1885 in literature

1885 in literature

The year 1885 in literature involved some significant new books.


*February 18 - Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is published for the first time
*May 19 - "Revised Version" Old Testament published.
*Thomas Hardy moves to Max Gate.
*John Ormsby's English translation of Miguel de Cervantes's "Don Quixote" is published. For many years it is regarded as the most accurate translation of the novel.

New books

*Hall Caine
**"She's All the World to Me"
**"The Shadow of a Crime"
*Lewis Carroll - "A Tangled Tale"
*H. Rider Haggard - "King Solomon's Mines"
*William Dean Howells - "Rise of Sylas Lapham"
*Richard Jefferies - "After London"
*Jerome K. Jerome - "On the Stage—and Off"
*Guy de Maupassant - "Bel-Ami"
*George Meredith - "Diana of the Crossways"
*Daniel Owen - "Rhys Lewis"
*Walter Pater - "Marius the Epicurean"
*Robert Louis Stevenson - "Prince Otto"
*Mark Twain - "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
*Jules Vallés - "Jacques Vingtras"
*Jules Verne - "Mathias Sandorf"
*Émile Zola - "Germinal"
*Sir Richard Burton - "The Arabian Nights"


*"See 1885 in poetry"


*Anténor Firmin - "De l'Égalité des Races Humaines (On the Equality of Human Races)"


*January 16 - Zhou Zuoren, Chinese vernacular writer (+ 1967)
*February 7 - Sinclair Lewis, novelist (+ 1951)
*February 21 - Sacha Guitry, dramatist and screenwriter (+ 1957)
*March 6 - Ring Lardner, writer (+ 1933)
*May 2 - Hedda Hopper, columnist (+ 1966)
*September 11 - D. H. Lawrence, novelist and short-story writer (+ 1930)
*October 3 - Sophie Treadwell, dramatist and journalist
*October 11 - François Mauriac, novelist (+ 1970)
*October 30 - Ezra Pound, poet (+ 1972)


* February 14Jules Vallés, French writer
* April 8 - Susanna Moodie, English-born author of "Canadiana"
*April 18 - Marc Monnier, author and translator
*May 22 - Victor Hugo, poet and novelist
*June 18 - Louis Segond, theologian
*July 13 - Augusto Vera, philosopher
*September 18 - John Campbell Shairp, critic
*"date unknown"
**Anne Gilchrist, critic and biographer



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