Francis Bacon (painter)

Francis Bacon (painter)

"'] The sale broke the 2007 record for his work of €34,212 million ($52.68 million). The triptych had remained in the same European collection since its 1977 purchase from a London gallery. [cite web|url= |last= Michaud |first= Christopher, "" |title= Bacon painting sets postwar auction record |date= 15 May 2008]

A major retrospective of Bacon's work opened on 11 September 2008 at Tate Britain, London [ [ "Tate Britain Press Release"] ] . It is billed as the largest retrospective of his work ever mounted, containing around sixty of his works. [ [ ArtObserved, "Francis Bacon to have a Retrospective at Tate Britain: September 11 through 4 January," 23 August 2008] ] In January 2009, it will travel on first to the Prado Gallery in Madrid, Spain, and then the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, "where it will end in the summer of 2009." [ [ Robert Hughes, "Francis Bacon's Fame is Best Assessed Retrospectively," The Guardian, 30 August 2008] ]


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NAME= Bacon, Francis
DATE OF BIRTH= 28 October 1909
PLACE OF BIRTH= Dublin, Ireland
DATE OF DEATH= 28 April 1992
PLACE OF DEATH= Madrid, Spain

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