Amigas y rivales

Amigas y rivales


| title = Amigas y rivales
country = flagicon|MEX Mexico
year = flagicon|MEX Mexico:
February 26, 2001 [ "Amigas y rivales" (2001) release dates -] ] -
November 9, 2001
flagicon|US USA:
July 30, 2001 -
May 10 2002
May 24, 2005 -
April 1, 2006
July 30, 2007 -
April 22, 2008
flagicon|VEN Venezuela:
August 2, 2001 - ?
flagicon|BRA Brazil:
April 22 2002
flagicon|POL Poland:
September 2002 - ?
April 22, 2004 - ?
flagicon|HUN Hungary:
February 20, 2004 - ?
network = nowrap|flagicon|MEX Canal de las Estrellas
flagicon|MEX TL Novelas
flagicon|MEX Galavisión
flagicon|POL TVN
flagicon|POL TVN Siedem
flagicon|US Univision
flagicon|US Telefutura
flagicon|BRA SBT
flagicon|VEN Venevisión
language = Spanish [The telenovela was translated into Polish on TVN and TVN Siedem, into Portuguese on SBT and into Hungarian in Hungary.]
director = José Ángel García
producer = Emilio Larrosa
Arturo Pedraza Loera
cinematographer = Luis Monroy
Alfredo Tappan
writer = Alejandro Pohlenz| script =
cast = Ludwika Paleta
Michelle Vieth
Angélica Vale
Adamari López
music = Carlos Páramo
Maryte Rodríguez
nowrap|Roberto Sánchez Bustos
theme_song = "Amigas y Rivales"
performer = Kabah
episodes = 185

"Amigas y rivales" (Friends and Rivals) is a Mexican telenovela, which was produced by and broadcast on Televisa in 2001. Seen twice on Univision in the United States, the series first debuted on July 30, 2001, replacing that year's "Abrazame muy Fuerte", and ended on May 10, 2002, itself being replaced by 1998's "El privilegio de amar" (that novela later being switched with the later hour's "Salome"). It aired a second time as part of Univision's late night "Grandes Historias" lineup, beginning on May 24, 2005 [ [ La telenovela Amigas Y Rivales a las pantallas de Univision a la 1:00AM/12:00AM centro el 23 de Mayo] at [ Foros Univision] ] (replacing 1999's "Alma Rebelde") and ending on April 1, 2006 (being replaced by 1998's "Soñadoras"). "Amigas y rivales" began airing for a third time in the United States on Univision's sister network, Telefutura, on July 30, 2007, replacing 1999's "Mujeres Engañadas", and ended on April 22, 2008, being replaced by a second full hour of 2001's "El Derecho de Nacer". The 2002 Colombian telenovela " [ El Precio del Silencio] " will replace both, "Amigas y rivales" and the second hour of "El Derecho de Nacer" starting Tuesday April 29, 2008. The timeslot is 7:00 AM Eastern & Pacific (6:00 AM Central & Mountain). The telenovela has also been seen in Poland (with Polish translation), premiering on TVN in September of 2002 and later reappearing on TVN Siedem on April 22, 2004. In Mexico, it was also seen on TL Novelas and returned in 2007 on Galavisión, a different network from Univision's sister network of the same name, and ended in 2008. Elsewhere in the world, "Amigas y rivales" also aired in Venezuela on Venevisión (premiering on August 2, 2001) and in Brazil on SBT (translated into Portuguese, premiering on April 22, 2002). Ironically, SBT also produced a Brazilian remake of the telenovela, called "Amigas e Rivais". With the popularity of Mexican telenovelas in Brazil declining since the 1990s, the network has depended heavily on its own telenovelas and remakes.Fact|date=February 2008 "Amigas y rivales" also premiered in Hungary (translated into Hungarian) on February 20, 2004.

To date, it remains to be the most successful teen telenovela that Televisa has ever made, surpassing some other teen telenovelas like "Rebelde" and the long-running 1994's hit "Agujetas de Color de Rosa".fact|date=September 2008


"Amigas y Rivales" tells the story of four 21-year-old women from different social backgrounds. The first one of them, "Laura", is a studious, sensitive and serious girl from a middle class family; she studies data processing in a private university because she received a scholarship.

"Jimena" is the typical rich girl, dissipated and irresponsible, for whom sex is only another way to be entertained. Jimena is later kidnapped, although she does not realize it, she lives with Sebastian, a drug dealer who gives her drugs in exchange for her having sex with men in his home. Her friends later find her and she is admitted into Nueva Vida, a rehabilitation center.

"Ofelia" is the Jimena's best friend. Like Jimena, she is rich and carries a way of life of diversion and frivolous pleasures. It is not until Ofelia gets infected with HIV that she and "Jimena" learn not to get involved with "any guy." Ofelia ends up getting married to Ulises (El Feo) who wants to marry her despite her circumstances. He is extremely ugly and everyone makes fun of him, until when Ofelia is shot and she thinks she will die she sends him to get acne treatments, plastic surgery, and exercise so that he will be attractive to other women after her death. She doesn't die though, and some of her best friends are after Ulises as well as many other teenage girls!

The fourth protagonist is a girl that comes from a humble background, "Nayeli", who works as a maid in Jimena's home. Nayeli's dream is to be become a Hollywood actress, like her idol, Salma Hayek. This dream takes her to the United States illegally, and leads to a bad experience. Johnny Trinidad, a boxer she meets in the US, falls in love with her and tracks her down in Mexico. He then meets Jimena de la O, who tries to steal him away from Nayeli. Eventually Nayeli ends up dating Johnny but that is short lived.

"Roberto", the older brother of "Jimena", who attends the same university as Jimena and Laura, studies law.

"Laura's" emotional feelings get divided between "Roberto" and his father, "Don Roberto de la O", who hired "Laura" as an instructor in how to use his firm's new computers. "Don Roberto de la O" becomes determined to attract "Laura", who unconsciously compares him with her own father, a weak man without character.

"Laura" and "Don Roberto de la O" dated for a while; their relationship ended when Laura's mother lied to "Don Roberto de la O", telling him that" Laura" was his daughter. Later, Laura finds out that Don Roberto de la O is not her father, and finds out she is a result of a one night stand. Her parents separate. Don Roberto de la O and Laura begin dating once again but weeks later she finds out that she is not in love with him, and she is caught kissing Don Roberto's son Roberto.

When Don Roberto discovers that Laura loves his son, thanks to some deceitfulness by Roxana to keep Roberto, he suffers a stroke.

"Roxana", the second wife of "Don Roberto de la O", is an extremely beautiful woman, hiding an unscrupulous criminal soul under the mask of an ideal wife. "Roxana" secretly desired her husband's son, "Roberto", which turned her into a criminal, having killed Roberto's former fiancée to have a chance of having a relationship with him. Both eventually become romantically involved, but the romance is ended when "Roberto" realizes how much he loves "Laura". This realization angers Roxana; she tried killing "Laura" at a Halloween party, but failed to do so she killed Monica, Laura's friend, who had the same costume as Laura.Roxana ends up joining forces with Sebastian to get revenge on Jimena, Nayeli, Ofelia Laura and Tamara. Many people get killed because of their plan to get revenge.

In the end, "Ofelia", after having been unwilling to continue to live on, chooses to fight for her life. "Laura" receives a marriage proposal from "Roberto"; "Jimena" fixes up her bad habits; and "Nayeli" manages to carry on a successful career in acting.Roxana finds out that Roberto is actually really her half brother.


* The entire cast as follows: [ "Amigas y rivales" (2001) full cast and crew -] ]

Track listing

# "Amigas y Rivales" Kabah (band) (Anaya, Maria Jose Loyola; Knupegelmacher, Kaniela Magun; Tapia, Hector Fernando Quijano; Tapia, Janine Patricia Quijano)
# "Entre Amigas" Jackson, Amaury, Lopez (Jackson, Amaury Lopez; Johnny Lozada)
# "Vuelvo a Intentar" Angélica Vale (Hartman, Angelica Maria Vale)
# "No Sabes Cuanto" Alex Sirvent (Barton, Alejandro Sirvent)
# "Amigales y Rivales" Alex Sirvent (Barton, Alejandro Sirvent; Ruelas, Raul Cortes)
# "Que Paso" Johnny Lozada (Correa, Johnny Loazada)
# "Vuelvo a Intentar (Versión Merengue)" Angélica Vale (Hartman, Angelica Maria Vale; Luis Reynoso Gongora)
# "Ellas" Sirvent Barton (Barton, Alejandro Sirvent)
# "Amigas y Rivales" Angélica Vale (Hartman, Angelica Maria Vale; Luis Reynoso Gongora)
# "Al Ataque Feo" Gabriel Soto (Barton, Alejandro Sirvent)


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