Krylov ( _ru. Крылов) (masculine or Krylova (feminine) is a common Russian last name. Alternative spellings are Krilov, Kryloff, Kriloff (masculine) and Krilova (feminine; Крылова).

This last name is shared by the following people:

*Alexei Krylov, a Russian naval engineer and applied mathematician
**Krylov (crater), a lunar crater named after him
*Alexander Krylov (1904-?), a Soviet academician and scientist in the field of oil deposits development
*Andrey Krylov (gymnast), a Russian trampolinist
*Andrey Krylov (swimmer), a Soviet swimmer
*Andrei Krylov (musician), a Russian guitarist, composer
*Fyodor Krylov (1915-1977), a Soviet army officer and Hero of the Soviet Union
*Ivan Krylov, a Russian poet and fabulist
**5247 Krylov, an asteroid named after him
*Mikhail Krylov, Russian sculptor (1786 — 1846)
*Nikolay Krylov, see there for a list
*Pavel Krylov (1914-1944), a Soviet army officer and Hero of the Soviet Union
*Porfiry Krylov (painter) (1902-?), a Soviet painter and graphic artist
*Porfiry Krylov (botanist) (1850-1931), a Soviet botanist
*Sergey Krylov (musician), a Russian violinist
*Sergey Krylov (historian), a Soviet historian
*Viktor Krylov (1838-1906), a Russian playwright
*Vladimir Krylov, a Soviet runner
*Yevgeny Krylov, a Russian gymnast

In mathematics, Krylov may refer to
*Krylov sequences of vectors
*the Krylov-Bogolyubov theorem in dynamical systems

*Krylov FA-37 Assault Rifle, a fictitious weapon in Battlefield 2142

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