Tragus (ear)

Tragus (ear)

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The tragus is a small pointed eminence of the external ear, situated in front of the concha, and projecting backward over the meatus. Its name comes from the Greek: "tragos", goat, and is descriptive of its general covering on its under surface with a tuft of hair, resembling a goat’s beard.

Related facts

*Earbuds (a type of earphone) are held against the concha by the tragus.
*Some people prefer to push their tragus over the entrance of the auditory canal rather than putting their index finger in it or placing their palm over the entire ear when blocking out sound.
*Tragus piercing is popular in North American and European culture, and often a ring or barbell is inserted. The antitragus (opposite the tragus) is also sometimes pierced.
*A beard that runs from ear to ear is sometimes called a tragus.


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