The Software Link

The Software Link

The Software Link, Incorporated (TSL) was a company in Norcross, Georgia that developed software for personal computers from 1987 to 1994. The company was co-founded by Rod Roark and Gary Robertson.


* PC-MOS: an MS-DOS-like multiuser operating system with support for multi-tasking on serial terminals.
* PC-MOS/386: a later version of PC-MOS using features not present on processors prior to the 80386.
* LANLINK: a NetBIOS-ready local area network that leverages serial and parallel port connected platforms
* MultiLink: a multitasking environment for DOS

PC/MOS figured prominently in the lawsuit "Arizona Retail Systems, Inc. v. The Software Link, Inc.", where Arizona Retail Systems claimed The Software Link violated implied warranties on PC/MOS. The case is notable because The Software Link argued that it had disclaimed the implied warranties via a license agreement on the software's shrinkwrap licensing. The result of the case, which Arizona Retail Systems won, helped to establish US legal precedent about the enforceability or otherwise of shrinkwrap

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