Affinity, in etymology "affinity" is the opposite of "infinity" . These two words have the same root coming from the Latin: "finis" = "end". “Affinity” meaning is near to the “finis” e.g. close to the “zero point” in a before assumed space.

On the other hand, from the Latin, "affinis" = "connected with", having things in common, and it is utilised to interpret the effective possibility that some substances can or cannot mix together, in terms of "sympathies" and "antipathies".

Also, it can mean a natural attraction of feeling or kinship. A relationship by marriage.

More precisely, affinity may refer to:

cience and technology

* Chemical affinity - the force of attraction between chemical species.
* Biochemistry, protein-ligand binding affinity
* Biology, cell affinity refers to how close a cell group tightly to the surrounding cells.
* Electron affinity
* Processor affinity
* Affinity (sociology)
* Affinity Math - A percentage leaning favorable of 1 set of values over another set pertaining to the same item in the set.
* Affinity (mathematics) - an affine transformation (which preserves collinearity).

Other meaning

* Affinity (Producer/DJ), John. Records for Broke and Hardcore Beats Recordings.
* Affinity (BMJ), a publishing partnership programme of the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd for independent journals
* Affinity (band), A Jazz/Rock band active in the late 60s and early 70s.
* Affinity (law), kinship by marriage
* Affinity (canon law), a relationship arising from the sexual intercourse of a man and a woman
* Affinity laws, in hydraulics, used to express the relationship between variables involved in fan or pump performance
* Affinity (Christian organisation), formerly known as the British Evangelical Council
* Affinity (Fire Emblem), the numerous bonuses units have from sharing support conversations with one another.
* Affinity (Stargate SG-1), a season 8 episode of Stargate SG-1.
* Affinity group - small protest or activist groups of 10-30 people
* "Affinity (novel)", 1999 novel by Sarah Waters
* "Affinity (2008 film)", feature film based on Sarah Waters' novel

ee also

* Affine

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