"Bipolar" is a term used to define things with two (usually opposing) poles. It can refer to:

In Medicine
* Bipolar disorder and its subtypes:
** Bipolar I
** Bipolar II
** Cyclothymia
* Bipolar cell, a second order neuron of the retina.

In charitable organisation

MDF The BiPolar Organisation - A UK based charitable organisation

In Electronics and electrical engineering
* Bipolar junction transistor, electronic device.
** BiCMOS, the integration of bipolar junction transistors and CMOS technology into a single device.
* A loudspeaker design which has transducers on the front and the rear of the enclosure.
* Nickname for the Milwaukee Road class EP-2 electric locomotives.
* bipolar encoding, a type of line code used in telecommunication.
* bipolar high-voltage direct current transmission

In Science
* Bipolar nebula, a two-lobed, axi ally symmetric nebula
* Bipolar outflow, outflow of ejected materials from both poles of a star.
* Bipolar political system, a system where two political powers are equally matched.

In Mathematics
* Polar set, sometimes called a bipolar set, is the polar of a polar set.
* Bipolar coordinates, a type of orthogonal coordinates based on the Apollonian circles.

In Pop culture
* Bi-Polar (album), an album by Vanilla Ice.
* Bi-Polar (Chilli Album), an album by Rozonda Thomas, Chilli of TLC (band)

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