List of Chileans

List of Chileans

This is a list of Chileans who are famous or notable.

Economists/ Entrepreneurs

* Eduardo Aninat - finance minister during Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle presidential period. Former Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (1999-2003)
* Hernán Büchi - Columbia University trained economist. Minister of Economy during Pinochet government. The father of the country's "economic miracle"
* Ricardo Caballero - MIT professor, Department of Economics
* Sebastián Edwards - UCLA professor, former World Bank officer (1993-1996), prolific author and media personality
* Alejandro Foxley - Chile's first Finance Minister after the return of democracy in 1990 and an engineer of the country's "economic miracle" during democracy; current Foreign Affairs minister
* Óscar Landerretche - University of Oxford D. Phil (PhD), former CEO of the Chilean Development Agency, CORFO, and former Minister of Energy during Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle presidential period
* Manfred Max Neef - Alternative Nobel Prize winner, presidential candidate, member of the Club of Rome, former president of the Universidad Austral
* José Piñera - implemented the privatization of the Chilean pension system under Pinochet
* Andrés Velasco - Sumitomo Professor of International Finance and Development in the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; current Finance Minister
* Nicolás Eyzaguirre - former Finance Minister
* Waleska Daroch - University of Santo Tomas Direct Equity Mortgage, USA. Founder of the Colo-Colo Basketball, Chile, along with the first Colo-Colo Chilean Soccer Academy for Children.
* Felix Senerman


* Alejandro Amenábar - Chilean/Spanish director ("Tesis" (or "Snuff"), "Abre los ojos", "The Others", "Mar Adentro")
* Silvio Caiozzi - ("Julio Begins in July", "The Moon in the Mirror", "Coronation")
* Alberto Fuguet - Chilean/American director
* Patricio Guzmán - documentarian ("The Battle of Chile")
* Ricardo Larraín - ("The Frontier", "Enthusiasm")
* Miguel Littin - ("Jackal of Nahueltoro", "Sandino", "Tierra del Fuego")
* Alejandro Jodorowsky - Director ("The Holy Mountain", "El Topo", "Santa Sangre"), actor, and writer
* Raúl (Raoul) Ruiz - ("Palomita Blanca", "Genealogies of a Crime", "Time Regained") resides in France
* Alexander Witt - director ("")
* Andrés Wood - ("Machuca")
* Jorge López Sotomayor - ("El Último Grumete de la Baquedano", "XS, la peor talla")
* Germán A. Cornejo - Public television mogul.
* Ishtar Yasin Gutierrez - Iraqi/Chilean film director ("The Path (El Camino)")

Heads of State

("See" President of Chile.)


* José Miguel Carrera - Independentist leader of the "Patria Vieja".
* Caupolicán - leader of the Mapuche who fiercely resisted the Spanish conquest of Chile
* Manuel Contreras - head of Augusto Pinochet's National Intelligence Directorate (DINA)
* Manuel Rodríguez - Independentist leader and guerrilla leader during the "Reconquista".
* Lautaro - Mapuche indigenous military leader during the Spanish conquest of Chile.
* Bernardo O'Higgins - founder of modern Chile, Fatherland's Father and Liberator
* Augusto Pinochet - military ruler from 1973 to 1990
* Carlos Condell - captain of the "Covadonga" ship at the Iquique Naval Combat.
* Ignacio Carrera Pinto - Captain in charge of the Chilean patrol who died in Battle of La Concepción.
* Arturo Prat - captain of the "Esmeralda" ship at the Iquique Naval Combat; regarded as national hero.
* Juan MacKenna - Irish born organizer of O'Higgins's Army.
* Patricio Lynch - Governor of Lima during the Chilean occupation of Lima, Perú, during the War of the Pacific.
* Manuel Baquedano - General of the Chilean Forces during the War of the Pacific.
* Eleuterio Ramírez - officer, hero of the War of the Pacific.
* José Ignacio Zenteno - Lieutenant Colonel of the Army of the Andes, Minister of War and Marine in the O'Higgins government
* Rafael Sotomayor - War minister during most of the War of the Pacific. Although a civilian, designed the Chilean strategy for most of the war.


* Inti Illimani - Pioneers of the nueva canción chilena movement and pro-democracy activists in exile during Pinochet dictatorship.
* Claudia Acuña - Latin jazz singer.
* Tom Araya - singer/bassist for thrash metal band "Slayer".
* Claudio Arrau - classical piano player.
* Roberto Bravo (pianist) - classical piano player.
* Germán Casas - 1960s singer.
* Beto Cuevas - lead singer from rock group "La Ley"
* Tito Fernández - folklorist; known as "El Temucano".
* Luis 'Lucho' Gatica - bolero singer.
* Eduardo Gatti - one of the leading composers of modern Chilean music.
* Jorge González - lead singer and song writer of historic Chilean rock band Los Prisioneros
* Alberto Guerrero - Chilean–Canadian composer, pianist, and teacher
* Rodrigo González - Bassist and Singer of the German band die Ärzte.
* Alejandro Guarello - music composer, born in 1951.
* Myriam Hernández - popular music singer.
* DJ Méndez - Rap singer (resides in Sweden).
* Peter Mociulski - rock and roll music singer better known as "Peter Rock"
* Ángel Parra - folk musician (Nueva Canción); son of Violeta Parra.
* Isabel Parra - folk musician; daughter of Violeta Parra.
* Javiera Parra - lead singer from group "Javiera y los Imposibles".
* Violeta Parra - internationally known Chilean folk singer.
* Quilapayún - nueva canción ensemble, supporters of Popular Unity (UP) coalition during presidency of Salvador Allende.
* Víctor Jara - internationally known Chilean folk singer and theatrical director, murdered by Pinochet dictatorship.
* Palmenia Pizarro - bolero singer (resides in Mexico).
* Alberto Plaza - romantic ballad singer-songwriter.
* Alejandro Silva - heavy metal guitar player.
* Verónica Villarroel - soprano.
* Ramón Vinay - tenor.
* Gianina Ramos - soprano.
* Ricardo Villalobos - minimal techno artist
* claude roubillie - Instrumental electronica artist
* Dj raff - Rafael Pérez - Hip hop artist, Rapper,Turntablelist, Producer,and a Song Writer


* [ Felipe Blits] - actor and singer
* Tamara Acosta - actress
* Patricio Contreras - actor
* Daniel Emilfork - actor
* Cristián de la Fuente - actor, model
* Jorge Garcia - actor, comedian(Lost)
* Malú Gatica - actress and singer
* Gloria Münchmeyer - actress ("The Moon in the Mirror")
* Horatio Sanz - comedian, actor, (SNL)
* Leonor Varela - actress ("Blade II", "The Man in the Iron Mask", "Cleopatra")
* Cote de Pablo - actress ("NCIS")
* Santiago Cabrera - actor ("Heroes")
* -actor ("Acorralada(TV series)","El ultimo matrimonio Feliz(TV series)")


* Jaime Bendersky - magic-realism painter and architect (1922-1997)
* Claudio Bravo - hyper-realism painter (1936- ?)
* Miguel Venegas - painter. Called "El Maestro" (the Master)
* José Balmes - painter (1927- ?)
* Benito Rojo - painter
* Cristián Abelli - Chilean painter
* Mario Carreño - Cuban born Chilean painter
* Carlos Catasse - painter
* Marta Colvin - sculptor
* Ana Cortes - painter
* Augusto Eguiluz - painter
* Gregorio de la Fuente - painter (1875-1964)
* Roberto Humeras - painter
* Fernando Ibarra - painter
* Pedro Lobos - painter
* Enrique Lopez - painter
* Roberto Matta - painter, sculptor
* Camilo Mori - painter
* Enriqueta Petit - painter
* Carlos Sotomayor - Cubist painter
* Pablo Vidor - painter
* Pedro Lira - painter (1845-1912)
* Nemésio Antúnez - painter (1918-1993)
* Samy Benmayor - painter
* Hector Caceras - painter
* Pablo Burchard - German born Chilean painter (1875-1964)
* Juan Egenau - sculptor (1927-1987)
* Thomas Sommerscales - English born Chilean painter (1842-1927)


* Vicente Huidobro - father of the "Creationism" movement in Paris
* Enrique Lihn-
* Gabriela Mistral - winner of the Nobel prize for literature
* Pablo Neruda - winner of the Nobel prize for literature
* Nicanor Parra - self-proclaimed "anti-poet"
* Gonzalo Rojas - 2004 Cervantes Prize winner
* Pablo de Rokha-
* Jorge Teillier-


* Salvador Allende Gossens - Socialist and marxist president, senator, and doctor who died during the military coup of September 11, 1973
* Clodomiro Almeyda - socialist politician
* Soledad Alvear - former Justice minister and Foreign minister; current PDC senator
* Carlos Dávila - former Secretary General of the Organization of American States
* Florencio Durán - former president of the senate
* Fernando Flores - Former socialist politician; current Independent senator
* Sergio Fernández - right wing politician during the Pinochet regime.
* Jaime Guzmán - right wing politician during the Pinochet regime, murdered by Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front on April 1, 1991.
* Tomás Hirsch - former president of the Humanist Party of Chile and 2005 candidate for president
* Carlos Keller- Former Leader of the National Socialist Movement of Chile, responsible for the organization of the Seguro Obrero Massacre.
* José Miguel Insulza - former Interior minister; current Secretary General of the Organization of American States
* Joaquín Lavín - Independent Democratic Union candidate for presidency in 2005 election
* Orlando Letelier - Foreign Minister during Salvador Allende's government murdered during the Pinochet regime in Washington D.C.
* Gladys Marín - communist leader, feminist activistm, victim of repression during Pinochet dictatorship.
* Diego Portales - Minister, major designer of the Chilean State during the first half of 19th century
* Sebastián Piñera - businessman and politician; National Renewal candidate for presidency in 2005
* Laura Rodríguez - first Humanist Party deputy in the world
* Adolfo Zaldívar - Independent senator, former leader of the PDC.
* Andrés Zaldívar - ex PDC senator, brother to Adolfo

Religious figures

* Monseñor Enrique Alvear Urrutia (1916 - 1982). Serve of God. Called "The bishop of the poor people".
* Rev. Juan B. Canut de Bon - Methodist Missionary.
* Saint Teresa de los Andes - first Chilean saint
* Saint Alberto Hurtado - second Chilean saint (1901 - 1952)
* Blessed Laura Vicuña
* Fray Camilo Henríquez - founder of the first newspaper in Chile.
* Mario Hiriart - (1931 - 1964). Serve of God. Engineering Professor at Pontifice Catholic University of Chile.
* Monseñor José Ignacio Cienfuegos - Catholic Bishop from Talca who led the Chilean independence movement in 1810.
* José María Caro - first Chilean cardinal
* Raúl Silva Henríquez - second Chilean cardinal born in Talca; a human rights advocate.
* Juan Francisco Fresno - third Chilean cardinal
* Francisco Javier Errázuriz - fourth Chilean cardinal
* Jorge Medina Estévez - fifth Chilean cardinal; a conservative figure.
* Rev. Neftali Aravena Bravo - First Protestant Chaplain appointed to La Moneda (The State House), Methodist.


* Marlene Ahrens - athlete; Olympic silver medalist
* Luis Ayala - tennis player; twice French Open finalist
* Carlos Caszely - football player.
* Patricio Cornejo - tennis player, 1976 Davis Cup Finalist
* Carlo de Gavardo - KTM rally motorcyclist.
* Elías Figueroa - football player; three times elected as Best Football Player of America
* Jaime Fillol - tennis player, 1976 Davis Cup finalist
* Arturo Godoy - boxer, fought Joe Louis twice for the World Heavyweight title
* Fernando González - tennis player; only Chilean to win Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the Summer Olympics.
* Alberto Larraguibel - horserider, record for Puissance (high-jump) on Horseback.
* Sergio "Sapo" Livingstone - Chilean football goalkeeper
* Ana Lizana - tennis player; 1937 US Open champion
* Nicolás Massú - tennis player; two-time Olympic gold medalist.
* Iván Morovic - chess International Grandmaster
* Érika Olivera - athlete; gold medal winner in women's marathon at the 1999 Pan American Games
* Marcelo Ríos - first Latin American man to become world number-one tennis player.
* Marcelo Salas - football player. Holds the record for most goals playing for the national team. Won titles with every team where he played.
* Eliseo Salazar - race car driver. Competed in Formula 1 intermittently from 1980-1982, moved to Champ Car and the Indy Racing League
* Leonel Sánchez - football player, 1962 World Cup top scorer.
* José Santos - jockey, winner of US Triple Crown
* Martín Vargas - Boxer, arguably the most famous boxer in Chile's history
* Iván Zamorano - football player.
* Cristian Bustos - triathlete; He achieved the second place on 1992 Hawaii Ironman World Championship.


* Ricardo Baeza-Yates - computer scientist
* Claudio Bunster - Physicist
* Erik Bongcam-Rudloff - bioinformatician
* Eric Goles - mathematician
* Humberto Maturana - biologist, co-author of the theory of Autopoiesis
* Francisco Varela - biologist, co-author of the theory of Autopoiesis.

Television personalities

* Cecilia Bolocco - Former Miss Universe, TV host
* Gonzálo Cáceres - anchor man for Spanish Language News Deutsche Welle
* Mario Kreutzberger (Don Francisco) - Host of television show Sábado Gigante
* Lucia Newman - former CNN senior correspondent; Al-Jazeera reporter
* Antonio Vodanovic - former Viña del Mar International Song Festival host


* Isabel Allende - novelist ("The House of Spirits")
* Roberto Ampuero - novelist ("Cayetano Brulé series")
* Roberto Bolaño - novelist ("The Savage Detectives")
* Francisco Coloane - ("Tierra del fuego")
* José Donoso - ("Coronation")
* Ariel Dorfman - novelist, playwright ("Death and the Maiden"), academic, essayist, journalist and human rights activist
* Jorge Edwards - 1999 Cervantes Prize winner
* Alberto Fuguet - novelist, short story writer "Mala Onda", "Las películas de mi vida", and filmmaker "Se Arrienda"
* Alberto Blest Gana - novelist
* Vicente Huidobro - poet
* Cristián Huneeus - writer
* Enrique Lafourcade - novelist
* Hernán Rivera Letelier - novelist ("Santa María de las Flores Negras", "La Reina Isabel Cantaba Rancheras"), poet and writer of short stories.
* Gabriela Mistral - poetry, first Latin American Nobel Prize winner in literature.
* Pablo Neruda - poet, Nobel Prize winner in literature, often considered the greatest of all Spanish-language poets.
* Antonio Skármeta - author of "Ardiente Paciencia" ("Burning Patience") which inspired the movie "Il Postino" ("The Postman") about poet Pablo Neruda.
* Luis Sepúlveda - novelist
* Sergio Vodanović - playwright


* Alejandro Aravena
* Borja Huidobro
* Fernando Castillo Velasco
* Alberto Cruz Covarrubias - founder of the avant garde "Amereida" movement and of the [ School of Architecture of the Catholic University of Valparaíso] .
* Emilio Duhart - designer of the United Nations' ECLAC building, in Vitacura, a masterpiece of modern architecture
* Guillermo Jullian de la Fuente
* Susana A. Herrera Quezada‎
* Joaquín Toesca - designer of the presidential house "La Moneda", in Santiago


* Agustin Huneeus - respected vintner that was a pioneer in Chile and was awarded the Wine Spectator's Service Award, their highest honor.
* Carlos Kaiser - former National Director of de National Found of Disabilities
* Claudio Grossman - chairman of the Human Rights Interamerican Court
* Themo Lobos - comic artist
* Rene Ríos Boettiger ("Pepo") - comic artist ("Condorito")
* Juan Somavia - Director-General of the International Labour Organization
* Arturo Valenzuela - former White House adviser to President Clinton
* José Miguel Vivanco - executive director, Human Rights Watch Americas Division (Latin America and the Caribbean)
*Andrónico Luksic - chairman of Quiñenco Holdings, which owns Banco de Chile, Antofagasta Minerals, one of the largest Chilean financial groups.
*Ricardo Claro - lawyer and businessman, link to Megavisión, a TV station, Claro & Cia, law firm, and Compañía Sudamericana de Vapores, a shipping line.
*Catalina de los Rios y Lisperguer, La Quintrala, aristocratic and sadistic landowner and witch during the Colonial Period.

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