Calcium pyrophosphate

Calcium pyrophosphate

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ImageFile=calcium pyrophosphate.pngImageSize=200px
IUPACName=Dicalcium phosphonato phosphate
OtherNames=Calcium diphosphate
Section1= Chembox Identifiers
SMILES= [O-] P(=O)( [O-] )OP(=O)( [O-] ) [O-] . [Ca+2] . [Ca+2]

Section2= Chembox Properties
Density=3.09 g/cm3
Solubility=Insoluble in cold water

Section3= Chembox Hazards

Calcium pyrophosphate (Ca2O7P2) is a chemical compound that can be formed by the reaction of pyrophosphoric acid and a calcium base or by strongly heating calcium hydrogen orthophosphate or calcium ammonium orthophosphate.

It is commonly used as a mild abrasive agent in toothpastes.

Deposition of CPPD in articular joints causes an arthritis condition called pseudogout.

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* Calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease

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