List of monsters in Code Lyoko

List of monsters in Code Lyoko

This is a list of monsters in the French animated television series "Code Lyoko". For the most part, the monsters are created by Xana to fight the Lyoko warriors on his behalf.

Xana's monsters

To defend his towers and to battle the group in Lyoko, Xana creates and sends monsters to devirtualize them. Each of Xana's monsters has a common trait: the Eye of Xana. This serves as their weak point and, in some cases, an actual eye. A single hit to this part of their body with one of the warrior's weapons will destroy it. They can also be destroyed in other ways, such as being hit by a partner's laser by accident, struck against walls, cast into the digital void, or crushed. With a few exceptions, each monster also has a laser weapon of varying strength, as well as secondary weapons in some cases. The monsters have varying levels of intelligence, which is often directly related to their overall strength. Finally, the monsters usually have fifty life points unless otherwise noted.

Most monsters have the ability to aim their laser, though they do not seem to do so often. This is shown from the monster's point of view, which is dominated by a trisected, white circle. When targeting something, an upside-down, red triangle follows what they intend to shoot. When it locks on, the red triangle centers within the circle and three red lines connect each vertex of the triangle to the circle. Only a few monsters have directly demonstrated this targeting system, but it is safe to assume that others utilize the same system.

Finally, due to natural faults in translation, it is not unknown for a monster to be renamed in the English version. This is most commonly seen with the Frelions/Frôlions, which are called Hornets or, rarely, Waspters. The Kankrelats were also called Roachsters in the first season, but they are now called by their original name. Each monster is listed with its current English name. Unless otherwise noted, their name in French is the same as it is in English.

Land Monsters


Bloks are basically cubes on legs. They have six legs compared to the usual four seen on other monsters, allowing them to balance on surfaces that other monsters would plummet from, like peaks in the Mountain sector. Bloks have four Eyes, one on each of their four vertical sides, and can see through all four. All four also serve as weak points for the Bloks. They rotate their head on an axis connecting the head to their legs.

The Blok's four indistinguishable Eyes each serve a unique purpose to the Blok in battle. The front Eye is the brain, the right Eye is a standard laser, the left Eye fires a freeze ray, and the rear Eye shoots pulses of fire rings. Each weapon has a specific glow before firing: red for lasers, light-blue for the freeze ray, and orange for fire rings. The laser can be fire rapidly. The ice beam fires as a continuous stream and has several different effects. It can either freeze part of someone's body, forcing them to chip the ice away, or it can freeze them entirely. If someone is completely frozen, they are either devirtualized or stuck frozen for a few minutes (which happens to Ulrich once). The fire rings cause instant devirtualization should they hit.

Bloks usually appear in groups of two to four, sometimes burrowing their way out from under the ground as seen in "Mister Pück". The Bloks are persistent and clever; they will use their climbing ability to sneak up on targets and their unique array of weapons to devirtualize them. They are single-minded, however, which causes mistakes, the majority of which are comical. In one instance, a Blok chasing Aelita is knocked over the edge of a cliff by another of its kind when they reach the edge; the latter Blok was not able to stop itself in time. They also tend to ignore most forms of danger, but will dodge attacks. Odd claims that they are his favorite monters to destroy.


Somewhat resembling a snake, Creepers (fr: Rampants) have a humanoid, semi-organic upper body and a mechanical tail. They pull themselves on their two long, single-jointed legs. They have a rather large, flap-like mouth, the upper flap containing the Eye of Xana. Creepers have the unique ability to move along the walls and ceilings of Sector 5 as if they were moving on level ground. They are the only monster limited to Sector 5.

The Creepers' only weapon is an exceptionally powerful laser within its flap-like mouth, which can be charged for a more powerful attack. However, they cannot fire it rapidly. Instead, they "spit" the laser at their targets. Creepers have a lower than average twenty life points, so they are easily dispatched.

Creepers have a unique way of dying compared other monsters. Instead of exploding into small squares like other monsters, the Creepers explode into a puddle of whitish goop and nerve cell-shaped parts, complete with the appropriate "squishing" sound effects. Like the other monsters, these leftover parts will disappear shortly after the Creeper is destroyed.

Creepers tend to attack in large groups, using their climbing ability combined with the unique layout of Sector 5 to attack stealthily and from relative safety. Reinforcements often arrive to help shore up their numbers, but will cease after a certain point if the chances of them winning are unlikely.


Guardians (fr: Gardiens) are large, orange spheres that Xana can use to trap anyone it wants, provided they are in Lyoko. The victim is rendered unconscious and cannot be located or spoken to on Lyoko. The Guardian can be tricked into releasing its captive if an exact duplicate appears before it. This destroys the Guardian, scattering its energy about the landscape in the form of orange threads. Force is useless against these enemies, for they have no Eye to target. They are only seen twice in the first season; once in "Image Problem" and again in "The Girl of the Dreams", with Yumi and Aelita as captives, respectively.

Guardians aren't intelligent, so they use no strategy. They merely sneak up on and capture their targets. They will then move to an isolated area to avoid detection. Monsters were only sent to guard it in the first instance. In the second instance, it had captured Aelita, so the possibility of her being freed was significantly reduced.


Resembling a mosquito without legs, Hornets (fr: Frelions/Frôlions) are one of the two flight-capable monsters, the other being the Mantas. Hornets have ten thin wings, five on each side of their bodies, which allow them to fly at speeds rivaling those of the vehicles. The Eye of Xana dominates their forehead, and their small size makes them easy to dispatch regardless of where they are hit; however, their speed and maneuverability makes hitting them quite difficult.

Hornets carry two types of weapons. The first is a laser equipped on their stinger-like tail that causes 20 points of damage. They fire it by jabbing their tail at a target like a stinger. This prevents them from firing rapidly, which they make up for by massing their fire. The second, albeit rarely used weapon, is a massive proboscis that can spit poison. The poison drains life points from everyone touching it at a rate proportional to how much is present. Poison-bearing Hornets have thirty additional lifepoints.

Hornets usually travel in groups of three to five, in order to mass their fire and cause more damage to the warriors. They utilize their speed to do attack runs on targets, quickly flying in with a barrage of lasers and leaving just as fast. When a target is in a confined space or immobile, they will circle around the target and fire from all angles.


Kankrelats, referred to as Roachsters in the first season, are the smallest and weakest of Xana's monsters, being light enough for the warriors to kick around. They are fairly fast when they want to be, and are excellent dodgers thanks to their small size. They can also leap a considerable distance through enough speed and cling to objects with their pointed feet. The weak point of a Kankrelat is the Eye on its carapace. They are the least intelligent of Xana's monsters.

Kankrelats are equipped with a weak laser cannon below its carapace which causes only 10 points of damage per hit, the weakest of any monster. It also cannot be fired rapidly, so Kankrelats have to employ the same mass-fire techniques as the Hornets in order to be effective. A small spinning laser effect, which represents the weapon charging, precedes the firing. The Kankrelats occasionally run with their lasers pre-charged.

Kankrelats were the first monsters materialized in the real world. Reflecting their power, their laser blasts only burned through clothing and caused little harm.Kankrelats were also the only monsters teleported to the site of a Replika's supercomputer to attack the heroes, during the episode "Hard Luck".

Kankrelats usually move in groups of five to make up for their poor individual power. They will single-mindedly chase their target, regardless of where that target goes to evade them or what dangers happen to be in their way. They will also attack a target relentlessly, regardless of how futile such an action may be in some circumstances. They will occasionally attack from multiple fronts, but usually attack from a single direction.

From the second season onward, the Kankrelats have become the comic relief on Lyoko. In "Attack of the Zombies", a Kankrelat tried to chase Aelita into a tower, only to bounce off of the surface and fall on its side. It then proceeded to run in a circle without getting up. In "Ultimatum", three Kankrelats fall down an ice tunnel in a "Three Stooges" fashion. The first one stops in time to look down the tunnel, the second bumps into the first, and the third crashes into them, causing all three to fall into the tunnel, blasting randomly (and hitting each other) as they do. In the episode "Double Trouble", one of Xana's clones causes bugs in Odd and Yumi's profiles, leaving them immaterial on Lyoko. Despite the fact that their lasers pass right through Odd and Yumi, the Kankrelats continue to fire pointlessly for some time, eventually stopping and just circling their foes, passing right through them occasionally. Throughout the final three seasons, Kankrelats also tend to become the brunt of the warrior's physical jokes, such as being kicked around by Ulrich in "Tip-Top Shape" and Odd in "Double Trouble". Finally, they share the misfortune of being devirtualized by ally monsters when a shot intended for a warrior misses.


The Kolossus (fr: Kolosse) is the largest and most powerful monster created by Xana, larger than the towers on Lyoko and strong enough to push them over bare-handed. The Kolossus is created using the combined power of hundreds of supercomputers that Xana has control over. It resembles a golem made of lava. Its head somewhat resembles an insect, with two loose mandibles hanging from its chin. Several dreadlock-like extensions also come out from the top. The Kolossus has five eyes of Xana on its body: there is one on its head, one centered on its sword arm, and three smaller ones clustered around the latter. Hitting either eye has no effect on the creature, but hitting both large eyes destroys it. When it dies, the lava portions of its body harden, leaving a frozen corpse behind.

The Kolossus has no visible laser weapon. Instead, it causes devirtualization by either stepping on its foes, landing on them, or swiping at its enemies with its giant sword-like hand. The Kolossus uses no strategy in battle; its only function is to devirtualize the warriors and to destroy the Skid. While powerful, its size prevents it from attacking rapidly, so other monsters are occasionally deployed alongside it to pick off any warriors it fails to devirtualize. Also, due to its immense size and space, its deployment is limited only to a battlefield large enough to accommodate it — namely the Ice Sector.


Resembling an overgrown crab without the pincers, Krabes are one of the strongest monsters in Lyoko. Krabes have four large, un-jointed, scythe-like legs, allowing them to easily climb any surface, though they rarely do so. In the episode "Plagued", three Krabes were able to walk effectively on a surface tilted at a 90° angle. It appears to bear a higher level of independence than most of Xana's monsters, and may also have the best aim. The Krabe's Eye is on its back, making it difficult to hit. However, the Eye is massive compared to other monsters, and thus easy to hit from above.

The Krabes have four separate weapons. Its main weapons are two tri-lasers, placed on top of one another on the front of its shell. The main laser deals 40 points of damage while the ventral laser (on their underbelly and more difficult to aim) deals 80 points of damage. Either one can be fired rapidly. These lasers have a unique visual effect. When either laser is fired, a large, upside-down flash of the Eye accompanies the firing. Its third weapon is a pulse weapon located on their stomach which does 100 points of damage in a single hit. Finally, its legs can be used as stabbing weapons for instant devertulization. When they were sent to the real world, they used their legs to pin their victims to the ground.

Krabes were the second monsters materialized into the real world, but their size caused them to destroy the scanners that produced them, limiting the total number to three. When in the real world, their lasers caused a fair amount of damage to whatever they hit, unlike the Kankrelats. They also used their scythe-like legs to pin their victims to the ground, making eliminating them much easier.

Krabes normally travel in groups of two or three, though they are quite capable of defending themselves alone. Krabes take a straight-forward approach to fighting, preferring a direct assault to any form of strategy. This tends to work fairly well when they're in groups, but not so well when they're alone. When alone, they are easily tricked or avoided. Although their scythe-like legs enable them to easily traverse gaps in most sectors and walk along plateaus tilted at 90° angles, their size and limited range of vision discourages close-range combat. They are usually pitted aganist Yumi.


Vaguely resembling manta rays, Mantas take up residence in Sector 5. They are capable of flight, but look as if they're swimming when doing so, and shriek like hawks. Like the Krabes, their Eye is located on their backs, and is rather large when compared to other monsters. Despite this, they have the most endurance compared to other monsters; a Manta once survived an assault by Ulrich that nearly bisected it. Mantas seem to be Xana's last line of defense against intruders, since they only materialize when Aelita has reached the interface in Sector 5. William also has a black-colored Manta (as opposed to the standard blue) which he uses as transportation.

Mantas have two weapons at their disposal. The first is a powerful laser that can be chained, but at medium-paced speed. The damage caused by this laser is 60 life points. Like with the Krabe, the Eye accompanies the firing of the Manta's laser. They also have the ability to lay floating mines, which resemble floating skulls with the Eye printed on their faces. The mines can either float in place to act as barriers or track their target until they destroy it. The mines detonate upon impacting a solid object, regardless of what that object may be. The Mantas can lay hundreds of mines in rapid succession, allowing them to quickly blockade a target or a specific area, though they will disappear just as quickly after a few are destroyed. The mines cause instant devirtalization should they hit, though the vehicles are capable of surviving a single blast.

Apart from their regular weapons, two Mantas exhibited a unique attack when working together in "Temporary Insanity". By joining at their stomachs, the two Mantas were surrounded by a red aura that enabled them to fire a massive red laser. When the laser struck both Odd and Ulrich, who were riding on Odd's Overboard at the time, they were enveloped in the same aura which eventually devirtualized them. After a short period in the real world, they went insane, believing themselves to be on Lyoko. After returning to Lyoko, they believed themselves to be on Earth.

Being from Sector 5, the Mantas also have a unique trait. Unlike other monsters, Mantas aren't materialized when needed. Instead, they form from lumps on the outside "wall" of the sector in a process referred to as "hatching."

Mantas travel in groups of one to three. They tend to use the same hit and run strategy as the Hornets, but their slower speed allows them to fire more in a single pass. It also makes their passes in general take longer, giving their targets a greater opportunity to counterattack. They can also use their flying mines to chase down or barricade their targets, preventing any means of escape. When facing a stationary target, they use the same circling strategy as the Hornets.


Resembling a massive sphere, Megatanks are one of the most rarely seen and arguably the most dangerous of Xana's monsters. In fact, they have made the least appearances (However the 2nd monster introduced in the show, first being kankralots) of any normal monster and do more damage than any other monster. The weak points of the Megatank are its two Eyes, which are located opposite each other on a support ring inside its casing. The casing is able to resist any attack, even one from another Megatank (although it doesn't cancel out the force of the attack). It only opens this casing when preparing to fire, making it all the more dangerous to attack. Fake Eyes appear around its equatorial axis before it opens, as a sort of warning.

Megatanks move by rotating the two halves of their casings. This unique method of propulsion allows them to travel faster than anything on Lyoko, including the vehicles, but only marginally so. Megatanks lack the ability to slow themselves down quickly, which can lead to them falling into the digital sea through their own excess momentum. For this reason, they are rarely seen in the Mountain sector. Megatanks have some limited mobility beyond rolling their cases; if knocked on their side, they can realign themselves before rolling again. Their weight and speed also enables them to flatten and devirtualize the warriors if given the chance.

The Megatank's only weapon is its massive elliptical laser, which is charged and fired from the support ring inside its casing. This circular setup allows it to fire both behind and ahead of itself simultaneously. Alternatively, the Megatank can rotate on its side and fire sideways, creating a nearly unavoidable attack. The Megatank's laser has one of the longest ranges of any weapon, and fires as a solid pulse instead of a short burst. However, due to this setup, the weapon must reach its destination and retreat before the Megatank can fire again. Though the Megatank can fire rapidly if need be, it needs to pause every so often to recharge its weapon. Megatanks normally fire their attack while stationary, though they can fire it while running, albeit with greater difficulty. The Megatank's laser only did fifty points of damage per hit at first, but started to do one hundred points of damage per hit after the episode "Code: Earth". The official site has both damage totals listed.

Before the episode "Code: Earth", the Megatank's laser was usually impeded when it struck someone or something, allowing the others to shield Aelita with their body, but with the damage increase, they can now shoot straight through any of the heroes, making the previous strategy of self-sacrifice useless. In addition to that, the Megatanks became the only monsters with a weapon capable of altering the landscape of Lyoko. It can cleanly slice through most objects on Lyoko, though a sufficiently thick object will stop the attack. Strangely, the Megatank doesn't damage the ground it is on when firing its laser. Aelita and Ulrich have weapons capable of blocking the Megatank's laser, but the force behind the blast prevents them from doing so for long. Ulrich's solid weapon is less effective than Aelita's energy-based one, so he has more trouble stopping the attack. It can actually shatter his sword if given enough time. Aelita, however, can shatter the Megatank's laser itself with two energy fields; the attack scatters the laser into glass-like pieces of energy in every direction that disappear after a short period.

The Megatank is also the only monster powerful enough to damage a tower, other than the specially-created Kolossus. Megatanks have attacked towers twice so far. The first time was in the first season episode "Code: Earth", in order to prevent Aelita from reaching the real world. The second time was in the second season episode "Contact", in order to shut down a tower being used by Franz Hopper. When they cause enough damage, the tower that they're attacking shuts down completely. They failed the first time, but succeeded the second.

Megatanks usually travel alone, but will travel in groups of two or three if Xana is desperate. Their strategy is fairly simple, but overwhelmingly effective in most cases. They keep their outer shells closed until they're ready to attack, then close them right after doing so. This makes damaging them quite difficult. Their speed also allows them to keep in range of their targets easily, preventing any escape. In the Mountain sector, they can use their massive laser blast to blockade smaller paths. Since their attack and invulnerable shell prevents effective close-range combat, Odd has the best record against the Megatanks.


Resembling a giant jellyfish (fr: la Méduse, which means the Jellyfish. Scyphozoa is in fact the scientific name for jellyfish, from the Greek words for "cup" and "animal") with long tentacles protruding from its sides, the Scyphozoa is much larger than the rest of Xana's monsters. Its eye is located on a green diamond just in front of its head. The head is bulb-shaped, and sits on its cone-shaped body. Unlike the other monsters, who move through some form of physical transportation (legs or wings), the Scyphozoa is able to float as if it were swimming through water. This enables it to easily reach otherwise unaccessible areas on Lyoko, and also makes it highly maneuverable in close quarters. Unlike Xana's regular monsters (minus the Kolossus), the Scyphozoa is the only monster of its kind.

In the second season, the Scyphozoa appears fairly frequently and has only one specialized function: stealing the memory of its target. The Scyphozoa's main target is Aelita, though it targeted Yumi on one occasion. To steal its target's memory, the Scyphozoa wraps its two front tentacles around them. The victim is then encased in a red aura and rendered immobile. The Scyphozoa then places its three tentacles to a victim's head; two at the victim's temples and one at their forehead. It then begins to drain its victim's memory, which is visible as a pinkish fluid that passes through the Scyphozoa's tentacles and into an organ in its bulb-shaped head, supposedly its brain. If it manages to finish its task, it will drops its victim and floats away. If the tentacles are severed before the process is complete, any data it has stolen is returned to the owner. This runs contrary to the episode "Missing Link", where it still managed to steal Yumi's digital genetic code even though its tentacles were severed. The draining process seems to wear out its victim, as its captives usually feel momentary fatigue. It can also drain life points, as evidenced by the Scyphozoa's attack on the Skid in "The Lake".

As with all of Xana's monsters, the Scyphozoa's proposed weakness is the Eye on its head. Only its head and tentacles have ever been hit though. Its head simply absorbs the attacks but the tentacles are severed when hit. This causes it to lose its grasp on its victim. Getting hit in the head can also cause it to lose its grasp on its victim, though the effectiveness of this varies. This monster has also managed to survive every attack inflicted upon it, including Odd's arrows and Manta mines. This suggests that it might be indestructible or, at the very least, extremely durable, since even non-Eye hits have done no visible damage to it. It is only destroyed once, and inadvertently at that, in "The Lake", when Aelita supercharges the Skid's shields using energy from various towers in Lyoko. As it was connected to the shields at the time, the sudden increase in power overloaded and destroyed it. It also seems to be capable of regenerating its limbs over a short period of time. This is seen in "Déjà Vu", when its tentacles were severed by Ulrich yet it came back whole a few minutes later. Regardless of this, the Scyphozoa retreats whenever it faces any significant resistance. Xana is not willing to risk losing Aelita's memories, so the Scyphozoa can also be persuaded to let her go if the group is willing to destroy her rather than let Xana have her memories. This has only happened once, in "Saint Valentine's Day", where Odd threatened to kill Aelita until the Scyphozoa was persuaded to release her.

In "The Key", the Scyphozoa finally managed to steal Aelita's memories, which contained the keys to Lyoko. The theft effectively killed her, since it took every last memory she had. When it succeeded, every tower in Lyoko became controlled by Xana. As Xana escaped the supercomputer, Sector 5 shut down. It was only through the intervention of Franz Hopper that Sector 5 was restarted and all of the towers were purified. His intervention also brought Aelita back to life and restored all of her memories.

Having completed its original purpose, Xana now uses the Scyphozoa to transfer viruses to Aelita in the third season. This enables him to take control of her, afterwards which he can use her to delete sectors in Lyoko by having her enter the code "Xana" into a sector's passage tower. In the last episode of the third season, "Final Round", the Scyphozoa also takes control of William and uses him to destroy Lyoko's core. It continues to use its viruses to possess Aelita in the fourth season and, on occasion, will be deployed to drain energy from the Skid.

The Scyphozoa doesn't utilize any strategy in completing its goals. It merely waits for a decent opening and proceeds to capture its target. Other monsters are usually deployed alongside it to corner a target, making the Scyphozoa's job easier. The Scyphozoa will not attempt to capture a target if there is significant resistance and will retreat if threatened.


Resembling a giant semi-organic spider with four jointed legs and six small, red eyes located near the tip of their head, Tarantulas are one of Xana's most powerful monsters. With a higher-than-average 125 life points, higher than average intelligence (surpassing the Krabes), and the vulnerable Eye on the top of their head, Tarantulas are quite difficult to destroy and a single one can easily wipe out the team by itself. Tarantulas were the first new monster introduced in the second season.

The Tarantulas weapons are the laser cannons on the tips of their front legs. These lasers cause 20 points of damage per hit. Tarantulas don't need to charge their lasers beforehand, though they can charge their lasers for more powerful shots that cause fifty points of damage per hit. While the lasers are powerful, they can be disabled if the Tarantulas cannons are severed by a warrior's weapon. To fire their cannons normally, Tarantulas must first seat themselves on their hind legs while holding up their front legs. While each laser cannon can only be fired at medium-paced speed, with proper timing, the Tarantula can chain each shot to create a near-continuous stream of laser-fire. The position of its limbs allow for a 180° field of fire, allowing it to keep up its attacks without stopping to adjust its position.

Since the Tarantula fires its lasers while seated, however, its movement is limited to its field of fire, affording it few opportunities to escape in battle. The Tarantula isn't completely immobile in combat; it can run on its hind legs to take long-distance shots, though it can only fire a few times before falling back onto all fours. It can run fairly fast compared to the other monsters thanks to its fairly long legs, but can't climb nor balance well due to the cannons on the tips of its legs, limiting it to relatively flat surfaces. Slippery or slanted surfaces, especially those in the Ice Barrier sector, cause them to slip.

Tarantulas, like the Creepers, also tend to explode into nerve-like body parts, along with the regular mechanical pieces when destroyed. Additionally, a Tarantula in "Lyoko Minus One" is destroyed uniquely when the sector it is in is deleted. Its body glowed orange and it fell apart. In "Hot Shower", when Xana calls off his attack, they turned to a whiteish-pink dust.

Unlike the original monsters, Tarantulas have a habbit of grunting and roaring on Lyoko. These roars can act as a means of communication between two or more Tarantulas, but normally serve to indicate their mood (preapred for battle, victorius, agitated, etc.).

Tarantulas usually travel alone, but will travel in groups of two to four to protect a tower. The Tarantulas' strategy usually involves guarding a target, since their method of attack prohibits them from moving while firing. In the instances where the chase a target, they will try to run their prey into a corner, allowing them to fire rapidly. When fighting a group, they will simply sit in one place and fire, changing position as necessary. If two or more Tarantulas battle a group, they will mass their fire from a single direction to increase the odds of devirtualizing a warrior.

Digital sea monsters


The Kalamar is a squid-like monster seen only in "Cousins Once Removed". It is a fairly slow monster, but more durable to compensate, taking three torpedoes to destroy while the others can be destroyed with just one. It attacks with a large drill attached to its underside, which it uses to drill through the hull of the Skid. Its eye is hidden beneath the casing on its head, which opens whenever the drill is in use.


Introduced in "Maiden Voyage", Kongers (fr: Kongres) are eel-like creatures with a piranha-shaped head. The eye of Xana is in a small pod in their blue tails. They attack by shooting lasers from their eyes, and are extremely fast and maneuverable.


Sharks (fr: Rekins) are, as the name suggest, shark-like monsters. They are introduced in "A Lack of Goodwill". They shoot homing torpedoes from their mouths. The Eye of Xana is located on top of their heads near the fin.

Other entities

Aside from Xana's regular monsters, several unique entities have made appearances at one point or another. These entities do not obey the same rules as Xana's monsters. With the exception of the polymorphic clone, most weren't even created by Xana.


Created by Jeremie, the Marabounta is inspired by an entry in Franz Hopper's diary (which Jeremie had deciphered in part) and information on the habits of South American army ants. The Marabounta is a formless gray sphere that multiplies by a form of digital mitosis, engulfing and destroying anything bearing imprints of Xana's code.

Though quite effective at first, the Marabounta defeats its own purpose by targeting Aelita once she arrives on Lyoko. Since she is connected to Xana at the time, she has traces of his code, and thus the Marabounta considers her a threat. Odd inadvertently causes the Marabounta to go haywire by firing on it during his rescue of Aelita, after which it begins to devour anything in sight. Now posing a threat to Lyoko itself, Xana sends monsters to assist in the destruction of Marabounta. Through the strange collaboration between the heroes and Xana's monsters, as well as a handy virus developed by Jeremie, the first Marabounta sphere is destroyed, causing a chain reaction that destroys all the rest. As a courtesy, the remaining monsters bow respectfully and leave without causing any more trouble.

For all intents and purposes, the Marabounta is invincible. Only the source sphere can actually be harmed effectively, since as long as it remains intact it can spawn replacement spheres. The Marabounta's attack is straight-forward and simple-minded, just like the ants that inspired its creation: cover a target and devour it. It is also capable of problem solving. When unable to catch the flying Hornets, it shoots of stream of spheres into the air to knock them to the ground.

Polymorphic clone

Polymorphic clones (also called polymorphic specters) are forms of Xana's ghosts in the real world. They have the ability to shape-shift into anyone they choose. Xana normally uses them for deception. Polymorphic clones have the same powers as a possessed person (electricity manipulation, super strength, etc.), being more than a match for the Lyoko warriors. Of the many that have been created, only one has gone to Lyoko, which happened in the episode "Revelation". To get it sent there, Xana had the clone disguise itself as Odd, after which it was virtualized on Lyoko by Jeremie. Once on Lyoko, Xana was able to deactivate the tower used to create the clone in the first place.

Once virtualized, the clone looked just like Odd. The computer noticed a problem when this happened, but Jeremie couldn't figure out what it meant. The tower's deactivation further confused him. With the threat apparently over, they continued on their original mission. At first, the clone acted withdrawn, slightly confusing the others. However, since Odd had supposedly gone to talk to a girl, they just assumed the attitude was a result of her standing him up.

Later in the episode, it attacked, devirtualizing Yumi. It attempted to do the same to Ulrich, but Ulrich was able to fend off the clone's attacks easily. After Ulrich mocked the clone about the futility its attacks, it revealed the ability to shape shift. It immediately copied Ulrich to even the odds, silencing him in a heartbeat. When it took the form of Ulrich, it appeared as a darker version of him, with a red and black color scheme for the uniform, grey skin, black hair, orange corneas with the Eye as pupils, and a red saber.

With the change, the clone became a much bigger problem. After a long battle with the clone, Ulrich was able to get the better of it. It only took a single stab to the stomach (with the clone's katana instead of his own) to devirtualize and kill the clone. It wasn't sent back to the real world. The clone's red katana reverted to the normal blue after it was destroyed.

Since the clone was virtualized using Odd's profile, its life points would be the same as his. Its damage in regards to the other members of the group would be 100 points per hit, since a single hit from an ally almost always causes instant devirtualization. Unfortunately for the clone, the reverse also applies.

The polymorphic clone's strategy mimics that of the person it has copied. In the case of Odd, it fired its arrows constantly in an attempt to overwhelm Ulrich's defenses. When it shifted to Ulrich's form, it copied his fighting style.

The Ulrich clone also appears in the "Code Lyoko" video game.

Transport Orb

The Transport Orb is a white sphere with a blue Eye printed on it. When called by the person operating the supercomputer, it has the ability to take its passengers to Sector 5 when the code SCIPIO (based on Scipio Africanus) is entered while standing at the edge of any region. It can also take passengers back from Sector 5 provided they are in the arena at the time. Xana can also call the orb at will to kidnap anyone that's standing at the edge of a sector. Any monsters in the vicinity of the Transport Orb tend to retreat when it is called, or at the very least will stop moving. The Scyphozoa, however, doesn't seem to mind, as it didn't retreat when Odd called the Transport Orb to rescue Aelita.

When the Transport Orb is called, it appears at the farthest edge of the sector chosen by either the operator or Xana. As it closes in on its passengers, it opens into a hemisphere(although the opening of the sphere is never seen from the back as the symbol is shown when it opens) It then engulfs its passengers, seals up, and flies off to Sector 5. When it is transporting passengers from Sector 5, it can drop them off at any point in any of the four regions. This ability has been demonstrated in multiple episodes.

In the third season, Jeremie develops a program to send his friends directly to Sector 5, thus eliminating the need for the Orb. However, in the fourth season episode "Fight to the Finish" the Transport Orb makes one last appearance, ferrying Aelita and Odd to Sector 5, since they weren't materialized directly to Sector 5 before-hand.

Video game monsters

In addition to the normal monsters seen in the series, the "Code Lyoko" video game for the Nintendo DS and "" for the Wii introduce new types of monsters.

Dark monsters

Dark Monsters are dark-themed variations on the standard monsters. They possess the same weapons as their normal counterparts, but have greater defensive and offensive capabilities, making them more dangerous. The dark monsters introduced in this game are Dark Kankrelats and Dark Hornets.

Exploding Kankrelat

The DS game introduces a new Kankrelat with a green color scheme. Upon being attacked, its head will expand and contract. Eventually, it will explode, causing damage to the player if nearby. The monster also has pincers to hurt the player with.


Mites have a sphere which serves as their head and legs that look somewhat like a jellyfish. They fire weak balls of yellow energy from their mouths that must be charged, allowing for a significant grace period for the player to counter-attack or dodge. They are fairly unintelligent; they'll walk off the edge of a platform just to keep out of range of the player. These monsters only roam around in Sector 5 and tend to appear in groups with the Creepers.


The Scorpion the video game's single unique monster, used as the final boss. In appearance, it somewhat resembles a Creeper, albeit larger and with more muscle. The muscle is visible, making the creature appear as if it has no skin where it should. In place of the Creepers stick-like legs, the Scorpion has two large, two-fingered arms. Its torso is dominated by a large and visible ribcage, the arms growing from either side near the top. Its head is attached by a thick, muscled neck, and it has a large beak. Like the Creepers, the Scorpion has a tail, though its tail is much larger and has a stinger on the end (hence its name).

The Scorpion runs down its opponents though sheer force. It either runs into the opponent, or slams its tail on the ground to create an earthquake. It also has a laser fired from its beak.

In the game, the fight with the Scorpion happens four times, once for each Lyoko warrior. It will run away after a certain amount of damage, leading to the next battle with the next character.


The Volkanoid resembles a small Kolossus with a black head with a white eye. It has two large legs in the front to stomp on enemies, and two smaller hind legs for support. They are able to simultaneously fire three shots that explode upon contact with anything, be it the ground or Lyoko Warriors. Some Volkanoids have shields that are only breakable by Ulrich's triplicate ability.


It is important to note that "Code Lyoko", like other CGI shows, recycles various cut scenes and images, and that improvements or changes to graphics are often not completely consistent throughout the series. The precise appearance and detail of the monsters changes between episodes, and even more between seasons.

Despite the supposed damage caused by each monster, the heroes often take more or less damage than they should be able to take before they are devirtualized. The heroes keep fighting on Lyoko when the show cuts to a new scene, and there's little knowledge about Life Points (such as regeneration) to explain the actual damage received. Life point totals are often ignored to help the plot get along. The supposed damage totals for each monster are seen in their respective sections.

Also, despite the usual amount of monsters mentioned in each section and by the official website for the show, some episodes will have monsters show up in much larger groups. For example, the episode "Ghost Channel" had a record 46 Bloks appear in the Ice Barrier sector (This is perhaps because the Bloks were avatars for the humans within the Simulation Bubble. This is also seen in "Distant Memory", where a Blok is an avatar for the Franz Hopper copy). Similarly, in "The Chips Are Down", an uncountable number of Krabes (Yumi said 20) appeared in the Desert sector. Kankrelats and Hornets have also appeared in large groups.

The Eye of Xana is rounded and organic in earlier episodes, though in later ones it gets sharper, much like the insignia in the show's title image. Furthermore, when a monster fires its laser, sometimes the laser is not flourished, while other times the laser will flourish for a few seconds before firing. The charging time for the various weapons also changes, sometimes being ignored completely. This is especially true with the Megatanks and Kankrelats.

Damage to the terrain has changed in the transition from the first season to the second. In the first season, any laser blasts that hit the terrain would peel off a small section of the surface, briefly revealing a black and green wire frame beneath it before regenerating. In the second season, laser blasts disperse into the ground with only a white flash, without causing damage.

Damage to the towers, though rare, also changed in the transition. In the first season, when Megatanks, being the only monster capable of damaging a tower, would attack one, it would simply absorb the blast and the inside would shake. In the second season, a similar effect would occur, but the damage to the tower would be much clearer, as each blast wore away a significant portion of the surface. The surface would then regenerate.

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