SSG (hull classification symbol)

SSG (hull classification symbol)

SSG is an obsolete hull classification symbol in the United States Navy. It was applied to the Regulus missile-launching submarines from the 1950's. Only four submarines were designated SSG: USS "Tunny" (SSG-282), USS "Barbero" (SSG-317), USS|Grayback|SSG-574, and USS|Growler|SSG-577. "Tunny" and "Barbero" were modified World War II Sclass|Gato|submarine|1s, while "Grayback" and "Growler" were custom made launch platforms. A fifth Regulus boat, USS|Halibut|SSGN-587|6 [, was built with nuclear power. These ships were redesginated with the 1964 removal of the Regulus missile from service.

The Soviet Union built the Sclass|Juliett|submarine|1s to carry nuclear cruise missiles to attack the United States, but these were later converted to carry anti shipping cruise missiles. Three variants of the Sclass|Whiskey|submarine|1s, called the "Single Cylinder", "Twin Cylinder", and "Long Bin" were made.

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