1717 in literature

1717 in literature

The year 1717 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


* Voltaire is sentenced to eleven months in the Bastille and is banished from Paris for criticizing the Duc D'Orléans. While in prison he writes his first play, "Oedipe" ("Oedipus").
* The Irish poet Hugh Mac Cuirtin (or Aodh Buidhe Mac Cuirtin) is imprisoned in Dublin.

New books

* Corporate authorship - "Ovid's Metamorphoses"
* Elias Ashmole - "Memoirs"
* John Durant Breval - "The Art of Dress"
* Susanna Centlivre - "An Epistle to the King of Sweden"
* Anthony Collins - "A Philosophical Inquiry Concerning Human Liberty"
* John Dennis - "Remarks upon Mr Pope's Translation of Homer"
* Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl of Roscommon - "Poems by the Earl of Roscomon"
* Elijah Fenton - "Poems on Several Occasions"
* John Gay, Alexander Pope, and John Arbuthnot - "Three Hours After Marriage"
* Benjamin Hoadly - "The Nature of the Kingdom, or Church of Christ" (part of the Bangorian Controversy
* Jane Holt - "A Fairy Tale"
* William Law - "The Bishop Bangor's Late Sermon" (answer to Hoadly)
* Thomas Parnell - "Homer's Battle of the Frogs and Mice"
* Alexander Pope - "The Iliad of Homer" vol. iii
** - "The Works of Mr. Alexander Pope" (with new material)
* Matthew Prior - "The Dove"
* Thomas Purney - "A Full Enquiry into the True Nature of Pastoral" (part of the Pope/Philips quarrel)
* Richard Savage - "The Convocation; or, A Battle of Pamphlets" (satire on the Bangorian Controversy)
* Thomas Tickell - "An Epistle from a Lady in England"
* John Toland - "The State-Anatomy of Great Britain"
* Thomas Traherne - "Hexameron" (on creationism)
* Joseph Trapp - "The Real Nature of the Church or Kingdom of Christ" (part of the Bangorian Controversy)
* Ned Ward - "British Wonders"
** - "A Collection of Historical and State Poems"
* Leonard Welsted - "Palaemon to Caelia, at Bath"

New drama

* John Durant Breval (as "Mr. Gay") - "The Confederates" (attack on John Gay, Alexander Pope, and the other members of the Scribblerus Club)
* Christopher Bullock - "The Perjuror"
* Susanna Centlivre - "The Cruel Gift"
* Benjamin Griffin - "The Masquerade"
* Charles Johnson - "The Sultaness"
* Delarivière Manley - "Lucius, the First Christian King of Britain"
* William Taverner - "The Artful Husband"
** - "The Artful Wife"


* February 14 - Richard Owen Cambridge, author (died 1802)
* February 19 - David Garrick, actor (died 1779)
* September 24 - Horace Walpole, English writer (died 1797)
* November 16 - Jean le Rond d'Alembert, mathematician and encyclopædist (died 1783)
* December 9 - Johann Joachim Winckelmann, art historian (died 1768)


* March 3 - Pierre Allix, French religious writer (born 1641)
* June 9 - Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon, mystic, author (born 1648)
* "date unknown" - William Diaper, poet (born 1685)

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