The Blues (disambiguation)

The Blues (disambiguation)

The Blues can refer to:
*Blues, a vocal and instrumental form of music based on the use of the blue notes
*Depression (mood), a downturn in mood which may be relatively transitory and perhaps due to something trivial
*Blue, a colour
*St. Louis Blues (hockey), a professional ice hockey team

;Musical albums:

*"The Blues" (Eric Clapton album), a 1999 blues rock album by Eric Clapton
*"The Blues" (B.B. King album), a 1957 blues album by B.B. King
*"The Blues" (John Lee Hooker album), a 1960 blues album by John Lee Hooker
*"The Blues" (Alex Harvey album), a 1964 soul album by Alex Harvey
*"The Blues" (Johnny Hodges album), a 1954 blues album by Johnny Hodges
*"", an album by Big Joe Williams, released in 2003

* "Les bleus" (the blues) is the nickname for the French national association football team and French national rugby union team
* "The Blues" is a nickname of a number of British association football clubs:
** Chelsea F.C.
** Birmingham City F.C.
** Everton F.C.
** Ipswich Town F.C.
** Manchester City F.C.
* "The Blues", nickname for the New South Wales Rugby League team

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* Blue (disambiguation)
* Blues (disambiguation)
* The Blue (disambiguation)

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