According to the Torah, Uzziel (Hebrew:עוּזִיאֵל, ʿÛzîʾēl, meaning "El is my strength" or "God is my strength" [Cheyne and Black, "Encyclopedia Biblica"] ) was the father of Mishael, Elzaphan, and Zithri, and was a son of Kohath and grandson of Levi [] .

No further details of Uzziel's life are given by the Bible, and according to biblical scholars the genealogy for Levi's descendants is actually an aetiological myth, reflecting popular perception of the connections between different Levite factions ["Peake's commentary on the Bible"] ; textual scholars attribute the genealogy to the Book of Generations, a document originating from a similar group and date to the priestly source) [Richard Elliott Friedman, "Who Wrote The Bible?"] .

According to the Christian angelic hierarchy, Uzziel is a powerful Cherubim. His name means "Strength of God."

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