1700 in literature

1700 in literature

The year 1700 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


* Richard Bentley becomes Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.

New books

* Mary Astell - "Some Reflections upon Marriage"
* Aphra Behn - "Histories, Novels, and Translations" (posth.)
* Richard Blackmore - "A Satyr Against Wit"
* Thomas Brown - "Amusements Serious and Comic"
** - "A Description of Mr. Dryden's Funeral"
* Samuel Cobb - "Poetae Britannici"
* Jeremy Collier - "A Second Defence of the Short View of the Profaneness and Immorality of the English Stage &c." (See 1698 in literature)
* Gatien de Courtilz - "Mémoires de Monsieur d'Artagnan"
* Daniel Defoe - "The Pacificator"
* William King - "The Transactioneer With Some of his Philosophical Fancies" (satire of "Philosophical Transactions")
* Francis Moore - "Vox Stellarum: An almanac for 1701" (first in a series of yearly "almanacs" of astrology)
* Peter Anthony Motteux - "The History of the Renown'd Don-Quixote de la Mancha"
* John Pomfret - "Reason"
* Sir William Temple - "Letters Written by Sir W. Temple, and Other Ministers of State, Both at Home and Abroad" (putatively edited by Jonathan Swift)
* John Tutchin - "The Foreigners" (a satire on William III's Dutch ministers)
* Ned Ward
**"The Reformer"
**"A Step to the Bath: With a character of the place"
*The Clothier's Delight or the Rich Men's Joy and the Poor Men's Sorrow" (approximate date).

New drama

* Anonymous - "Caledonia, or the Pedlar Turned Merchant"
* Abel Boyer - "Achilles"
* William Burnaby - "The Reformed Wife"
* Susannah Centlivre - "The Perjured Husband"
* Colley Cibber - "The Tragical History of King Richard III"
* William Congreve - "The Way of the World"
* John Dennis - "Iphigenia"
* George Farquhar - "The Constant Couple"
* Charles Gildon - "Measure for Measure"
* Charles Hopkins - "Friendship Improved, or the Female Warrior"
* Francis Manning - "The Generous Choice"
* John Oldmixon - "The Grove, or Love's Paradise" published (a "semi-opera" with music by Henry Purcell)
* William Philips - "St. Stephen's Green"
* Mary Pix - "The Beau Defeated"
* Nicholas Rowe - "The Ambitious Stepmother"
* Thomas Southerne - "The Fate of Capua"
* John Vanbrugh - "The Pilgrim"


* "See 1700 in poetry"


* February 2 - Johann Christoph Gottsched (died 1766)
* May 25 - Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf, German theologian (died 1760)
* September 11 - James Thomson (died 1748)


* January 7 - Raffaello Fabretti, historian (born 1618)
* May 12
**Joseph Athias, publisher of the Hebrew Bible (born 1635)
**John Dryden (born 1631)
* August 8 - Joseph Moxon, lexicographer (born 1627)
*"date unknown" - Thomas Creech, translator (born 1659)

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