Reformed Church of Dunedin

Reformed Church of Dunedin

Reformed Church of Dunedin is the Dunedin representation of the Reformed Churches of New Zealand and was formed in 1955. Total membership as of 2005 stands at 155, of which 80 percent form the home congregation at Dunedin, the remainder forming the congregation at Oamaru. Belonging to the Christchurch Presbytery of the Reformed Churches of New Zealand, it is the southernmost church of the denomination.


*1958-1960 Richard Venema
*1960-1968 Peter Pellicaan
*1969-1975 Peter Berghouse
*1977-1987 Carl Larsen
*1986-1990 David Bayne (home missionary)
*1988-1990 Graham Capill
*1991-1996 Willem Pieters
*1997-2008 Hans Vaatstra


*2006 Andrew Nugteren


*Sunday School for children
*Catechism instruction for adolescents
*Fellowship groups for youth, women, and seniors
*Bible study cell groups
*Book and tape libraries
*Christianity Explained and Christianity Explored for enquirers on request
*Play group for pre-school children and their parents
*Prison ministry in conjunction with Prison Fellowship
*'Bible in Schools' in conjunction with Religious Education Dunedin
*Christian education in conjunction with Liberton Christian School

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