Breakdown may refer to:
*Electrical breakdown
*Breakdown (Transformers)
*Chemical breakdown
*Mental breakdown
*Breakdown, a statement explaining the details of something such as a bill or cost of a plan.
*A script breakdown for a play, film, or comic book.
*Breakdown (comics), published by Devil's Due Productions as part of their Aftermath line.
*Breakdown (film), starring Kurt Russell.
*Breakdown (Episode), an episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".
*Breakdown (vehicle), a mechanical failure.
*Breakdown van, See also Vehicle recovery.
*Breakdown, a former persona of professional wrestler Lance Hoyt.
*, a pay-per-view event held by the World Wrestling Federation.
*Breakdown (video game)
*Breakdown (book), by Bill Gertz.
*Breakdown, a weightlifting drop set

In music

*A technique employed in Extreme Metal music borrowed from Hardcore music. This is usually a slow percussive section intended to create a slurry of frantic headbanging and/or moshpit in a live setting.
*Break (music), an instrumental or percussion section or interlude during a song.
*Breakdown, the disco break or breakdown section of a disco song — see Break (music).
*Breakdown, where a metal or punk band will play in half time, giving the feeling of a slower tempo — see Break (music).
*Breakdown, a specific type of instrumental in bluegrass music (e.g. "Foggy Mountain Breakdown") — see Break (music).
*Breakdown (band), a New York hardcore band from the late 1980s.
*Breakdown (album), by Melissa Etheridge.
*Breakdown (Old and in the Way album).
*Breakdown (Mariah Carey song), by Mariah Carey.
*Breakdown (Tom Petty song).
*Breakdown (Tantric song)
*Breakdown (Jack Johnson song).
*Breakdown (Guns N' Roses song) from their album "Use Your Illusion II".
*"Breakdown" a song by Suede from "suede (album)"
*"Breakdown" a song by The Fat Boys from "Big and Beautiful (album)"
*"Breakdown", a song by Breaking Benjamin from "We Are Not Alone (album)".
*"Breakdown", a song by Plain White T's from their album "All That We Needed".
*"Breakdown", a song by the Alan Parsons Project from "I Robot (album)".
*"Breakdown", a song by Relient K from "The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek".
*"Breakdown", a song by Mae from "The Everglow".
*"Breakdown", a song by Daughtry from "Daughtry".
*"Breakdown", a song by The Quakes from their album Last of the human beings
*"Breakdown", a song by Band V from "Revolution Street"
*"Breakdown", a song by Forever The Sickest Kids "Underdog Alma Mater".
*"Breakdown (Seether song)", a song by Seether from their album Findinfffg Beauty in Negative Spaces.
*"Breakdown", a song by Michael W. Smith from his album I'll Lead You Home.

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