Pingxiang, Jiangxi

Pingxiang, Jiangxi

Pingxiang (simplified Chinese: 萍乡, pinyin: Píngxiāng),old time called P'ing-Shang, is a medium-sized prefecture-level city located in western Jiangxi province, China.

Geography and climate

Pingxiang is located in western Jiangxi along the border with Hunan. Its area is 3,827 km². Most of that area is hills 66% and mountains 27% with less than 7% flatlands. The climate is sub-tropical with annual average temperatures of 17°C and precipitation of 1600 mm. Yearly there are 1,600 hours of sunlight and 270 frost-free days.


Archaeological evidence suggests Pingxiang was first settled during the stone age. During the Han dynasty, it was part of Yichun. During the Three Kingdoms, in 267, it became Pingxiang county, which at that time was a higher level of administration than today. During the Tang dynasty it was part of the Jiangnanxi Circuit and was called Yuanzhou. Its name and area of administration was changed again many times until 1970 when it was changed to what it is today.


Pingxiang (萍乡) has direct jurisdiction over two urban districts, 1 economic development zone, three counties, 28 towns, 18 townships, and 7 sub-districts.

Urban Districts:
*Anyuan District (安源区)
*Xiangdong District (湘东区)
*(Anyuan Economic Development Zone 安源经济开发区)

*Shangli County (上栗县)
*Luxi County (芦溪县)
*Lianhua County (莲花县)


Population is 1,810,000.


2004 GDP was 17.256 billion RMB, 18% growth over the previous year. Rural income was 3322 RMB and urban was 7858 RMB. Pingxiang is a hub for transportation. Several national highways and the main rail line between Changsha and Nanchang all run through here.

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