Sports Car GT

Sports Car GT

Infobox VG| title = Sports Car GT

developer = Image Space Incorporated
publisher = Electronic Arts
released = 26/09/1999
genre = Sim racing
modes = Season, Arcade, Time Trial, Head to Head, Pace Car, Slip Car
platforms = PC (Win) PlayStation
requirements = (Recommended) 233 MHz or faster Pentium processor, 64 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive, High Color 2-MB Video card, 320 MB Hard-drive space (These numbers must be increased if add-ons are used).
input = Keyboard, joystick or Gaming wheel.

"Sports Car GT" is a racing game / simulation, published by EA (Electronic Arts). The game developers for PC were Westwood Studios and Image Space Incorporated. For PlayStation, the developers were Westwood Pacific and Point of View. Sports Car GT (often shortened to SCGT) was released in spring 1998 for Play Station and January 1999 for PC. The two versions differed widely, with different cars and a different graphical design.

Note: From this point on, all information refers to the PC version.

SCGT as originally sold featured a variety of cars; the Porsche 911 Carrera, Porsche 911 RSR, Porsche 911 GT2, and Porsche 911 GT1, BMW M3, Panoz Esperante and Esperante GT-R, Saleen-modified Ford Mustang, Vector M12, Lister Storm, McLaren F1 GTR, Callaway C12, Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR, Mosler Raptor, and two fictional cars; the Wiggler Motors Rattlesnake and GTR.

SCGT shows its age with its graphics. It has various easily noticeable errors (many car's tires sink into the ground, and the shadows sit slightly above it). Typical polygon counts are in the low thousands. A major gripe of SCGT players is that the headlights have no effect on the dashboard view.

A large community of editors has formed around SCGT, although it was never as large as that of Grand Prix Legends. At its peak, the SCGT community centered around, which featured a forum, file repository, and hosted individual's Sports Car GT webpages, which included an enormous list of all tracks in progress, abandoned, or available. Due to the inevitable loss of fans to newer and more advanced racing games, as well as other hobbies, Speedsims eventually went offline, a huge blow to the community.

Since the loss of Speedsims, sub-forums for SCGT at two of the largest sim racing forums, Race Sim Central and Black Hole Motorsports have filled the gap. The SCGT forum at Race Sim Central is larger and busier, while Black Hole Motorsports has a file database. At Race Sim Central files must be attached to posts in the forum which makes them harder to find.

This community has produced many more cars for SCGT; most add-on cars are endurance racers based on real-life cars which race in ALMS, FIA-GT, and at the 24 hours of Le Mans. Also represented are Formula One cars, Mini Coopers and other 1960s "tin-tops", recent Touring cars (a large number based on DTM), Drag Racing cars, vintage cars from the 1930s onwards, Trans-Am, and the occasional oddball (notables are the wheeled hot dog, Budweiser blimp, and batmobile).

The editing community have created hundreds of tracks, fictional and real, from Go-Kart tracks to multiple versions of the huge Nurburgring circuit. Most are built from scratch or modified versions of other SCGT tracks. Many historic tracks are converted from Grand Prix Legends, while most modern F1 tracks available for SCGT are converted from ISI's later developments, F12000 and F12000CS (not to be confused with F1C).

A plethora of individual-run sites also exist for SCGT. In recent years, these have declined enormously, but still there is a good number of sites out there.

There are a few on-line (multiplayer) racing organizations for SCGT, as well as off-line groups. These races normally use an anti-cheat program to keep participants to stringent requirements (cars, game settings, etc).

In 2005 the developers of Sports Car GT for the PC, Image Space Inc., released the massively popular multi-class sim rFactor and the successor to the popular GMotor 1 engine first used in Sports Car GT PC. Whilst it has no official FIA GT license its massive modding base, extensive multi-class (Non F1/Single seater exclusive) content, proper bug/patch support and upgrade options mean many view it as Sports Car GT's spiritual successor.

The cars

The cars are all of the Grand Touring class of sports cars.

*GTQ class cars-(GT Qualifying Cars) are Street-legal production cars. Average top speed is 220 kph. .BMW M3 (Sport Touring),Panoz Esperante (Grand Touring),Porsche 911 (Sport Touring),Saleen S281(Sport Touring).

*GT3 class cars-Production-based sports car with less than 3 liters engine displacement. Average top speed is 250 kph.

BMW M3 (Sport Touring),BMW M3 (Team PTG #11),Porsche 911 (Grand Touring),Porsche 911 (Team Roock Racing #59),Porsche 911T (Team Rohr),Saleen SR (Grand Touring),Vector M-12 (Sport Touring).

*GT2 class car- High end production based sports cars. Average top speed is 280 kphBMW M3 (Team PTG #6),Callaway C7 (Grand Touring),Callaway C12 (Sport Touring),Lister Storm (Grand Touring),Mosler Raptor (Grand Touring),Porsche 911 (Team Roock Racing #55),Porsche 993T (Team Schumacher),Saleen Mustang (Team Saleen/Allen),Vector M-12 (Grand Touring),Vector M-12 (American Spirit).

*GT1 class cars- Supercars with carbon fiber and tube frame bodywork. These cars all have over 3 liters of engine diplacement. Average top speed is 320 kph.

Callaway C7R (Callaway Competition),Callaway C12 (Grand Touring),Lister Storm (NewCastle United),Mosler Raptor (Team Mosler),Panoz GTR-1 (Grand Touring),Panoz GTR-1 (Panoz Motor Sports),Panoz GTR-1 (Visteon Racing),Panoz Q9Porsche 911 GT1 (Team Rohr),Porsche 911 GT1 (Champion Porsche)Porsche 911 GT1 (Team Porsche AG)

Music Tracks

The following are all the SCGT music tracks:Supreme GT, Biotic, Countdown, Desend, Dust, Focus, Rage Motion, Retract, XGT, Concussion, Ebbracer, Rift.

Race Tracks

Mosport Park, Road Atlanta, Sebring Int. Raceway, Sebring Int. Short, Desert Speedway, Laguna Seca Raceway, Course de Triumph, andEiffel Tour.

Time and weather modes

In this game, you can play in daytime, nighttime and twilight day time.In weather you can also play in Dry and Rain.

GT1 Paris

In SCGT, after GT1 class, there is also GT1 Paris, where you can race in Paris in France. The race-tracks are Course de Triumph and Eiffel Tour.

External links

* [ Race Sim Central Forum, SCGT Section]
* [ Racecarsim] The largest non-forum file collection for SCGT; this is an individual's site, with some of his own work.
* [ This is the official SCGT site from ISI]
* [ AutoSimSport; A free online (.pdf file)] magazine for Sim racing. The September 2005 issue (go to "back issues") includes an article on Sports Car GT.
*moby game|id=/sports-car-gt|name="Sports Car GT"
* [ WorldRacing.Info Forum, SCGT Russian Section]

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