Land 125

Land 125

LAND 125 Soldier Combat System is designed to enhance the performance of the individual Australian close combat soldier and small teams as part of a network enabled force.

Current Phases

Project background and proposal information is available in the current published Defence Capability Plan 2004-2014.

Phase 2B

Phase 2B will introduce into service a variety of enhanced dismounted close combat capabilities that constitute Soldier Enhancement Version One (SE v.1). This includes the following capabilities:

*Soldier Personal Radio (SPR) – a short range, intra-section communications device.
*Thermal Weapon Sight (TWS) – for employment with the F88 Steyr rifle to improve the surveillance and target acquisition capability of small teams.
*Individual Combat Load Carriage Equipment (ICLCE) – an integrated, modular hip/chest webbing ensemble and large field pack.
*Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH) – to improve individual survivability.
*Personal Protective Padding (PPP) – elbow and knee pads.

Current Status:Phase 2B is approved with acquisition action currently underway. Equipment deliveries are planned to be complete by mid-2006.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is proposed to introduce into service a variety of enhanced dismounted close combat capabilities that constitute Soldier Enhancement Version Two (SE v.2). This may include the following capabilities:

*Dismounted Battle Management System (DBMS) and data capable Combat Net Radio (CNR) – a digital situational awareness and data management system to provide commanders with improved command and control functionality.
*Enhanced Steyr rifle and improved weapon optics – providing enhanced capabilities to the surveillance and target acquisition characteristics of small teams.
*Individual survivability components – candidate equipment may include improved and modular combat body armor, ballistic and laser ocular protection and hearing protection.

Current Status:Concept is under development.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is proposed to introduce into service a variety of enhanced dismounted close combat capabilities that constitute Soldier Enhancement Version Three (SE v.3). In accordance with the spiral development methodology, the capability requirements for SE v.4 will be defined by emerging requirements and the technical maturity of candidate solutions, within the boundaries of the aspirational system architecture.

Current Status:This phase has not been scoped.


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