Scamp may refer to:
* Scamp (Lady and the Tramp), a Disney cartoon puppy
* Scamp, a type of lesser Daedra in "The Elder Scrolls", appearing in several games of the series
* SS-14 Scamp, the NATO reporting name for the RT-15 theatre ballistic missile of the Soviet Union
* USS Scamp (disambiguation)
** USS "Scamp" (SS-277), a Gato class submarine (1942-1945)
** USS "Scamp" (SSN-588), a Skipjack class submarine (1961-1988)
* Plymouth Scamp, a small vehicle from Plymouth
* Scamp, a kit car based on the Mini
* Scamp grouper ("Mycteroperca phenax"), a grouper fish
* National Semiconductor SC/MP (pronounced Scamp) an early 8 bit microprocessor

SCAMP as an acronym may refer to:
* SCAMP (Supercritical Air Mobility Pack), a breathing set in diving
* SCAMP (Special Computer APL Machine Portable), a prototype name for the IBM 5100 microcomputer
* SCAMP (Single-Chip A-series Mainframe Processor), a single-chip implementation of the Burroughs large systems computer architecture
* SCAMP (Supersonic Cruise and Maneuvering Program), the initial name for the General Dynamics F-16XL prototype aircraft
* SCAMP (Standardised Compatible Audio Modular Package), an audio processor range from Audio & Design (Recording) Ltd (ADR)
* Colt SCAMP (Small Caliber Machine Pistol)

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