Beta may refer to:
*Beta (β), the second letter of the Greek alphabet

In finance:
* Beta coefficient in Capital Asset Pricing Model

In mathematics:
* Beta function in mathematics
* Beta distribution in statistics
* False negative rate in statistics
* Standardized coefficient in statistics, also sometimes known as beta coefficient

In physics:
* Beta (velocity) in special relativity
* Beta (plasma physics), a plasma's ratio of thermal to magnetic pressure
* Beta-function in quantum field theory
* Beta particle in subatomic physics
* Thermodynamic beta in thermodynamics/statistical mechanics
* Compressibility or β, a measure of the relative volume change of a fluid or solid as a response to a pressure change

In life sciences:
* Beta (plant), a genus of flowering plants, the "beets"
* Beta (biology), a rank in a community of social animals
* Beta-endorphin
* Beta movement in visual psychology
* Beta carbon in organic chemistry
* Beta cell in anatomy that produces insulin
* Beta sheet, a secondary protein structure.

In technology:
* BETA programming language
* Beta (time signal)
* Beta (motorcycle manufacturer), an Italian off-road motorcycle manufacture
* Lancia Beta, a car or vehicle
* Betamax or Betacam, videotape formats
* Betaware, software released to a limited amount of users for testing before official release.
* Transistor "beta", is current gain of a bipolar junction transistor
* Beta angle, the angle between the orbital plane and a line drawn from the Sun to the Earth. []

In media:
* "Beta" (film), 1992 Bollywood film directed by Indra Kumar
* "" a card game set
* B3ta, a British humour webcommunity
* Beta reader, a person who assists in the production of fiction
* Beta Recordings, a record label
* Beta, a caste in Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World"
* BETA, an organization in the 1986 TV series "The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers"
* In the Earthbound, or Mother, series of Nintendo RPG games by Shigesato Itoi, β (along with other Greek letters) is used as a classification of the strength of a PSI technique.

In geography:
* Beta, Harghita, a village in the commune of Mugeni, Harghita County, Romania

In computer science
*beta reduction a reduction rule for lambda calculus ( see also Beta normal form )

In other uses:
* Beta (climbing), route guidance for rock climbers
* Hurricane Beta (2005)
* National Beta Club, a high school honor society
* Voiced bilabial fricative in the International Phonetic Alphabet
* Beta quadra, in Socionics
* Beta coefficient, in Finance

ee also

* ß, a German letter that resembles β
* "Betta", a genus of fish, often misspelled "Beta"
* Beta Theta Pi fraternity, nicknamed "Beta"

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