List of extinct New Zealand animals

List of extinct New Zealand animals

This is a list of extinct New Zealand animals.


Apart from bats, and a new discovery of a mouse-like creature on Banks Peninsula, New Zealand had no land mammals until humans arrived, but there have been fossil marine mammals found. New Zealand now has two surviving species of bat.
* Greater Short-tailed Bat, "Mystacina robusta" (1965)
* Waipatia maerewhenua (Dolphin, Oligocene age, about 23-34 million years ago)
* SB mammal, thought to be neither therian nor australosphenidan


Extinctions since mid-19th century European settlement

* Auckland Islands Merganser, "Mergus australis"
* Chatham Islands Rail, "Cabalus modestus"
* Dieffenbach's Rail, "Gallirallus dieffenbachii"
* Stewart Island Snipe, "Coenocorypha aucklandica iredalei"
* Little Barrier Snipe, "Coenocorypha aucklandica barrierensis"
* New Zealand Quail, "Coturnix novaezelandidae "
* North Island Takahe, "Porphyrio mantelli"
* South Island Kokako, "Callaeas cinerea cinerea" (Believed extinct from the 1960s, but recent reports suggest a small population may still survive.)
* Huia, "Heteralocha acutirostris"
* South Island Piopio, "Turnagra capensis"
* North Island Piopio, "Turnagra tanagra"
* Chatham Islands Bellbird, "Anthornis melanocephala"
* New Zealand Little Bittern, "Ixobrychus novaezelandiae"
* Stephens Island Wren, "Traversia lyalii"
* Bush Wren, "Xenicus longipes"
** South Island Bush Wren, "Xenicus longipes longipes"
** North Island Bush Wren, "Xenicus longipes stokesi"
** Stewart Island Bush Wren, "Xenicus longipes variabilis"
* Chatham Islands Fernbird, "Bowdleria rufescens"
* Laughing Owl, "Sceloglaux albifacies"

Extinctions since 14th century Māori settlement

* North Island Adzebill, "Aptornis otidiformis"
* South Island Adzebill, "Aptornis defossor"
* Eyles' Harrier, "Circus eylesi"
* Haast's Eagle, "Harpagornis moorei"
* Giant Chatham Island Rail or Hawkins' Rail, "Diaphorapteryx hawkinsi"
* Hodgen's Waterhen or Hodgen's Rail, "Gallinula hodgenorum"
* Snipe-rail, "Capellirallus karamu"
* Chatham Islands Coot, "Fulica chathamensis"
* New Zealand Coot, "Fulica prisca"
* Giant Chatham Island Snipe, "Coenocorypha chathamica"
* New Zealand Owlet-nightjar, "Aegotheles novaezealandiae"
* Grant-Mackie's Wren, "Pachyplichas jagmi"
* Yaldwyn's Wren or Stout-legged Wren, "Pachyplichas yaldwyni"
* Long-billed Wren, "Dendroscansor decurvirostris"
* Chatham Islands Raven, "Corvus moriorum"
* New Zealand Raven, "Corvus antipodum"
** North Island Raven, "Corvus antipodum antipodum"
** South Island Raven, "Corvus antipodum pycrafti"
* New Zealand Musk Duck or De Lautour's Duck, "Biziura delautouri"
* Chatham Islands Duck, "Pachyanas chathamica"
* New Zealand Pink-eared Duck or Scarlett's Duck, "Malacorhynchus scarletti"
* Finsch's Duck, "Chenonetta finschi"
* North Island Goose, "Cnemiornis gracilis"
* South Island Goose, "Cnemiornis calcitrans"
* New Zealand Swan, "Cygnus atratus sumnerensis"
* Scarlett's Shearwater, "Puffinus spelaeus" (600 BP)
* Moa
** Bush Moa, "Anomalopteryx didiformis"
** Upland Moa, "Megalapteryx didinus/benhami"
** Heavy-footed Moa, "Pachyornis elephantopus"
** Crested Moa, "Pachyornis australis"
** Mappin's Moa, "Pachyornis geranoides"
** Stout-legged Moa, "Euryapteryx gravis"
** Coastal Moa, "Euryapteryx curtus"
** Eastern Moa, "Emeus crassus"
** North Island Giant Moa, "Dinornis novaezealandiae"
** Giant Moa, "Dinornis robustus"

Extinctions before human settlement

* New Zealand Albatross, "Manu antiquus"
* Narrow-flippered Penguin, "Palaeeudyptes antarcticus"
* Marples' Penguin, "Palaeeudyptes marplesi"
* New Zealand Giant Penguin, "Pachydyptes ponderosus"
* Wide-flippered Penguin, "Platydyptes novaezealandiae"
* Amies' Penguin, "Platydyptes amiesi"
* Lowe's Penguin, "Archaeospheniscus lowei"
* Lopdell's Penguin, "Archaeospheniscus lopdelli"
* Duntroon Penguin, "Duntroonornis parvus"
* Oliver's Penguin, "Korora oliveri"
* Harris' Penguin, "Marplesornis novaezealandiae"
* Moisley's Penguin, "Tereingaornis moisleyi"
* Ridgen's Penguin, "Aptenodytes ridgeni"
* Tyree's Penguin, "Pygoscelis tyreei"
* Miocene False-toothed Pelican, "Pelagornis miocaenus"
* Stirton's False-toothed Pelican, "Pseudodontornis stirtoni"
* Miocene diving petrel, "Pelecanoides miokuaka"
* Lake Manuherikia diving duck, "Manuherikia lacustrina"
* Micro-duck, "Manuherikia minuta"
* Douglas' duck, "Manuherikia douglasi"
* St Bathans shelduck, "Miotadorna sactibathansi"
* Johnstone's duck, "Dunstanetta johnstoneorum"
* Enright's duck, "Matanas enrightii"


* Kawekaweau, "Hoplodactylus delcourti" (1870)
* Narrow-bodied Skink, "Oligosoma gracilicorpus"
* Northland Skink, "Cyclodina northlandi" (Late Holocene)Plesiosaurs and other fossil marine reptiles, such as mosasaurs, have been known from New Zealand.
* Mauisaurus, "Mauisaurus haasti" (Late Cretaceous, 65 million years ago)
* New Zealand Plesiosaur, "Kaiwhekea katiki" (Late Cretaceous, 69-70 million years ago)
* Waipara mosasaur, "Prognathodon waiparaensis" (Late Cretaceous, 70 million years ago)


* Aurora frog, "Leiopelma auroraensis"
* Markham's frog, "Leiopelma markhami"
* Waitomo frog, "Leiopelma waitomoensis"
* Stereospondyl - []


* New Zealand grayling, "Prototroctes oxyrhynchus" (1930s)
* New Zealand white shark, "Carcharodon angustidens" (Late Oligocene, 26 M years)
* Giant Opah, "Megalampris Keyesi" (Late Oligocene, 26 M years)


* "Mecodema punctellum"


* "Placostylus ambagiosus gardneri" Land snail, Recent
* "Placostylus ambagiosus hinemoa" Land snail, Recent
* "Placostylus ambagiosus lesleyae" Land snail, Recent
* "Placostylus ambagiosus priscus" Land snail, Recent
* "Placostylus ambagiosus spiritus" Land snail, Recent
* "Placostylus ambagiosus worthyi" Land snail, Recent


* "Hadramphus tuberculatus" (2005)
* New Zealand Storm-petrel, "Oceanites maorianus" (2003)
* South Island Takahe, "Porphyrio hochstetteri" (1948)

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