Years of Lead

Years of Lead

Years of Lead may refer to:

*The Brazilian military dictatorship ("anos de chumbo"), from 1964 to 1985
*Years of Lead (Italy) ("anni di piombo"), 1960s-70s and the strategy of tension
*Years of Lead (Morocco) ("années de plomb"), 1970s-80s

More generally, the term Years of Lead refers to a European phenomenon not unrelated to the Cold War, characterized by left and right-wing terrorism and the strategy of tension. Some terrorist groups include the German Red Army Faction, and the French Action Directe. In Belgium, the "années de plomb" or "Bloody Eighties", refers to the Brabant massacres which resulted in 28 deaths. The far-right movement Westland New Post (WNP) has been suspected in this campaign. Attacks by the Communist Combatant Cells, a short-lived group, killed two.

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