Arrow missile

Arrow missile

Infobox Weapon
name=Arrow 2 ATBM Missile

caption=Arrow anti-ballistic missile launch
origin= Israel
type=Anti-ballistic missile
manufacturer=IMI, Tadiran, Israel Aerospace Industries
unit_cost=US$3 million
service=October 2000
engine=Two stage
weight=1,300 kgcite web
title =Israeli weapons- Arrow Profile
date =
url =
length=7 m
diameter=800 mm
speed=Mach 9/2.5 km/s
vehicle_range=90 km
altitude=50 km
filling=Terminally-guided interceptor blast-fragmentation warheadcite web
title =Israel's Arrow Missile Defense:Not Ready for Prime Time
date =2002-10-09
url =
guidance=EL/M-2080 "Green Pine" radar target tracking system
launch_platform=Six canister ground launcher

The Arrow "Interceptor" ( _he. טיל חץ, "IPA|/til xɛts/") ABM is a theater missile defense (TMD) system; it is the first missile developed by Israel that was specifically designed and built to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles on a national level. The Arrow intercepts its targets high in the stratosphere (some systems, such as RIM-161, are intended to intercept in outer space; others, such as PAC-3, are designed to meet their targets in lower atmosphere). Lockheed Martin's THAAD also intercepts ballistic missiles in the high stratosphere, but also has the capability to intercept targets both in and coming from the outer reaches of outer space.


The Arrow project got underway after the U.S. and Israel agreed to co-fund it on May 6, 1986. [Almanac of Policy Issues, [ Israeli-United States Relations] , October 17, 2002] . The Arrow ABM system was designed and constructed in Israel with financial support by the United States and Israel in a multi-billion dollar development program (said to be $2 billion USD to date). The Israeli Ministry of Defence runs the Arrow development project under the name " _he. Minhelet Homa", which binds together Israel's different security industries (such as Israel Military Industries, Tadiran, Israel Aerospace Industries, etc.). The system was first developed in the late 1980s.

On July 29, 2004, Israel and the United States carried out a joint test flight in the USA in which the Arrow was launched against a real Scud missile. The test was a success, with the Arrow destroying the Scud with a direct hit. In December 2005 the system was successfully tested again in a firing against a replicated Scud C as Shahab-3 missile. This test success was repeated on February 11, 2007. [BBC News Online, [ Israeli missile test 'successful'] , 11 February 2007]

Following the July 2004 tests, the Defense Minister of Israel, Shaul Mofaz, said "this is a central plank of Israel's defense ability. The success of the test is further proof of the technological superiority of the Israeli Defense Industries". [Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson, [ The 'Arrow' System Test- A Strategic Accomplishment] ]


The ABM system is meant to intercept medium- and short-range ballistic missiles and was designed with an eye towards the current advanced missile programs of Iran and the former threat of Iraq under Saddam Hussein. The system is built around the Arrow missiles, the "Yellow Citron" (Citron Tree) control system and the IAI EL/M-2080 "Green Pine" radar target tracking system. In actual use, the system would be aided by American Defense Support Program satellites that can detect and report the flare as missiles are launched. The first operational system was deployed in central Israel, at the Palmachim IAF Base on the Mediterranean coast, on March 14, 2000. The latest missile is known as the Arrow II and is still being evaluated for improvement.

The Arrow system is controlled by an officer who can evaluate the trajectory and decide if one of the advanced Arrow missiles should be launched. There are six missile tubes in each launcher, and each missile can be launched to a separate target. Confirmation of this and other abilities was demonstrated in a recent test — the 10th for the Arrow interceptor and the 5th for the complete system — when four of the six missiles were launched at virtual targets during joint U.S.-Israeli exercises.

The Arrow 2 interceptor itself has a speed of more than 3 km/s; as opposed to purely kinetic weapons it has its own explosive warhead, allowing it to miss by 40–50 meters and still kill its target.Fact|date=February 2007


A first Operational Battery was Deployed in October 2000. at Palmahim IAF basecite web
title =IDF modifying Arrow deployment in the North
date =2007-08-13
url =
] .After many delays that included a legal confrontation between local residents concerning the planned second battery location (residents were concerned about possible radiation hazards from the powerful Green Pine radar system), the situation was resolved and the battery was deployed near Hadera on October 2002.cite web
title =Israel's Second Arrow Missile Battery Fully Operational
date =2002-10-08
url =
] A third Battery was deployed at Palmahim in 2007.


Israel is in negotiations with India to sell the system to that country, but US arms-control regulations has blocked the sale of the actual missiles - though the Green Pine radar system has apparently been sold already to India and installed.

Talks regarding the sale of Israeli Ofeq satellites along with the Arrow air-defence systems to the country of Turkey have taken place, a sale pending American approval. The systems would be a generational leap for the Turkish military and intelligence capabilities, which are concerned about Iran's nuclear program.cite news| url=| title=Israel may sell Arrow and Ofek to Turkey| author=Yaakov Katz| publisher=The Jerusalem Post| date=November 12, 2007| accessdate=2007-11-12] On 6 December 2008, the Turkish Defense Industry's (SSM) Executive Committee, eliminated Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) (Ofeq satellite) from Turkey's Göktürk electro-optical satellite project and also the Arrow missile defence system from the Turkish High Altitude Missile Shield project tender. [] . It must be noted that Russia has offered Turkey, co-production of the S-400 Missile defence system with full technology transfer [] [] . Thus, it could be said that this was the reason for rejecting the Arrow offer from Israel.

There have also been talks about using the Arrow as part of a multi-tier ABM system by the US.

On January 31, 2007, it was published that the South Korean government will purchase 36 Arrow 2 missiles and 6 Green Pine radars. [(Korean) [ Daily Economics [단독] 수조원 들여 미사일 잡는 방어시스템 도입 검토] 2007-01-31]


*Israeli Air Force



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