Replay can refer to:

*Replay (sports), a replayed match in between two sport teams to decide in case of tie or conflict resulting from scoring, officiating, fouling or other factors
*Instant replay, in motion pictures and television, a showing again of part of a film. It is widely used in context of filmed sporting activities and often in slow motion to show the action in detail. In serious filmmaking this technique also helps to show the same scene from a different point of view or perspective
*Replay attack, in cryptography, an attack where an adversary interferes with a cryptographic protocol by inserting (a part of) a message that has been sent previously in a protocol run
*"Replay" (Sharon Creech novel), 2005 book by Sharon Creech
*"Replay (film) aka "21 Eyes", a 2003 film starring Rebecca Mader
*"Replay (novel)", a 1987 science fiction novel by Ken Grimwood
*"Replay (CSN album)", a 1980 album by the rock group Crosby, Stills & Nash
*"Replay (album)", a 2003 album by Swedish girl group Play (band)
*"Replay (song)", a song by Japanese band Mr. Children
*"Replay Professional", a hardware sound sampling device used by the atari ST
*"Replay (clothing)", an Italian clothing company
*, an original English-language manga by Christy Lijewski
*ReplayTV, a digital video recorder (DVR)
*Replay subsystem of NetBurst architecture microprocessors
*Rush Replay X 3, a DVD set from Rush
*The eighth track from Millencolin's 1995 album Life on a Plate
*Replay, a subtitle of SHINee mini album's tile song '누난 너무 예뻐'

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