Pantheon (from Greek "Πάνθειον" [] - "pantheion", literally "a temple of all gods") may refer to:
*Pantheon (gods), a word used to describe the set of gods of a particular religion, mythology, or fictional universe
* A temple, dedicated to all gods, or to all the gods of a given religion
**Pantheon, Rome, a temple built (in its present form) circa 125 AD, and dedicated to all the Roman gods, now used as a Christian church

*Other buildings named "Pantheon":
**Panthéon, Paris, the funerary Hall of Fame of the French nation
**Pantheon, London, an 18th century place of entertainment
**Panteão Nacional, the funeral Hall of various notable Portuguese statesmen, explorers and artists
**Pantheon, Rousse, a Bulgarian national monument
**Pantheon, Moscow, a 1950s project to build a monumental memorial tomb in Moscow, Soviet Union] (never-constructed)
**Pantheon Theatre, in Vincennes, Indiana, where Red Skelton was discovered
**Panteón Nacional, a Venezuelan national monument
**National Pantheon of the Heroes, a Paraguayan national monument
**Pantheon of the Italian Glories, as it is also know the Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence
*Mtatsminda Pantheon, a cemetery for notable Georgian statesmen and artists

Brands and proper names:
* Pantheon Books, a publishing house
*"Pantheon", a book by Gottfried von Viterbo
*"Pantheon", a game by Frog City Software
*"Pantheon" role-playing game, by Hogshead Publishing
*Pantheon, mindless robots in the Mega Man Zero series
*Pantheon (Marvel Comics), a fictional group in the Marvel Comics Universe
*"Pantheon" (comics), a comic book series from Bill Willingham
*"The Pantheon", Nikolay Karamzin's 1798 collection of pieces from the most celebrated authors

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