A buzzard is one of several large birds, but there are a number of meanings as detailed below.

In the Old World

Buzzard can mean:
* One of several medium-sized, wide-ranging raptors with a robust body and broad wings.

* In particular, those in the genus "Buteo". In the Old World, members of this genus are named as "buzzards", but "hawk" is more common in North America.
* Specifically, in Europe, the Common Buzzard, "Buteo buteo", where Buzzard is often used as a synonym.
* Any raptor which has the word "buzzard" as part of its name.

In the New World

Buzzard can mean:
* A vulture, particularly the American Black Vulture and Turkey Vulture, or as a general term for vultures.
* In parts of the United States where they are considered pest, particularly in rural areas, a derogatory term for certain birds of prey, such as the Chickenhawk (a common colloquial name referring to both the Red-tailed Hawk and the Cooper's Hawk), or the Duck hawk (known elsewhere as the Peregrine Falcon). In the U.S., the term "buzzard" is "never" used to refer to birds of prey, like hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls, outside of this context.
* Rarely, a derogatory term for any large bird that happens to be a scavenger, such as a raven or albatross (in other words, any large bird that is neither predatory nor flightless).

The Old World and New World uses are almost antonyms.

"Buteo" species

* Common Buzzard ("Buteo buteo")
* Red-tailed Hawk ("Buteo jamaicensis")
* Long-legged Buzzard ("Buteo rufinus")
* Rough-legged Buzzard ("Buteo lagopus")
* Ferruginous Hawk ("Buteo regalis")
* Red-shouldered Hawk ("Buteo lineatus")
* Broad-winged Hawk ("Buteo platypterus" )
* Swainson's Hawk ("Buteo swainsoni")
* Roadside Hawk ("Buteo magnirostris")
* Ridgway's Hawk ("Buteo ridgwayi")
* White-rumped Hawk ("Buteo leucorrhous")
* Short-tailed Hawk ("Buteo brachyurus")
* White-throated Hawk ("Buteo albigula")
* White-tailed Hawk ("Buteo albicaudatus")
* Galápagos Hawk ("Buteo galapagoensis")
* Red-backed Hawk ("Buteo polyosoma")
* Puna Hawk ("Buteo poecilochrous")
* Gray Hawk "Buteo nitidus"
* Zone-tailed Hawk ("Buteo albonotatus" )
* Hawaiian Hawk ("Buteo solitarius")
* Rufous-tailed Hawk ("Buteo ventralis")
* Mountain Buzzard ("Buteo oreophilus")
* Madagascar Buzzard ("Buteo brachypterus")
* Upland Buzzard ("Buteo hemilasius")
* Red-necked Buzzard ("Buteo auguralis")
* Augur Buzzard, "Buteo augur"
* Archer's Buzzard, "Buteo archeri"
* Jackal Buzzard ("Buteo rufofuscus")

Other species known as "buzzard"

* Long-tailed Honey-buzzard ("Henicopernis longicauda")
* Black Honey-buzzard ("Henicopernis infuscatus")
* Black-breasted Buzzard ("Hamirostra melanosternon")
* Lizard Buzzard ("Kaupifalco monogrammicus")
* Grasshopper Buzzard ("Butastur rufipennis")
* White-eyed Buzzard ("Butastur teesa")
* Rufous-winged Buzzard ("Butastur liventer")
* Grey-faced Buzzard ("Butastur indicus")
* Black-chested Buzzard-eagle ("Geranoaetus melanoleucus")
*The honey-buzzards, genus "Pernis", superficially resemble "Buteo" buzzards, hence the name, but are specialist feeders on wasp nests and larvae.
** European or Eurasian Honey Buzzard ("Pernis apivorus")
** Oriental Honey Buzzard ("Pernis ptilorhynchus")
** Barred Honey-buzzard ("Pernis celebensis")

External links

* [ Buzzard videos] on the Internet Bird Collection
* [ Pictures of Buteos, Buzzards and other hawk photos]

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