MACRO-11 is an assembly language with macro facilities for PDP-11 minicomputers from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). It is the successor to PAL-11 (Program Assembler Loader), an earlier version of the PDP-11 assembly language without macro facilities.

The MACRO-11 assembly language was designed for the PDP-11 minicomputer family. It was supported on all DEC PDP-11 operating systems. PDP-11 Unix systems also include an assembler (called "as"), structurally similar to MACRO-11 but with different syntax and fewer features.

Programming example

A complete "Hello, world!" program in PDP-11 macro assembler, to run under RT-11:


MSG: .ASCIZ /Hello, world!/ .END HELLO

If this file is HELLO.MAC, the RT-11 commands to assemble, link and run (with console output shown) are as follows:



.R HELLOHello, world!.

(The RT-11 command prompt is ".")

For a more complicated example of MACRO-11 code, two examples chosen at random are Kevin Murrell's [ KPUN.MAC] , or Farba Research's [ JULIAN] routine. More extensive libraries of PDP-11 code can be found in the Metalab freeware and Trailing Edge archives. [ [ Metalab] ] [ [ Trailing Edge] ]


External links

* [ Original documentation (RSX11M_V2)]
* Michael Singer, PDP-11. Assembler Language Programming and Machine Organization, John Wiley & Sons, NY: 1980.

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