One More Pallbearer

One More Pallbearer
"One More Pallbearer"
The Twilight Zone episode
One More Pallbearer.JPG
Joseph Wiseman emerging from the shelter after the bomb detonates.
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 82
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Written by Rod Serling
Featured music Stock from "The Invaders" by Jerry Goldsmith
Production code 4823
Original air date January 12, 1962
Guest stars

Joseph Wiseman: Paul Radin
Gage Clark: Mr. Hughes
Katherine Squire: Mrs. Langford
Trevor Bardette: Col. Hawthorne
Ray Galvin: Police Officer
Joseph Elic: Electrician #1
Robert Snyder: Electrician #2

Episode chronology
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"Nothing in the Dark"
Next →
"Dead Man's Shoes"
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"One More Pallbearer" is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone.


Millionaire Paul Radin invites three people to the bomb shelter that he has built. One is a high school teacher (Mrs. Langford), who failed him; the second is Colonel Hawthorne, who had him court-martialed; and the third is Rev. Hughes, who made a public scandal out of a woman who committed suicide over him.

Radin (with the aid of sound effects and fake radio messages) convinces the trio that an apocalyptic nuclear war will occur in just moments. He offers them refuge in the shelter if they do one thing: apologize for their actions. All refuse, valuing honor above life, and exit.

Suddenly, the sound of a bomb detonation shakes Radin's shelter. He takes the elevator to the surface and sees that a nuclear war really has occurred, and the world is in ruins (The background is similar to Time Enough at Last). This twist ending is given another twist, however, when we learn that Radin, devastated by his hoax's failure, has lost his mind and is only imagining that the world has ended. Radin sobs helplessly at the foot of an "art" fountain outside his intact building.


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