name = "Lanius"

image width = 250px
image_caption = Great Grey Shrike
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Aves
ordo = Passeriformes
familia = Laniidae
genus = "Lanius"
genus_authority = Linnaeus, 1758
subdivision_ranks = species
subdivision = "Many, see text"

"Lanius" is a genus of passerine birds in the shrike family. The majority of the true shrikes are placed in this genus.

Most "Lanius" species occur in Eurasia and Africa, but the Great Grey Shrike has a circumpolar distribution, and the Loggerhead Shrike is confined to North America. There are no members of this genus or the shrike family in South America or Australia.

"Lanius" shrikes are birds of open habitats typically seen perched upright on a prominent perch like a treetop or a telegraph pole. They sally out for prey, taken in flight or the ground. These species primarily take large insects, but will also take small birds, reptiles and mammals. For large northern species such as the Great Grey, the majority of the prey will be vertebrates, especially in winter.

Despite their diet, these are not true birds of prey, and lack the strong talons of the raptors. Though they use their feet to hold smaller insects, larger prey items are impaled upon a sharp point, such as a thorn or the barbs of barbed wire. Thus secured they can be ripped open with the hooked bill.

Most "Lanius" shrikes are solitary, except when breeding and highly territorial. Northern or temperate species such as the Great Grey and Red-backed Shrikes are migratory and winter well south of the breeding range.

The sexes of most species are distinguishable, the male invariably being the brighter bird where there is a difference.

There are some natural groupings within the genus, such as the seven African fiscals, the large grey species ("ludovicianus", "excubitor", "meridionalis" and "sphenocercus") and the Eurasian brown-backed species ("tigrinus", "bucephalus", "collurio", "isabellinus", "cristatus" and "gubernator"). In the last group in particular, it has been difficult to define species’ boundaries, and in the past several of these shrike have been lumped as conspecific.

The prehistoric shrike "Lanius miocaenus" has been described from Early Miocene fossils found at Langy, France, though its placement in this genus is not universally accepted due to its fairly high age.Fact|date=February 2007

pecies in taxonomic order

* Tiger Shrike, "Lanius tigrinus"
* Bull-headed Shrike, "Lanius bucephalus"
* Red-backed Shrike "Lanius collurio"
* Isabelline Shrike "Lanius isabellinus"
* Brown Shrike, "Lanius cristatus"
* Burmese Shrike, "Lanius collurioides"
* Emin's Shrike, "Lanius gubernator"
* Souza's Shrike, "Lanius souzae"
* Bay-backed Shrike, "Lanius vittatus"
* Long-tailed Shrike "Lanius schach"
* Grey-backed Shrike "Lanius tephronotus"
* Mountain Shrike or Grey-capped Shrike, "Lanius validirostris"
* Lesser Grey Shrike "Lanius minor"
* Loggerhead Shrike, "Lanius ludovicianus"
* Great Grey Shrike or Northern Shrike "Lanius excubitor"
* Southern Grey Shrike "Lanius meridionalis"
* Chinese Grey Shrike, "Lanius sphenocercus"
* Grey-backed Fiscal, "Lanius excubitoroides"
* Long-tailed Fiscal, "Lanius cabanisi"
* Taita Fiscal, "Lanius dorsalis"
* Somali Fiscal, "Lanius somalicus"
* Mackinnon's Shrike, "Lanius mackinnoni"
* Common Fiscal, "Lanius collaris"
* Newton's Fiscal, "Lanius newtoni"
* Uhehe Shrike, "Lanius marwitzi"
* Woodchat Shrike, "Lanius senator"
* Masked Shrike, "Lanius nubicus"


* Tony Harris and Kim Franklin, "Shrikes and Bush-Shrikes" ISBN 0-7136-3861-3

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