It's About Time (TV series)

It's About Time (TV series)

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show_name = It's About Time

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caption = The opening title for It's About Time TV program, which ran on CBS from September 1966 to April 1967.
format = Science fiction
runtime = 30 minutes per episode
creator = Sherwood Schwartz
starring = Frank Aletter
Jack Mullaney
Imogene Coca
Joe E. Ross
country = USA
network = CBS
first_aired = September 11, 1966
last_aired = April 2, 1967
num_episodes = 26
imdb_id = 0059997

"It's About Time" was an American fantasy-based comedy TV series that aired on CBS for one season of 26 episodes in 1966–1967. The series was created by Sherwood Schwartz, and used sets, props and incidental music from Schwartz's other television series in production at the time, "Gilligan's Island".

"It's About Time" was virtually two different series aired under the same title. The first version of the series saw two astronauts Mac, (Frank Aletter) and Hector (Jack Mullaney), accidentally break the speed of light, and get thrown back in time to prehistoric days. There, they have to adjust to living with a cave family led by Shadd (Imogene Coca) and Gronk (Joe E. Ross). (In the pilot Coca's name was credited as Shag, when CBS censors realized that term held another meaning in the youth culture they changed her name to 'Shadd'.) Their children were 18-year-old Mlor (Mary Grace) and 12-year-old Breer (Pat Cardi). The chief of the tribe, Boss (Cliff Norton) and his right-hand man Clon (Mike Mazurki) were always suspicious of the astronauts.

Approximately halfway through the season, the show's lower-than expected ratings resulted in the producers suddenly retooling the series by having the astronauts repair their space capsule and return to 1967 with the cave family in tow. The remainder of the season was spent with Shadd, Gronk and their family adjusting to life in the 1960s, reacting to the unfamiliar surroundings, setting up home in 20th-century New York City. A typical episode had Gronk and Shadd learning to write their names and signing them for many salesmen who brought,"presents," which had to be paid for. The astronauts could not convince their superiors at the Space Center that cave-people were living with them.

The show had a catchy theme song which explained the premise of the show (in similar fashion to the "Gilligan's Island" theme). When the show was re-tooled in mid season, the theme lyrics and visuals were also re-tooled to reflect the change. The series itself may not have been successful, but the show's theme song is one of the most memorable of all time. People who never saw the show became familiar with it!

Theme Song - Version One:

It's about time, it's about space, About two men in the strangest place. It's about time, it's about flight - Traveling faster than the speed of light. This is the tale of the brave crew As through the barrier of time they flew. Past a fighting minuteman, Past an armored knight, Past a Roman warrior, To this ancient site. It's about caves,cavemen too, About a time when the earth was new. Wait'll they see what is in sight! Is it good luck or is it good night? It's about two astronauts, it's about their fate, It's about a woman and her prehistoric mate.

It's about time, it's about space, About two men in the strangest place. They will be here right on this spot No matter if they like it or not. How will they live in this primitive state? Will help ever come before it is too late? Will they ever get away? Watch each week and see! Will they be returning to the 20th Century? It's about time for our goodbyes To all these prehistoric gals and guys. IT'S ABOUT TIME!

Theme Song - Version Two:

It's about time, it's about space, About cave-people in the strangest place. It's about time, it's about flight- Traveling faster than the speed of light. About cave-people and the brave crew As through the barrier of time they flew. Past a Roman warrior, past an armored knight, Past a fighting minuteman to this modern site. It's about time for you and me To meet these people from 1,000,000 BC. It's about two astronauts and how they educate A prehistoric woman and her prehistoric mate.

It's about time, it's about space, About cave-people in the strangest place.

They will be here with all of us, dodging a taxi, car or bus. Where will they go? What will they do In this strange place where everything is new? Will they manage to survive? Watch each week and see. Will they get accustomed to the 20th Century? It's about time for our goodbyes To all these prehistoric gals and guys. IT'S ABOUT TIME!


"It's About Time" star Frank Aletter was married to actress Lee Meriwether, who played Dr. Ann Magregor on the Irwin Allen-produced series "The Time Tunnel". Both of these series ran during the 1966-1967 season and were cancelled after only one season.

Cultural References

* The punk rock band X incorporated some of the theme's lyrics into their song "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts" for the album "More Fun in the New World", as a commentary on the direction of eighties music: "Glitter-disco-synthesizer night school/All this noble savage drum, drum, drum/Astronauts going back in time to hang out with the cave people/"It's about time/It's about space/It's about some people in the strangest place."

* Electronic musician Venetian Snares samples the show's theme song extensively in his song Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

Episode List

* "And Then I Wrote "Happy Birthday to You" (aired: 9/11/1966)
* "The Copper Caper" (aired: 9/18/1966 )
* "The Initiation" (aired: 9/25/1966)
* "Tailor Made Hero" (aired: 10/2/1966)
* "The Rainmakers" (aired: 10/9/1966)
* "Me Caveman - You Woman" (aired: 10/16/1966)
* "The Champ" (aired: 10/23/1966)
* "Mark Your Ballets" (aired: 10/30/1966)
* "Have I Got A Girl for You" (aired: 11/6/1966)
* "Cave Movies" (aired: 11/13/1966 )
* "Androcles and Clon" (aired: 11/20/1966 )
* "Love Me, Love My Gnook" (aired: 11/27/1966)
* "The Broken Idol" (aired: 12/4/1966)
* "The Sacrifice" (aired: 12/11/1966)
* "King Hec" (aired: 12/18/1966)
* "The Mother-in-law" (aired: 12/25/1966)
* "Which Doctor's Witch?" (aired: 1/1/1967)
* "To Catch a Thief" (aired: 1/8/1967)
* "20th Century Here We Come" (aired: 1/22/1967)
* "Shad Rack and Other Tortures" (aired: 1/29/1967)
* "The Cave Family Swingers" (aired: 2/5/1967)
* "To Sign or Not to Sign" (aired: 2/19/1967)
* "School Days, School Days" (aired: 2/26/1967)
* "Our Brothers' Keepers" (aired: 3/5/1967)
* "The Stone Age Diplomats" (aired: 3/12/1967)
* "The Stowaway" (aired: 4/2/1967)

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* [ 'It's About Time' Opening] on YouTube

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