especially Shadow the Hedgehog (who became her behind-the-scenes guardian because of her resemblance to the later Maria Robotnik). Hope even reconciled with Snively during his several weeks in Knothole, and, because he was family, deeply considered his advice on finding a place in the new human United Federation's cities. Eventually, she left Knothole in her hand-built fighter plane to visit the new human cities to see if it was right for her.

Hope, however, considered Knothole her home, and returned, only to find it destroyed by the Egg Fleet, and upon remembering her half-brother's words about visiting areas far away from Knothole, realized he was involved. Hope tracked the Egg Fleet down just as it arrived at New Mobotropolis, and began strafing attacks on the fleet's airships, inflicting nominal hull damage on Snively's flagship, all the while yelling at her half-brother over the radio, her words of rage moving both her and Snively to tears.

Feeling she could not show her face to the Mobians again after trusting Snively's advice over theirs after all they had done for her, Hope flew away back to the human and overlander cities, vowing to become technologically proficient enough to bring down the Eggman Empire and see Robotnik and Snively himself defeated, and just maybe, redeem the Kintobor name.

However, Hope was unaware that the fleet still had an all-weapons lock on her plane. Whether Snively gave the command to fire and destroy the plane is unknown.

:"Prototype storyline following issue #134 included Shadow taking up a guardian angel role for Hope, until an incident in which he nearly killed Robotnik caused her to fear him."

Horizont-Al and Verti-Cal

Two other dimensional beings resembling short humans and dressed in mitchmatching suits of red, purple, and various other colors. Horizont-Al and Verti-Cal are distinguishable from each other by the fact that one of them always stands on the top of his environment and the other always stand on a wall-the latter somewhat reminiscent of Zonic the Zone Cop. Preferring to be called "Al and Cal" for short, these two first appeared when Sonic collected the first cluster of Power Rings he had ever encountered. Sent through a portal to another dimension, he met Al and Cal, who quickly had his brain hurting with their confusing speech patterns and the constant changes taking place in their home Zone. For a time, Sonic believed them to be agents of Robotnik, until he learned that they didn't even know of Robotnik's existence. Afterwards, Sonic was returned to Mobius Prime, whether by Al and Cal or by the wearing off of the Power Rings. Of course, the moment of peace was brought to an end when Antoine walked up and unwittingly reminded Sonic of Al and Cal with the question "What's up?", setting Sonic after him in a fury.

Al and Cal made a return appearance after the defeat of Robotnik and the launching of the Ultimate Annihilator. It seems the Annihilator's shockwave had devastating effects on Al and Cal's zone: it drastically transformed them into hulking, twisted robotic like beings looking completely different from their previous forms. The two became enraged and battled each other with their new weapons and powers, until Sonic and Tails accidentally wound up in the zone again while investigating a "strange report" around Knothole village. Al and Cal armored Tails and Sonic and gave them weapons, using their powers to turn one another against each other, like their own personal chess pawns. Sonic nearly killed Tails with his triple spin until the spell broke and both he and Tails went back to normal. Al and Cal's powers were not strong enough to break their friendship. Tails tried to convince Al and Cal to try and be friends like the old days, but Al and Cal simply responded "NAHHH" and went back to blasting each other. Sonic and Tails exited the zone and left Al and Cal to their warring.

:"Horizontal and Vertical are a nod to Superman's Mister Mxyzptlk, both of them proving incredibly annoying and displaying impressive powers."


Isaac is a robot from the "Sonic the Hedgehog" comic series, and his design is simply a golden recolor of E-102 Gamma. He was created in the distant past by Professor Niven Clarke and was subservient to Dr. Ivan Kintobor. Activated when the Xorda aliens launched their first assault on Earth/Mobius, he monitored Kintobor while he was in stasis in his bunker.

Rediscovered by Shadow the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic in the present day, he recounted his experiences of observing history from afar, including the first conquest of Mammoth Mogul and the coronation of the first king of the House of Acorn. He joined Shadow in battling Metal Sonic and Sonic, but was left to his task. Dark Legion rogue Dr. Finitevus was later revealed by Rouge the Bat to have stolen some of Isaac's data. However, Isaac's data had become quite corrupted over time, to the point that he didn't even realize that he was guarding Kintobor's corpse. Because of this, much of the info held by the robot is dubious in terms of accuracy.

Isabella Mongoose

Isabella Mongoose is Mina's mother. While being pursued by hostile overlanders, she caught the attention of Arthur Mongoose, who protected Isabella and eventually married her. Unfortunately, Arthur later died and left behind his wife and child. From then on, Isabella raised Mina as a single parent, until Eggman came and captured both her and her daughter. While Mina daughter was rescued and suffered survivor's guilt, Isabella ended up not being rescued and was soon roboticized. However, due to the Sword of Acorns, her freedom was restored while she was roboticized. Later, Isabella was derobotized.

Isabella can be a rather rational character and is very loving towards her daughter Mina. She provides words that can be used to advise other characters such as Mina or say Sonic but sometimes her wise words are either ignored, not taken seriously enough, or misinterpreted. Isabella holds pride in her daughter, especially in her singing talents but can at times wishes to curb her daughter's "sometimes" hasty courses of action because it can hurt her in the future. But like many parents, Isabella has to keep being reminded she cannot always protect her precious daughter, no matter how much she wants to.

Isabella is a caring mother is always very concerned for her daughter's safety and always tries her utmost to comfort Mina when she's down. Isabella often gives Mina advice, which she sometimes takes the wrong way, and encourages her daughter to never act without forethought. However, despite her best efforts, Mina doesn't always do so, and then it's left to Isabella to keep her daughter from being harmed after taking decisions she didn't apply enough thought to beforehand. This doesn't necessarily mean her daughter lacks intellect, but every now and then Mina makes mistakes; Isabella simply wants to help her daughter through life as much as possible. Mina loves her mother very much as well. When they were separated and her mother was roboticized, Mina tried her hardest to get her mother back. This attracted the attention of Sonic the Hedgehog who at first was someone Mina honestly did not think had a soft side at all, only to later find herself falling in love with him. Needless to say she would put her own life in danger to save her mother (she did just that in issue 90).



Jeremiah is a Mobian Dame Dog and grandson of Kirby. Jeremiah looked up to his grandfather, and adopted his love of history, and, when Doctor Robotnik invaded Mobotropolis, Jeremiah not only evaded capture and roboticization, but, upon locating the city's abandoned library, secured it from being trashed or damaged and preserved his grandfather's book collection and other tomes detailing the history of Mobius throughout the time of Robotnik's reign. After Robotnik's demise, Dulcy and Amy Rose, exploring a rough section of the still-rebuilding Mobotropolis in search of the library, found Jeremiah, and they, later with Uncle Chuck and Tails, learned a great deal of secrets on Mobius's history, most notably the events leading to the Great War. During Doctor Eggman's invasion of Mobotropolis, Tails, refusing to abandon Jeremiah, took several other Mobians and convinced Jeremiah to leave on the condition that the books be transported to safety as well. Jeremiah and the books are currently residing in New Mobotropolis Library.

The name Kirby in reference to Jeremiah's Grandfather is a nod to Jack Kirby, one of the most influential artists, writers and editors in the history of comics. Kirby co-created such enduring titles/characters as The Hulk, X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

John and Jane Doe


Espio's youngest daughter from "Mobius: 25 Years Later", Juanita appeared only in a brief mention by Espio and as a cameo at Lara-Su's unveiling, the guests of which included the Chameleon family. According to Espio, she wouldn't mind being a princess, indicating that she either had a crush on Sonic's son Manik or like many young girls dreamed of becoming royalty.

It is unknown whether or not events led to Juanita's existence in the alternate timeline.


Princess Sally Acorn's mentor who taught her everything from Martial Arts to the responsibilities of being a leader. Julayla's death is recorded in Sonic the Hedgehog #18.

Jules Hedgehog

Sonic's father, Bernadette's husband, and Uncle Chuck's brother, Jules is the first Mobian in history to be put through through the roboticizer. Jules had been badly injured in the Great War, and Charles put him in the machine to restore him, unaware that Dr. Robotnik had tampered with the machine. Robbed of his free will, Jules was rendered a mindless tool that Robotnik had the audacity to manipulate into roboticizing Bernadette.

Ten years later, following Robotnik's fall, Charles sought his brother out and restored his free will, along with Bernadette and others. Jules rejoined his wife, and they joined the Freedom Fighter resistance against Robotnik. After Robotnik's demise, Jules and the rest of the "Robians" (roboticized Mobians) hid in the slums of Robotropolis. Soon afterward, he met his son for the first time in years. Unfortunately, Jules is having a rough time being a father, as his brother Charles is Sonic's established father figure. Adding to to his problems, Jules is the last remaining Robian who has not been de-roboticized; When aliens known as the Bem used their technology to de-roboticize everyone on the planet, Jules remained trapped in his robotic state — excluding Bunnie Rabbot, who had previously replaced her roboticized parts for regular cybernetics for health reasons. Sonic found out that due to his war injuries sustained before being roboticized, de-roboticizing Jules would prove fatal.

Jules, NICOLE, and Bunnie were unknowingly infiltrated by nanites under the control of A.D.A.M. at the behest of Eggman, presumably for intelligence-gathering. A.D.A.M. later uses Jules in his own plan, which is set in motion when Jules kidnaps Tails and brings him to a huge 'city' built by the Nanites. Jules is then instructed to self-destruct once his task is complete, but Jules takes advantage of a loophole in the order in that A.D.A.M. didn't tell him when to self-destruct. He is able to hold off the process until A.D.A.M. is destroyed and his influence over Jules and the others is over.

When Scourge attempts to sneak into Sonic's home in the middle of the night for a surprise beating, he is confronted by Jules, who, as a robot, doesn't sleep. Scourge attempts to intimidate him but is unsuccessful, as Jules deems him a coward and criticizes his actions. Scourge goes so far as to threaten to kill him, and Jules, unafraid, tells Scourge that as a former soldier of the Great War, he wouldn't go quietly, and that while he'd protect Sonic with his life, Sonic wouldn't easily forgive his death. Eventually Scourge is shaken by his words and leaves bitterly through the window, which Jules simply shuts behind him, telling his wife, who was awakened by the noise, that it was "nothing."


Julie-Su is a 17 year old female, anthropomorphic, humanoid echidna who was created by the Archie Comics. She has violet eyes, pink hair with lavender bangs, weighs 46.4 kg (102 lbs.), and is 84 marks (3ft 6in) tall. Her usual wardrobe consists of a vest divided equally into black and green sections, white mittens, a golden belt, and two green boots. Cybernetic implants in her arms have given them the appearance of being covered in silver rings between the shoulders and the wrists, and her left frontmost dreadlock is entirely mechanical.

Julie-Su was born the daughter of Luger and his second wife, Mari-Su. Almost as soon as she was born, Julie-Su's step brother Kragok, and his twin-sister Lien-Da, despised her and her mother, and Luger wasn't far behind for bringing the two of them into the family.

When Mari-Su died from an unexpected accident (it is suggested that Kragok and Lien-Da may have been somehow behind the "accident" - they were pleased with her death regardless), Luger, too busy with his duties as Grandmaster, apologetically gave Julie-Su to a female Legionnaire, Floren-Ca, to raise. Not long after that, he mysteriously disappeared, and Kragok quickly took up the position of Grandmaster in his absence. Not wanting their step-sister involved in their ruling, Julie-Su's memory was wiped by Kragok and Lien-Da by activating a chip in her brain installed in all members of the Dark Legion. She was given back to Floren-Ca and her husband, Simon, on orders that she be treated as an orphan and told that she'd been under their care all her life. However, Kragok and Lien-Da eventually decided it wasn't enough, and after eight years had Julie-Su taken from her adoptive parents and her memory wiped a second time, so in addition to not knowing of her relation to the Grandmaster line, she no longer remembered the couple who'd raised her.

Always aware of something missing in her life, Julie had become a support trooper at age thirteen, not knowing why it always seemed that the Grandmaster and his sister were always watching her. [Sonic Super Special #11]

When the Dark Legion and Knuckles eventually clashed, the results were a destroyed headquarters and complex and an angry Julie-Su, separated from her compatriots. Having spotted Knuckles during the conflict and feeling an odd draw to him, she decided to seek him out. Vector the Crocodile discovered her, a lone Legionnaire, and attacked, but she fought him off and resumed trying to find her target - Knuckles. Later, upon sneaking up on him, the two got in a fight, during which Knuckles pulled off her hood and was shocked to find her to be female. She explained that she had been separated from the Legion but later found she didn't really have a desire to return to them, especially since she felt an urge to find Knuckles. Because of her association with the Dark Legion, Julie-Su was mistrusted at first, but gradually won over the Chaotix, Knuckles, Lara-Le and Locke's respect and friendship. At first, this didn't include Vector, but the two later reconciled (to some extent) during Knuckles' brief stay in the afterlife. [Knuckles the Echidna #4]

Julie-Su discovered the truth about her past and developed a more romantic involvement with Knuckles, due to their unacknowledged recognition through a sixth sense the Echidnas refer to as the "Soultouch". Together with the other Chaotix, she has left Angel Island to live on the surface in Knothole Village, working freelance with the Freedom Fighters. This has led to her participation in battles against various enemies, including the Metal Sonic Troopers, Destructix, Mammoth Mogul, and Ixis Naugus. She later takes Amy Rose under her wing, teaching her skills that likely aided the pink Hedgehog in uncovering the relationship between Fiona Fox and Scourge the Hedgehog.

Julie-Su later became one of the prisoners taken by Eggman during the destruction of Knothole, joining the rest of the Chaotix and many of the Freedom Fighters in the Egg Grape Chamber. She was quickly freed in an ensuing rescue mission mounted by Knuckles, Sonic, Tails, NICOLE, and Amy Rose. Together with the rest of the freed prisoners, she was transported to New Mobotropolis by Dr. Robotnik's redirected teleportation beam; shortly afterwards, she and the other Chaotix helped to defeat Robotnik's Egg Beater battlesuit. As if the Egg Fleet's bombardment of the new city weren't stressful enough, Julie-Su found herself confronted once again with the menace of Enerjak, whom she had met shortly after her first encounter with Knuckles. Brought to life by the machinations of rogue Dark Legion scientist Dr. Finitevus, the reborn Enerjak gave Julie-Su even greater cause for worry as it conincided with Knuckles' disappearance, and after she had begged him not to travel to Angel Island alone. Upon learning that the Chaotix would not be sent to Angel Island to look for him, she led the others in an attempt to escape New Mobotropolis, but Sally managed to convince them to remain behind, placating the angry Echidna with the promise that Sonic and Tails will go to look for Knuckles. However, when Knuckles is not found and Enerjak arrives in New Mobotropolis, Julie-Su declares that Knuckles must be gone and that she no longer cares about her own life, deciding to fight Enerjak directly. She confronts him and is shocked to find that Knuckles himself is the new Enerjak. Pleading for him to stop, he decides that he'll just have to force everyone to see the good he's doing, and prepares to remove her "unnatural" cybernetic parts. He is interrupted by Sonic, leaving Julie stunned.

Julie and Sonic were then suddenly recruited by Knuckles' father Locke, who demanded that they seek out a weapon that will bring Enerjak down-one that neither wanted to use. Julie-Su says she doesn't care about what Enerjak almost did to her; she still wants to save Knuckles, not destroy him. When Sonic helped locate the weapon (only so he could destroy it before it saw use), Julie-Su confronted Locke about his feelings towards his son and set after Finitevus, demanding he free Knuckles from his hex. When Finitevus revealed that he hex could only be broken through a sacrificed life, she immediately offered herself, saying she didn't want Knuckles to live like this. However, Locke took the place instead, leaving Julie to tearfully explain what had happened when Knuckles was restored to his true self. [Sonic the Hedgehog #174-184]

Now able to quickly jump between New Mobotropolis and Angel Island via warp ring, Julie-Su and the rest of the Chaotix have been aiding the Freedom Fighters in attacking Eggman's weakened forces. She keeps in contact with others in battle via her mechanical dreadlock and when Knuckles attempts to confront Lien-Da about her choice to side with Eggman, mentions that her step-sister was "never much of a listener. Not much of a sister, either." While trying to support Knuckles, whose feelings of guilt have been almost constant after his acts as Enerjak and the loss of his father, she eventually looses control, angry and lamenting that she's suffered through this as well; not only has she lost her family (Simon was last seen in the fatal Egg Grapes), but her remaining family and former companions are now working for Eggman. Upset but not wanting to fight with Knuckles (not to mention neither of them not being very emotionally-forward people), they come to an understanding when he admits that while he has problems, he can't let them interfere with everything he does.

Julie-Su (Jules or 'Su to her friends) is very similar to Knuckles in personality, acting tough but in reality, is quite caring. She is an advocate of "girl power", serving as the only female member of the Chaotix until Saffron Bee joined the group and initially turning down aid from men so as not to appear weak. However she is also even more of a tomboy than Sally, and dislikes dressing up, though she gives in on special occassions (Knuckles' birthday, Antoine and Bunnie's wedding, etc.). She's aggressive and straightforward, willing to do anything it takes to save those she cares about without a moment's hesitation, especially if it concerns Knuckles. A competent fighter, she also carries a double-barreled laser gun and, in the past, has used a taser.


A female chameleon who appears to be an old friend of Espio's. She was used to force Espio into complying with Valdez's orders. When Valdez led Robotnik's takeover of the Chameleon community, Liza was Roboticized. Presumably, she was later De-Roboticized by the Bem, though this is of course assuming she did not die from the explosion that followed after Espio's fight with Valdez, who is also believed to have died from the blast. Contrary to rumors, the green chameleon attending the wedding of Antoine and Bunnie in issue #174 was NOT Liza. It was an in-joke by artist Tracy Yardley! It was really athropomorized head writer Ian Flynn and his wife Lea as guests.


Mello is the wild, fun loving, adventure seeking best friend of Charmy Bee. Mello met up with Charmy after he left the Golden Hive Colony, refusing to go through with being crowned king, Mello also mentioned receiving similar responsibilities from his parents (though presumably not royal ones). Deciding to have some fun to forget their parental problems, Mello and Charmy went around to find some fun and ended up at Happy Land, amusement park belonging to Renfield the Rodent. The two entered and had some fun, Mello ate one of the chili dogs loaded with the "secret sauce" Downtown Ebony Hare and Renfield were using on the food. Mello overdosed on the sauce and after leaving the park, he collapsed in an alley in front of Charmy. Charmy called for help and found Harry, the Dingo cab driver. He rushed Mello and Charmy to the hospital, and Mello was rushed into surgery. Sadly, Mello died from the poison and as Charmy attended his funeral, he announced he was leaving the Chaotix and accepting his heritage as prince of the Golden Hive Colony. Sadly, this time of acceptance was short-lived, as the Golden Hive Colony was later invaded by Dr. Robotnik's forces.

Mello wore a scarf, a helmet, and thick goggles over his eyes.

Merlin Prower

Merlin Prower is Tails' uncle and Amadeus' brother, Merlin is, as his classic name would suggest, a wizard. He was formerly the chief wizard in the Kingdom of Acorn-a title he apparently assumed after Ixis Naugus' banishment-but hid himself away after Dr. Robotnik's coup. Merlin's connection to Tails wasn't established for a long time, as those who met him didn't know his nephew's real name, as was the case when he met Knuckles.

Merlin is for the most part uninvolved with the rest of Mobius. Predictably, he is aware of Athair and the Ancient Walkers, and knows of Tails' destiny as the Chosen One. He first appeared when Knuckles was searching for the Sword of Acorns, and provided the Echidna with some assistance in his efforts. However, he had appeared in the past to Sonic, trading Tails' sneakers for a bag of "shiny stones" that Sonic found. Following his initial confrontation with Chaos Knuckles, an unconscious Tails was brought to Merlin by Athair, who helped him recover for a rematch with the Guardian.

It was only after many years that Tails even learned of his existence, through Athair before his final showdown with Mammoth Mogul took place. He later reunited with Tails when he came to Knothole bearing the Chaos Emerald containing Mammoth Mogul, knowing that the Artifacts of Acorn were the only hope to save the dying Ancient Walkers and keeping Mogul permanently trapped. Unfortunately, due to the interference of the Arachne as they freed Ixis Naugus, the Ancient Walkers were killed and Merlin was knocked unconscious when Mogul escaped and reclaimed his Emerald. To make up for his failure, he has joined forces with the Freedom Fighers, and was also selected by the Walkers to be one of their successors, the Neo Walkers, along with Athair and Aurora. He was accompanied by Sir Connery, but the Paladin of the Ancient Walkers sacrificed himself to destroy the Sword and Crown of Acorns.

Merlin later used his magic to bring Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles to Argentium, homeworld of the Bem, which was currently caught in the middle of a war between the Xorda and the Black Arms. Reuniting with his brother and sister-in-law, Merlin brought Amadeus and Rosemary home to Mobius and took up residence with them and Tails. Unlike his family members, however, Merlin did not apparently feel that the Kingdom of Acorn needed to undergo reform, and did not take part in the other Prowers' efforts to bring down Elias.

Being a sorcerer, and a rather powerful one at that, Merlin possesses abilities that even his nephew, Knuckles, and Sonic do not know of. He has mainly demonstrated this in the powers of teleportation and illusion, and does not appear to possess strength anywhere approaching that of Mammoth Mogul, or even of his fellow Neo Walkers.


A prehistoric cave-bear. He was frozen in ice for thousands of years until Antoine accidentally discovered him. Mobie was thawed out and lived in Knothole Village briefly, where he communicated to the Freedom Fighters through paintings. However, adjusting to the civilized life proved too much for Mobie and he ended up returning to the wild. Mobie is also shown in a flashback of Mammoth Mogul's, where it is revealed that he was one of the ones who forced Mogul into exile prior to the formation of the Order of Ixis.

Monkey Khan

Monkey Khan, originally named Ken Khan, is a monkey that appears to be a rather erratic individual. In his early life he lived in a village of pacifists, wanting to distance themselves from the war between the Kingdom of Acorn and the Overlander city of Megaopolis.

Ken didn't exactly fit in due to his boistorous nature, earning the ire of his father; Lord Lau Khan. Ken pointed out that he was good at fighting and totally rejecting violence was impractical due to the risk of war. His father explained his reasons but soon Julian Kintobor arrived, wanting to use the villagers as test subjects for experiments in cyborg technology (a predecessor to roboticization).

Ken was the only one strong enough to survive the process. To test his abilities, Julian directed him against an Overlander platoon, one that ended up scattering before the monkey's assault. However, he proved strong enough to resist Julian's orders, causing him to be sealed in a metal crate. Sally inadvertently released him years later, now going by the name of Monkey Khan. Upon hearing of Robotnik's involvement in his creation, Sonic instantly assumed him to be an enemy, but the two soon made up.

Sonic and Tails later encountered him in his old village, which appeared to have been re-settled. He appears to have settled down. However, with the coming of Robo-Robotnik it was torched and its inhabitants roboticized. Monkey Khan vowed vengeance, seemingly taking it out on the Overlanders that had arrived outside Robotropolis. He appeared to want them to be roboticized, revealing his erratic nature. He flew off upon seeing them enter, stating that he'd soon have his revenge.

Monkey Khan was seen fighting the Xorda in the "Sonic Adventure 2.5" arc but hasn't been seen since, nor has any more insight been given into his motives.

:"According to a scrapped storyline from Archie, Monkey Khan would eventually have begun training Knuckles in martial arts, only to be forced into a battle with his student after Dr. Eggman took control of him using the code word "Bananas". [ [http://archive.sonic-hq.net/newsite/comics/kbsonicoverview.php Sonic HQ Comics Info - Karl Bollers' SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: One Year Later ] ] "

Monkey Khan is also a reference to, or parody of, Sun Wukong from the classical Chinese novel, "Journey to the West".


Nate Morgan

Nathaniel "Nate" Beauregard Morgan is an elderly Overlander met by Sonic and Tails during their quest to defeat Ixis Naugus. Nate had a big role in the past of the House of Acorn, as he became the Minister of Science following his exile from the Overlanders, which was due to an explosion that his research in the field of renewable energy caused - though it might never have happened if not for his treacherous assistant, Julian Kintobor, who would one day become Dr. Robotnik. Making his way to the realm controlled by Sally Acorn's grandfather, the Overlander was surprisingly received warmly. He became a member of the royal court, and a second father figure to King Acorn. Nate discovered the method of successfully forging Power Rings by using the energy of a Chaos Emerald. This led to the founding of Mobotropolis and the ascension of the Kingdom of Acorn to the level of a technological power, as well as Power Rings becoming Mobius' fifth element. Nate enjoyed many years of peace in Mobotropolis, which included teaching not only Sir Charles Hedgehog but his brother Jules. Unfortunately, Nate's presence didn't sit well with some of King Acorn's advisors; namely, Ixis Naugus, who feared that Nate's science would replace his magic, and Warlord Kodos. After their efforts raised anti-Overlander sentiment thanks to an arranged battle between Mobians and Overlanders, Nate departed, disappearing until he was found by Sonic and Tails years later during their search for the renegade wizard.

Nate stopped briefly along his road to yet another new life, dropping the Power Ring-Forge into a lake near Knothole Village, which as a result would continue to spout Power Rings in future years despite Nate's hopes that it would never be found. Eventually he wound up in the Southern Tundra, where he rescued and made friends with Eddie the Yeti, a mutant creature whom he healed with bionic implants. Together, the pair constructed a castle, where they lived in peace for many years-until Naugus arrived. Nate was fully aware of why Naugus had come for him: he wanted Nate's massive cache of Power Rings so he could gain control over all of Mobius' elements. In the ensuing battle, Nate achieved a measure of justice by sending his old enemy back to the Zone of Silence using a ring he kept hidden in his glasses. Unfortunately, the price was high, as Eddie died saving his friend, Sonic, and Tails from the collapsing castle.

After Naugus' defeat was accomplished, Nate traveled with Sonic and Tails back to Mobotropolis, where it was revealed that he was an old friend of the royal family. When Dr. Eggman took his predecessors place, Nate's expertise in science proved invaluable to the Freedom Fighters on many occasions. Nate was roboticized, causing him to become immobile, but not before he helped the Freedom Fighters and the Robians escape by deactivating Robotropolis' shields. Shortly afterwards, he appeared one last time after a series of reality shifts, explaining that it wasn't Robotnik-though even he didn't know that it was Chaos Knuckles behind the whole thing. He was in Robotropolis during its destruction and likely perished.

:"Nate was originally intended to be a regular in the Saturday morning cartoon to be voiced by either by Mel Winkler or Kevin Michael Richardson, but was removed later on in production."

:"A cancelled storyline shown in an article on "Sonic HQ" would have featured Nate Morgan returning, having survived the nuclear attack on Robotropolis and having been De-Roboticized, allied with Coconuts. Ridden with amnesia, Nate would create mechanical villains including Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles, Tails Doll, and Metal Amy. [ [http://archive.sonic-hq.net/newsite/comics/kbsonicoverview.php Sonic HQ Comics Info - Karl Bollers' SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: One Year Later ] ] "


A history teacher from the Mobius: 25 Years Later series. His classroom seems to consist entirely of teenage echidnas, such as Lara-Su and Rutan.

Dr. Quack

Dr. Horatio Quentin Quack is the royal physician and one of the best medical experts in Mobotropolis. When King Max Acorn was turning into crystal, Dr. Quack devised a Dream Watcher that allowed Sonic to enter King Max' mind to stop King Max from continuing to turn to crystal. The device unfortunately emitted a kind of energy that Robotnik was able to track, thus enabling him to locate Knothole. When his wife and children were captured, Dr. Quack became a pawn in Robotnik's grandeous scheme. Fortunately, the plan was foiled, and the doctor was forgiven for his aiding of Robotnik given the circumstances.

Dr. Quack was also the one who, with the help of Nate Morgan, developed Bunnie Rabbot's replacement parts that her body's immune system would not reject. Because of this, Bunny survived, but would never be able to be de-roboticized. Quack was also responsible for treating King Max and Antoine D'Coolette's father, General Armand D'Coolette, for the poison which Patch injected into them. Unfortunately, the General had been injected with too much poison and passed away, although Dr. Quack was able to save the elderly king. He continues to be the main person the Freedom Fighters turn to whenever someone needs medical attention, and now serves as the head doctor of the Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital.

Queen of the Mysterious Cat Country


Rosemary Prower

Rosemary Prower is the wife of Amadeus, sister-in-law of Merlin, and mother of Tails. Rosemary lived in Mobotropolis with her husband and, shortly after the Great War, became pregnant with Tails. A matter of days before Robotnik's takeover, Amadeus was roboticized trying to stop Robotnik's insane plans, while at the same time Rosemary went into labor.

When Rosemary saw her carefully-disguised husband upon giving birth to her son, she was heartbroken when he rejected the infant (unaware this was because Amadeus was now a life-less automaton stripped of all emotion). Rosemary, upon entrusting her son's care to Rosie and Julayla, went out into the city to find Amadeus, when Robotnik's armies began taking over and causing chaos. Rosemary was among the thousands captured, and was brought to Robotnik and saw what her husband had become. Before she could be roboticized, she and Amadeus were teleported up to a Bem cruiser around Mobius, where Amadeus was restored to normal by the ship's commander; Ceneca-9009.

Resulting to rectify the situation on Mobius, Rosemary, Amadeus and Ceneca-9009 went to the Bem homeworld of Argentium, where they pleaded before the Bem High Council for action against Robotnik. The plea was denied, and Ceneca was imprisoned for using the outlawed de-roboticizer technology, but Rosemary and Amadeus, technically guests on the planet, enjoyed a normal life, yet still wished to return to the off-limits Mobius to see their son again.

It seemed their wish would come true when Sonic, on his six-week-journey through space, helped Ceneca escape and planned to escape in a spacecraft to an orbiting wormhole generator to reach Mobius. However, the craft proved to be a one-seater, and while Ceneca declined to use it to fool the authorities into believing she had escaped the planet, Rosemary also stayed, not wanting to be separated from her husband. Before Sonic departed, she and Amadeus gave Sonic a message for Tails in a watch, expressing the love they had for him.

Rosemary and Amadeus narrowly survived the devastation of Argentium when the battle between the Xorda and Black Arms fleets reduced the civilization to ruins, with Rosemary and Amadeus living in the ruins, barely surviving. This too came to an end, when Merlin, Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna and Tails himself arrived to retrieve them. Finally reunited, Rosemary and the others returned home to Mobius, allowing their broken family to heal at last, and Rosemary swore never to leave Tails behind again.

Rosemary became a popular writer and reformist activist, and along with Amadeus, began to see the House of Acorn as failing up to measure to the Knothole Freedom Fighters (in terms of accomplishments and progress) in their war against the Eggman Empire.

Eventually, when New Mobotropolis was founded, Rosemary and Amadeus saw that now the population was safe, the time for change was at hand, and Amadeus led a protest with a powerful and convincing speech written by Rosemary, allowing the Prowers to gain the support of half the population, but this landed Amadeus in prison. Rosemary and Tails later broke into the prison that evening, and succeeded in liberating Amadeus, but not before NICOLE alerted Sonic to the breakout. Rosemary's attempts to convince him to let them go failed, but Sonic's selfish responses motivated Tails to attack Sonic. While Tails demanded that his parents leave to deal with King Elias while he kept Sonic pinned down, Rosemary refused, remembering her previous vow of not abandoning Tails, but Amadeus forced her to run. Upon arriving at Castle Acorn, Amadeus and Elias duelled, with Rosemary watching from the sidelines, but fortunately for both parties, Princess Sally Acorn intervened at the last moment, bringing the group to their senses and helping them resolve the conflict and work out a peaceful new system of government involving a ruling council made up of six elected representatives and the current monarch serving as a seventh, calling themselves the Council of Acorn.

Amadeus declined running, while Rosemary entered into the race for a position on the council, and won. The assembled council members did their best to aid separate groups during the crisis when the re-birth of the super-powered Echidna villain Enerjak. Unfortunately, their proceedings went against those of the Chaotix, who sought to go to Angel Island to find their leader; Knuckles, now missing, while the Council wished them and the Freedom Fighters to stay in the city, insisting that too little knowledge could lead to horrible developments. They were able to rectify the problem when, upon appointing Sally as Field Leader of the Freedom Fighters, allowed Sonic and Tails to go to Angel Island to find Knuckles, with Tails gaining his mother's approval.

Rosemary, the council, and the royal family were secured in the city's bunkers when Enerjak arrived at the city's gates, while the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix assembled to fight him off.

"Though Rosemary did not appear in SatAM, the character of Tails' mother was brought up twice in the series. First was in the pilot "Heads or Tails", in which Tails waved at one of Robotnik's cameras and said "Hi Mom!" The second mention was brought up in the episode "Sonic Past Cool" when Tails wanted to keep a baby Terapod as a pet, but Sonic told him that his friend would miss his mother, to which Tails tearfully replied "I miss my Mom too."





Salma is one of two daughters Espio is known to have in the "Mobius: 25 Years Later" storyline. His oldest daughter, she is the girlfriend of Lien-Da's son Rutan and is also close friends with Lara-Su, Sonia and Manik. On the night of Lara-Su's unveiling, she and Rutan were making out in Locke's park when they overheard Knuckles and Rotor discussing an alliance between Angel Island and the Kingdom of Acorn.

Later on, Lien-Da confronted the couple about what they had been doing that night. Dodging defensively, Salma claimed that she had been sleeping over at Lara-Su's. Later, she actually took part in the sleep over that Lara had with several other friends.

Salma did not appear in the alternate future of the second "Mobius: 25 Years Later" arc. Her appearance was that of a teenage, purple Chameleon with long black hair. Her outfit consisted of a sleeveless pink belly-top and a pair of shorts, together with shoes of a darker purple and white gloves.

emper Fidelis

Like Deo Volente and Archimedes, Semper Fidelis is a member of the Fire Ant Advisory Council to the Brotherhood of Guardians. Presumably, he is Deo Volente's son and Archy's father.

Semper Fidelies wears a grey hat similar to Archy's, with a matching vest and pair of boots. He also has a short-sleeved, white button-up shirt and carries a three tailed whip.

herman Walrus

The father of Rotor and Skeeter, Sherman was one of the members of the Mobotropolis special forces along with Sir Charles, Jules, and Amadeus Prower. Little is known about Sherman, but right after Jules was gravely injured by overlanders while on Reconniscence with his brother Charles and wife Bernie, Sherman was the one who drove Jules back to Mobotropolis to get medical treatment. Sherman hasn't been seen since, so his fate is still unknown.

Mrs. Sommersby

One of the caretakers of the Kingdom of Acorn Royal Compound on Angel Island, Mrs. Sommersby is the wife of former Secret Service Colonel Sommersby, who was one of the bodyguards of Queen Alicia Acorn when she was sent to Angel Island for safety.


A female tiger who was intended to have been a childhood love-interest of Antoine D'Coolette appearing only in Issue 137. Her story is unveiled as a flashback-within-in-flashback. Supposedly, she had agreed to go on a date with the heroic Antoine only to be told by Sonic that everything she heard about Ant was a lie. Afterwards, she told Ant that she no longer cared for him and was seen walking off hand-in-hand with Sonic while Antoine privately vowed never to fall in love again (until he met Bunnie). She moved away shortly thereafter and was not seen or from for years until she wrote a letter to Antoine asking to meet with him again. Antoine became nervous since he was now dating Bunnie, and when he told Bunnie of his dilemma she seemed resigned to let Antoine date Tatiana. However, Antoine publicly refused Tatiana's advances and acknowledged his preference for Bunnie's affection. Bunnie writes a letter thanking Ant for his decision declaring that while she was afraid to admit she loved Antoine then, she is afraid no longer. The story concludes by returning to the present day where Antoine rips her letter to shreds.

Tatiana's backstory contradicts with several elements of the established canon: Antoine had been betroved to Princess Sally since his youth (although Sally herself did not learn of the arranged marriage until Issue 160) and much of the first 40 issues of the comic depict his efforts to win the Princess's heart; hardly the actions of a man who had sworn off romance. Young Antoine describes himself as a Freedom Fighter, a term coined by Sally while the children were living in Knothole. For nearly a dozen years Knothole was the main place of refuge from the threat of roboticization making it unlikely that anyone could or would move away from there.

Despite the story's assertations, Bunnie was NEVER afraid to admit her feelings for Antoine, in fact "she" spurred on the romance in Issue 46 by kissing a surprised Antoine on the cheek while telling him how much she cared. The story also describes Tatiana's return to Knothole as taking place shortly after Endgame (when Antoine and Bunnie were a new couple), yet the art shows Bunnie with her post upgrade limbs and chin-length haircut which indicates a much later timeline. Further complicating matters, Issue 150 revealed that Patch began masquerading as Antoine during Sonic's one-year-absence and could not have access to such childhood memories as the characters grew up in parallel dimensions. It's possible that Patch fabricated part or all of the story while researching his role as "Antoine". (Issue 168 would lend motivation to this theory, as Bunnie and Antoine discuss the severity of Patch's actions, Bunnie suggests that Patch may have gotten a thrill out of his attempts to destroy everything Antoine loved.)


A white streaking pasha (the Mobian equivalent of a non-anthropomorphized horse) native to Angel Island, Thunder serves as a steed to Julie-Su and Tobor during the events leading up to the Guardian's imprisonment in the Twilight Zone.

Tommy Turtle

Tommy taught Sonic a valuable lesson in humility when he beat him in a foot race. The event went down very much like the classic "Tortoise and the Hare" fable.

He was a friend that the Freedom Fighters had believed dead until recently. Sonic found that he was in the company of several villains, who were working for Dr. Robotnik. After Robotnik betrayed the villains, Tommy apparently gave his life to save Sonic. However, a year later, Sonic and company met an identical turtle claiming to be Tommy. They trusted "Tommy" until he was exposed as an evil robot, called an infiltrator. Inspection of the robot suggested that the actual Tommy was alive and in the clutches of Robo-Dyne Systems. Once they rescued Tommy, he became a member of the Brain Trust portion of the Freedom Fighters. He is good friends with Rotor Walrus. He is one of the few Freedom Fighters to call Tails "Miles", because he knew Tails when he was very young, but not while he was growing up. As a result of coming into contact with his tears and an electric shock, nanites became bonded to Tommy's shell. As a result, he gained bionic abilities.

However, this seemingly beneficial transformation was revealed to be part of a larger scheme hatched by A.D.A.M. After Robotnik exposed his "son" as a traitor, A.D.A.M. used the nanites to take control of Tommy's body and use him as a host. Tommy later gave his life to save his friends and was destroyed along with A.D.A.M., shortly after Dr. Eggman commanded the Egg Fleet to fire at will at the metal turtle.

His ashes currently rest at Knothole Graveyard, beside Sir Connery. However, the graveyard's status is unknown, with the recent destruction of Knothole. The hospital in New Mobotropolis is named in his memory.


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