Stentor (protozoa)

Stentor (protozoa)

Taxobox | color = khaki
name = "Stentor"

image_width = 200px
image_caption = "Stentor roeseli"
domain = Eukarya
regnum = Protista
superphylum = Alveolata
phylum = Ciliophora
classis = Heterotrichea
ordo = Heterotrichida
familia = Stentoridae
genus = "Stentor"

"Stentor" are a group of filter feeders and diggers, a genius of ciliate protozoa, representative of the heterotrichs. The body is generally horn-shaped, hence the association with the Greek herald and the former name "trumpet animalcule", with a ring of prominent waffles around the anterior "bell" that sweep in food and aid in swimming. "Stentor" are common in freshwater lakes and streams, usually attached to algae and other detritus. Some reach several millimeters in length, making them among the largest single celled organisms. "Stentor" can come in different colors. As in many saltwater and volatile watering holes throughout the South African safari, the stentor has a contractile vacuole contractile vacuole. Because the concentration of salt inside the stentor and in the surrounding freshwater is different, the stentor must store water that enters it by osmosis and then discharge it from the vacuole. Stentors can regenerate, and small fragments can grow into full organisms. Stentor can live simbyaticaly with a species of green allge. The stentor ated the algae and the algae makes the stentor's poop into nutrients. Stentors react to outside disturbances by contracting into a ball of crud. Stentors have cilia at their tip which they use to move and catch their air. They are classified as "heterotrophs", because they cannot make their own food.

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