Spike(s) may refer to:

Device to puncture or fasten

* Nail (fastener), especially one over four inches long
* Rail spike, used to construct railroad tracks
* Tree spiking, making a tree dangerous to cut with a chainsaw
* Spike strip, tire deflation device
* Spike bayonet, an attachment for a firearm


Fictional characters

* Spike ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), a character in the Buffyverse
* Spike ("Degrassi" character), a character in the "Degrassi" television series
* Spike, a character in the "Peanuts" universe
* Spike Spiegel, a character in "Cowboy Bebop" media
* Spike (MGM), a character in "Tom and Jerry" media
* Spike ("Dragon Ball") or Akkuman, a character in "Dragon Ball" media
* The Spike, one of the Titans in the 2007 videogame "Crash of the Titans"
* Spike, a character in "Dinosaurs" media
* Spike ("The Land Before Time"), a character in "The Land Before Time" media
* Spike, a character in the "" universe
* Cecil "Spike" Wilson, a character in the "Sugar and Spike" universe


* "Spike" (Elvis Costello album), a 1989 album by Elvis Costello
* "Spike" (Puffy AmiYumi album), a 2001 album by Puffy AmiYumi
* Spike Edney, British musician
* Spike Stent or Mark Stent, British record producer and audio engineer

Books and magazines

* "Spike Magazine", an internet cultural journal which began in 1996
* "The Spike" (1980), a 1980 novel by Arnaud de Borchgrave
* "The Spike" (1997), novel by Damien Broderick

Film and television

* Spike (TV channel), an American cable network
* "Spike of Bensonhurst", a 1988 comedy-drama film starring Sasha Mitchell
* Spike (stagecraft), a theatrical term


* Track spikes, traction-increasing devices on a track shoe, worn during track and field events
* Spike, a term in volleyball
* Spike, a term in American football
* Takeo Spikes, American football player

Other uses

* Spike (missile) an Israeli fourth generation ATGM
* Spike (company), a video game company
* Spike Island (disambiguation)
* Spike (music), a part of certain stringed instruments
* Spike Shooter, a sports energy drink
* Action potential, a concept in neuroscience
* Voltage spike, also called an electrical surge
* Spike, a type of raceme with sessile flowers

ee also

* Spike (given name)
* Caltrop
* Punji stick

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