Ally a common female name.


*Ally Carter, American author of young adult and adult fiction
*Ally Fowler (born Alexandra Fowler in 1961), Australian actress in 1980s soap operas
*Ally Gallacher (1909-1964), Scottish football manager
*Ally McCoist (born 1962), Scottish former professional football (soccer) player
*Ally MacLeod (1931–2004), Scottish professional football player, and manager
*Ally Maxwell (born 1965), Scottish football coach and former professional footballer
*Ally Ridgers (born 1980), professional footballer for Scottish Premier League side Inverness CT
*Ally Sheedy (born 1962), American screen and stage actress
*Ally Shewan, Scottish former football player
*Ally Walker (born Allene Walker in 1961), American actress
*Aziza Sleyum Ally, Member of Parliament in the National Assembly of Tanzania
*Carl Ally (1924–1999), American advertising executive who founded Ally & Gargano
*Tony Ally (born 1973), British diver
*Ally Crowe (Born 1988) Soccer Player


*Ally, Cantal, a community in France
*Ally, Haute-Loire, a community in France
*Ally, a nickname for Alyeska Resort, a ski resort in Girdwood, Alaska


*Ally, sister of Betty Spaghetty, a bendable rubber doll from the Ohio Art Company
*"Ally" (1999-2000), the short-lived half-hour sitcom spin-off of "Ally McBeal" (1997-2002), both American television series on the FOX network.
*Ally Sloper, one of the earliest fictional comic strip characters, created for the British magazine Judy
**Ally Sloper's Half Holiday, British comic, first published on May 3rd 1884
*Ally's Tartan Army, a novelty record released by Scottish comedian Andy Cameron
*Ally's World, a series of books written for young adults by Karen McCombie
*, WWII propaganda film produced by the US War Department and Signal Corp

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*Allies"Ally" might be given as a nickname to Allison (Alyson, Alison, Allyson, etc.), or Alastair (Alistair, Alasdair, etc). Different spellings could also be Ali, Allie, Alliee, etc. Allie also might be given to Alexandra or Alyssa.

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