"ANDNA" (Abnormal Netsukuku Domain Name Anarchy) is the distributed, non hierarchical and decentralised system ofhostname management in Netsukuku. It substitutes the DNS.The ANDNA database is scattered inside all Netsukuku network. In the worst case, every node will have to use few hundred kilobytes of memory.

ANDNA works basically in the following way:in order to resolve a hostname we just have to calculate its hash.The hash is nothing more than a number and we consider this number as an ipand the node related to that ip is called andna_hash_node.Practically the hash_node will keep a small database, which associates allthe hostnames related to it with the ip of the node, which has registeredthe same hostnames.

Node nip: hostname: "netsukuku" ) =
Node i ip: { [ Andna database of the node i ] } { hash("netsukuku") ---> }

The revocation requests don't exist, the hostname is automagically deleted when it isn't updated.


ANDNA implents the Scattered Name Service Disgregation, a system to register multiple IPs and hostnames to specific network services.

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* [ ANDNA document (.pdf)]
* [ Netsukuku documentation]

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