List of improvisational theatre companies

List of improvisational theatre companies

Many theatre troupes are devoted to staging improvisational performances.

Improv theatre companies

North America

United States

* [ Relapse Theatre] (Atlanta, Georgia)
* [ Ad-Libs Comedy Improv Troupe] (Dallas, Texas)
* Cabaret Dada (Cleveland, Ohio)
* ComedySportz (various locations)
* [ Four Day Weekend] (Ft. Worth, Texas)
* Friday Nite Improvs (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
* Improv-Abilities (Kansas City, Missouri)
* Jet City Improv (Seattle, Washington)
* Laughing Stock (Salt Lake City, Utah)
* Off the Top (Park City, Utah)
* Spontaneous Productions (Owatonna, Minnesota)
* [ Stranger Than Fiction] (New Hampshire)
* The Dead Parrots Society (Bellingham, Washington)
* The N Crowd (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
* The Skinny Improv (Springfield, Missouri)
* [ THEY improv] (various locations)
* Unexpected Company (Warwick, Rhode Island)
* Unexpected Productions (Seattle, Washington)
* [ Einstein Simplified] (Knoxville, Tennessee)


* [ ROAR Theatre] (San Diego)
* The Un-Scripted Theater Company (San Francisco)
* The Really Spontaneous Theatre Company (Los Angeles)
* The San Francisco Improv Alliance (San Francisco)
* The Groundlings (Los Angeles)
* The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
* ImprovOlympic West (Los Angeles)
* BATS Improv (San Francisco)
* 3 for All (San Francisco)
* The San Francisco Improv Co-Operative (San Francisco)
* Second Nature Improv (Los Angeles)
* [ Improv Shmimprov] (Orange County)
* [ The Lobby] (Orange County / Inland Empire)
* Dangerous Men/Dangerous Women (Sacramento)
* [ Synergy Theater] (San Francisco)


* [ The Bovine Metropolis] (Denver)
* [ Impulse Theater] (Denver)
* [ MadCap Theater] (Denver)
* [ Stick Horses in Pants] (Colorado Springs)


* [ Second Thought Improv] (Ocala)
* [ Mod27] (Lake Worth)
* [ Bay Area Improv Theatre] (Tampa)
* [ Laughing Gas Improv] (Miami)
* [ Just the Funny] (Miami)
* Random Acts of Insanity (Daytona Beach)
* Second Base Improv Troupe (Daytona Beach Area)


* The Second City (Chicago)
* ImprovOlympic (Chicago)
* The Playground (Chicago)
* The Annoyance Theatre (Chicago)
* Improv Institute (Chicago)


* [ Grandma's 3rd Leg] (Salem)
* Improv Asylum (Boston)
* ImprovBoston (Boston)
* Troubled Shores (Martha's Vineyard)


* Hot Seat (Branson)
* Improv-Abilities (Kansas City)
* The Skinny Improv (Springfield)

New York

* [ The Mop & Bucket Company] (Albany)
* [ Nuts and Bolts] (Rochester)
* [ The Peoples Improv Theatre] (New York City)
* Upright Citizens Brigade (New York City)


* [ Amuse-Bouche] (Charlottesville)
* [ Bent] (Charlottesville)
* [ ComedySportz D.C.] (Arlington)
* [ ComedySportz Richmond]
* [ Improv Theatre] (Williamsburg)
* [ New & Improv'd] (Harrisonburg)
* [ The Whethermen] (Charlottesville)
* [ Washington Improv Theater] (Washington, D.C.)


* Canadian Improv Games (Canada)


* Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton)
* Die-Nasty (Edmonton)
* Oh Susanna! (Edmonton)
* Loose Moose Theatre (Calgary)
* The Kinkonauts (Calgary)

British Columbia

* ACT! Improv (Victoria)
* The Impromaniacs (Victoria)
* !nstant Theatre (Vancouver)


* SoapScum (Winnipeg)


* The Second City (Toronto)
* The Impatient Theatre Co. (Toronto)
* The Bad Dog Theatre Company (Toronto)
* [ PROJECTproject] (Toronto)


* Ligue Nationale d'Improvisation (Quebec)



* [ Teatro Instantáneo]


* Inspinazie (Leuven)


* Czech improvisation league (Prague)


* [ AIA - Association d'Improvisation Antiboise]
* [ LES IMPROVISADES] The one and only improv' league in which the players are students and workers, performing under the colors of theirs enterprises!
* [ Eux, Compagnie d'Improvisation] (Paris) Fance's first Harold team!


* [ ComedyCompany] (Göttingen)


* Improteatro [] [ Accademia dei Riuniti] [ AttiMatti] [ Belleville] (Bologna, Padova, Cesena,Imola) [ Impronte] [ Improvvisamente] [ Nova Urbs] [ Quinatinta] [ Teatribú] (Milano) [ Teatro Terra di Nessuno] [ VerbaVolant] (Roma) [ Voci e Progetti]


* Boom Chicago (Amsterdam)
* easylaughs (Amsterdam)


* Narobov (Ljubljana)

United Kingdom

* Improvedy (London)
* The Spontaneity Shop (London)
* The Scarlet Impernels (Bristol)
* The Oxford Imps (Oxford, UK)
* The Shrimps (Sheffield, UK)
* The Durham University Improvised Comedy Society (Durham, UK)
* Melting Pot Impro (London)


* Impro Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)
* Edge Improv (Brisbane, Australia)
* [ Impro Theatre ACT] (Canberra, Australia)

Hong Kong

* The People's Liberation Improv Troupe

New Zealand

* The Court Jesters (Christchurch, New Zealand)
* Welington Improvisation Troupe (Wellington, New Zealand) ( [] )
* The Improvisors (Wellington, New Zealand)

outh America


* Teatro do Nada (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)


* Liga Nacional de Match de Improvisación (Lima, Peru) [ Web Site]


* SPIT (Silly People's Improv Theatre)

* Philippine Playhouse

ee also

* improvisational theatre
* improvisational comedy
* Playback Theatre

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