Federal Probation Service

Federal Probation Service

The Federal Probation Service came into existence in 1925, shortly after Congress passed the Federal Probation Act. The Federal Probation Act originally provided for the establishment of a probation system for all United States District Courts, except the District of Columbia, gave the court, after conviction or after a plea of guilty or nolo contendere for any crime or offense not punishable by death or life imprisonment, the power to suspend the imposition or execution of sentence and place the defendant upon probation for such period and upon such terms and conditions it deemed best and to revoke or modify any condition of probation or change the period of probation, provided the period of probation, together with any extension thereof, did not exceed 5 years. A fine, restitution or reparation could be made a condition of probation, as well as support for whom the probationer was legally responsible. The Federal Probation Officer was to report to the court on the conduct of each probationer. The court could discharge the probationer from further supervision, or terminate the proceedings against him, or extend the period of probation.

The Federal Probation Service has since evolved to where the Federal Probation Officer can supervised defendants sentenced to probation, those granted parole from the United States Parole Commission, military parolees, from all branches of services, that were previously court-martialed under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and those sentenced to a term of supervised release, supervision to be served after their release from Federal Prison.

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