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show_name = Etheria: Ang Ikalimang Kaharian ng Encantadia

caption =
format = Telefantasya: action, adventure, fantasy
runtime = 30-45 minutes
creator = Suzette Doctolero
executive_producer =
starring = Diana Zubiri
Iza Calzado
Sunshine Dizon
Dingdong Dantes
Dennis Trillo
Nadine Samonte
Francine Prieto
Alessandra de Rossi
Jopay Paguia
Pauleen Luna
Alfred Vargas
Empress Schuck
Ping Medina
Sid Lucero
Aiza Marquez
Mike "Pekto" Nacua
Rainier Castillo
Ella Guevara
BJ Forbes
Paolo Paraiso
Cindy Kurleto

country = Philippines
network = GMA Network
first_aired = December 12, 2005
last_aired = February 17, 2006
num_episodes = 50
website =
imdb_id = 0494597
tv_com_id =

"Etheria" is a Filipino fantasy television series that was produced by GMA Network. The full title of the series is "Etheria: Ang Ikalimang Kaharian ng Encantadia" ("Etheria: The Fifth Kingdom of Encantadia"), referring to "Encantadia", its highly successful predecessor series. "Etheria" ran for 50 episodes from December 12, 2005 to February 17, 2006, and then gave way to the "telefantasya" franchise's next incarnation "", which began to air the following February 20.

The setting takes place before the events in "Encantadia" thus it may be considered as a prequel to "Encantadia". Although, it is technically a sequel, a continuation of the story of the "Encantadia" series, because the story plot of Etheria starts with the four elemental Sang'gres (Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya) and Ybarro going back in time when Etheria was in its full glory.



The three didn't joined the battle because they are friends to both side. The leader of the white group sent them away As Emre said "Hindi na tayo mga kerubin, hindi rin tayo mga isinumpa at di rin tayo tao"("We are no longer cherubiums, neither we are one of the fallen nor mortals').Later events resulted to the creation of encantadia.Another proof of this theory is that the line on the etheria theme "Osno Celestia" means Mga kerubin ("Cheriubims")
*Emre — the supreme deity of the Encantandians, and brother to Arde. The Diwatas refer to him as "Bathala" (God). His likeness is represented by the many statues scattered around the palaces of Lireo and Sapiro. One of his statues became alive when he gave the Jewel of the Elements to Cassiopea and her allies during the war against Etheria.
*Ether — "Bathaluman" (Goddess) of the Etherian people, who take their name from her. For falling in love with Arde, Emre turned her into an enormous snake, a form she frequently assumes when manifesting in Encantadia.
*Arde — Brother of Emre. He was turned into a dragon by Emre because of his forbidden affair with Ether. He leads the souls of dead Encantadians to Devas.


A member of Etheria's nobility is called a "Heran" and has the title "Hera" placed before their name. Etheria has four noble Houses (singular "Hera") - Andal, Sensa, Volo and Aega - listed hereunder with their members. (The choice of the word "Hera" may derive from the Greek goddess Hera, whose name translates to "Lady".)

All Etherians (nobility and commoner alike) have an identifying birthmark on their backs: the eyes of a snake (symbolic of Ether) surmounted by a leaf.

"For the full relationship of each main Etherian and Encantadian in the series, see Family Tree of Encantadia".

"Hera Volo"

Hera Volo's citizens are the timekeepers of Etheria. They have the ability to speed up, slow down and stop time.
* Juvila - the long lost daughter of Memen and Lip-aya. Avria didn't know that Memen has a child to Lip-aya (Juvila's mother).
* Cilatus - Leader of "Hera Volo". He is the one who pushed Avria to seek out Memen and protect Avria's name as Queen.

"Hera Andal"

Hera Andal is the seat of power in Etheria wherein its Queen resides and its citizens are the healers of Etheria.
* Avria - Queen of Etheria and leader of "Hera Andal". She has the ability to give and take away any disease, and the only one who can contact their goddess, Ether. She is the original owner of the Kabilan. She is also one of the four Guardians of the Golden Hourglass.
* Mine-a - Avria's (step)daughter who became queen of Lireo after the reign of Cassiopea. She is a full-blooded Diwata because her parents are Diwatas and Avria got her through cold-blooded means. She is also the future mother of the four sang ' gres not knowing that she is herself a Diwata.
* Gurna - Half-Diwata and Half-Hathor. Dama and friend of Mine-a. Only she knows that Mine-a goes out to search for her father and kill him for leaving them.
* Victu - Head of the Hera Andal Soldiers. Loyal to Queen Avria and the Herans of Etheria.

"Hera Sensa"

Hera Sensa is where Etheria's scribes, scholars and historians reside.
* Andora -One of the four guardians of the golden hourglass. Has the telekinetic powers and can see the past of anyone or anything she touches.
* Animus - the son of Barkus who also fell in love with Juvila from "Hera Volo", who was asked by Avria to kill Memen and Ornia.
* Barkus - the leader of "Hera Sensa" who has the ability to hypnotize with the wave of his hand. He apparently is also in love with Juvila of "Hera Volo".
* Evades - brother of Barkus, Memen's teacher, and Cassiopea's caretaker.
* Memen - Half-Etherian and half-Diwata. Husband of Queen Avria. Fell in love with Ornia, a Diwata.

"Hera Aega"

Hera Aega is known for its power to affect the emotions of a person through the use of their arrows. They are the nomads who are composed of only women (very much similar to the Amazons of Greek mythology). "Hera Aega" was not represented when Queen Avria called for an assembly due to internal matters but was present during the "Unang Digmaan" (First War).
* As'nan - the mother of Odessa and sister of Ora. She is the leader of the most mysterious tribe in Etheria that practices unusual traditions and is made up of women. Ora killed her because she thinks that she is not worthy of the throne.
* Odessa - The daughter of Asnan and guardian of the "Olontre".
* Ora - Asnan's sister and Odessa's antagonistic aunt. Believes that she is the only one worthy to be As'nan's successor as leader of Hera Aega. She told Odessa that she killed As'nan.

From other kingdoms

Lireo / Diwatas

*Cassiopea — Blind at birth, she is the daughter of the Half-Etherian and Half-Diwata, Memen of "Hera Sensa", and a Diwata slave, Ornia. She was given to Evades to be protected from the wrath of Etheria's queen. She was blessed by Evades to grow up fast like what happened to Kahlil by Alena's magic. She established Lireo as the Land for the Diwatas with the aid of then Sapiro's Prince Raquim. The first Queen of the Diwatas and a witness and survivor of the kingdom Etheria's fall, blacksmith of the golden sword Avatar. She is the representative of Lireo to the Council of Four (includes King Meno of Sapiro, Aegen of Adamya and King Bartimus of Hathoria) to whom Emre handed the hope gem which embodies the powers of the elements and serves as the council's primary weapon against the Etherians.
*Marvus — a rebel diwata. A Lirean warrior during Cassiopeia's reign, he was one of the three warriors tasked to stand guard at the gateway to Etheria.
* Amarro - Half-Diwata and Half-Hathor. He lives in the forest in seclusion with his son, the young Aquil.
* Aquil - The young son of Ammaro. They were the ones who found an amnesiac King Ybrahim in the forest and, despite his father's objections, brought him to their home and be nursed back to good health.
* Ornia - A slave diwata who fell in love with the husband of the Etherian queen Avria, Hera Memen. She is the kind and loving mother of Cassiopea. Unfortunately for Etherians, Ornia is Esmeralda's direct ascendant.
* Esmeralda - a Diwata, a very powerful Diwata. In fact, she was the most powerful Diwata ever to walk Encantadia, but this was centuries ago. Meno told the story of this Diwata to his nephew. Her dying curse was the reason why Etherians enslaved the Diwatas. Unfortunately, the Curse was fulfilled by the birth of Cassiopea. Concerning Esmeralda and the Curse, see article above.
*Enuo - A Diwata from Ascano, skilled in the healing arts, who eventually joins the war against Etheria. Because of his goodness, he is destined to become the father of Alena and Danaya.


*Raquim — a Sapirian Prince, cousin of Armeo. Formerly Hagorn's bestfriend but they became worst enemies after falling in love with the same Diwata, Mine-a. Apparently, it was revealed that Raquim is one of the mercenaries sent to kill Animus for the death of Memen and Ornia. He is King Meno's nephew.
*Meno — King of Sapiro during Etheria's rule. The eldest brother of Asval. He is also the uncle of Raquim, the father of Armeo and the grandfather of Ybrahim. Tasked to be the deciding factor for what needs to be done in response to the deaths of Cassiopea's parents. He is the representative of Sapiro to the Council of Four (includes King Bartimus of Hathoria, Aegen of Adamya and Cassiopea of Lireo) to whom Emre handed the hope gem which embodies the powers of the elements and serves as the council's primary weapon against the Etherians.
*Asval — a Sapirian Prince and at the same time the head of the Sapirian army who has very high hopes that Sapiro will one day be Encantadia's greatest kingdom. He was sent to kill Animus of "Hera Sensa" for the death of Memen and Ornia. He became a member of the council that was established after the war with Etheria
*Armeo — King Meno's son and Raquim's younger cousin. He is also the father of Prince Ybrahim. Also, Prince Raquim's father's name is Armeo, to whom Ybrahim's father was named after.
*Arkrey — Half Sapirian and half Etherian, he is the second in command of the Sapiryan Army next to Asval. He is also one of the guardians of the golden hourglass. Later revealed to be Avria's brother.
*Banak — Banak does not know his father and mother. He will be a friend to the Sang’gre’s once they go back to the past. He is in possession of a hammer that could make very sharp swords but he does not know how to use it. He will make Raquim’s sword that will be inherited later on by his daughter, Amihan. He is skilled in battle and sword handling.
*Nakba — a Mandirigma. He is the son of a Sapiryan soldier and a Sapiryan from Adjantao – but his parents died early so he was orphaned at such a young age. He lives with his best friend Banak. He brags about his extensive knowledge on magic but he only says this to fool others and steal their gold. He makes his living by stealing from others. He likes to brag about his skill in sword handling but this too is something he just made up.
*Xenos - Sapiryan warrior entrusted, along with Marvus, to be guardians of the gateway to Etheria.


*Hagorn — Hathorian prince to whom Mine-a is betrothed. Raquim's best friend. Father of Pirena, a grandfather to Mira
*Arvak — Son of Bartimus, and father of Hagorn.
*Bartimus - King of Hathoria and its representative to the Council of Four. He received the kingdom of Hathoria as compensation for the death of his wife, Arachn (Aranghe), who was slain by Etherians.
*Eldrin — Hathorian warrior entrusted, along with Marvus and Xenos, to be guardians to prevent Etheria's rise.


*Aegen - head of Adamya and its representative to the Council of Four. Imaw's father.Noel Urbano,also the voice of the legendary Imaw is the voice of Aegen.

From present-day Encantadia

This is a list of characters from the "Encantadia" series that later appeared in "Etheria". Some of them (Pirena, Amihan, Alena, Danaya, Ybrahim) travelled to the past to when the kingdom of Etheria was in its full glory to destroy the Golden Hourglass to save Cassandra.
*Amihan — Daughter of Mine-a by Raquim of Sapiro. Keeper of the Gemstone of Air. Her main Etherian enemy is Juvila of Hera Volo. Mother of Lira, and a grandmother of Cassandra.
*Pirena — Daughter of Mine-a by Hagorn of Hathoria. Keeper of the Gemstone of Fire. Her main Etherian enemy is Andora of Hera Sensa. She is the one who killed Juvila and Andora. Mother of Mira.
*Alena — Third of the four daughters of Mine-a. Her father is the same as Danaya's. Keeper of the Gemstone of Water. She is the new Queen of Sapiro after her marriage to Ybrahim. Her main Etherian enemy is Odessa of Hera Aega. Mother of Khalil and Armea.
*Danaya — Youngest of the four daughters of Mine-a. Her father is Enuo, a diwata who treats illnesses with plant medicines. Keeper of the Gemstone of Earth. She is the new Queen of Lireo. Her main Etherian enemy is Queen Avria of Hera Andal. She is the one, who killed the Queen of Etheria, Avria.
*Ybrahim — Also known as Ybarro, the King of Sapiro. Husband to Alena, father of Lira, Kahlil, Armea and Arman, grandfather of Cassandra.
*Cassandra — Posthumous daughter of Lira, she was magically birthed by Cassiopea from strands of her late mother's hair. She is the prophesied last Sang'gre who will bring the extinct kingdom of Etheria back from the ashes to its once mighty rule over the land of Encantadia.
*Imaw — Leader of the Adamyans who also serves as chief adviser to the Diwatas. His personal weapon is the "mahiwagang tungkod", a magical staff that can show the wielder the history of almost anything.
*Muros — Head of the Royal Army of Lireo, friend of Aquil.
*Wahid — Head of the Royal Army of Sapiro, help Cassandra travel to Devas.


*Diana Zubiri as Reyna Danaya
*Iza Calzado as sangre Amihan
*Sunshine Dizon as Sangre Pirena
*Karylle as Reyna Alena
*Dingdong Dantes as Haring Ybarro|Ybrahim
*Jopay Paguia as Hera Juvila
*Francine Prieto as Reyna Avria
*Alessandra de Rossi as Hera Andora
*Pauleen Luna as Hera Odessa
*Dennis Trillo as young Raquim
*Nadine Samonte as young Mine-a
*Alfred Vargas as Amarro
*Empress Schuck as young Cassiopea
*Ping Medina as young Hagorn
*Sid Lucero as young Asval
*Aiza Marquez as young Gurna
*Mike "Pekto" Nacua as Banak
*Rainier Castillo as Nakba (Encantadia)|Nakba
*Ella Guevara as Cassandra
*BJ Forbes as young Aquil
*Paolo Paraiso as Animus
*Tirso Cruz III as Barkus
*Daniel Fernando as Cilatus
*Gary Estrada as Meno
*Justin Cuyugan as Arkrey
*Noni Buencamino as Bartimus
*Michael Flores as Arvak
*Tonton Gutierrez as Memen
*Glydel Mercado as Ornia
*Cindy Kurleto as Cassiopea
*Chinggoy Alonzo as Evades
*Raymond Bagatsing as Emre
*Angel Aquino as Ether
*Rachel Lobangco as As'nan
*Maricel Morales as Ora
*Arthur Solinap as Muros
*Benjie Paras as Wahid
*Jackie Rice
*Marky Cielo
*Noel Urbano as the voice of Imaw/Aegen
*Ryan Eigenmann as Marvus
*Neil Ryan Sese as Viktu
*Frank Garcia as Xenos
*K. C. Montero as Eldrin

Plot summary

The Kingdom of Etheria

Etheria is the ancient (and probably, the oldest (for this was the first kingdom established)) kingdom in the Encantadia world where the Kabilan was found and made war with the other kingdoms like Adamya, Sapiro, Hathoria, and the newly founded kingdom of Lireo. Animus, an Etherian agent from Hera Sensa, was responsible for the deaths of Memen and Ornia, the parents of Cassiopea, hence the three other kingdoms symphatize with her and declared war against Etheria. This united effort of the four kingdoms helped Cassiopea defeat Etheria.

Back when Encantadia was a young world, there was a kingdom called Etheria, the strong and powerful kingdom was ruled by Queen Avria who wanted to control the neighboring kingdoms of Lireo, Sapiro, Adamya and Hathoria. The neighboring kingdoms, however, banded together and attempted to defeat the forces of Etheria. Avria would not be defeated easily even as her kingdom succumbed. The queen swore that Etheria would return to power once the Last Sang'gre was born.

The Four Herans in Book 3

When Etheria was destroyed, the goddess of that kingdom, Ether, flew around her kingdom which was all destroyed to find the Four herans. She found them all and kept their spirits in a crystal ball and brought them to the future. The Crystal ball broke and their spirits were free and they hid in Hera Andal. They practiced fighting and were plotting something evil so they may try and steal the four jewels (because their powers were too weak compared to the sang'gres powers) so Etheria may once again rise back in glory.See: ""


There is no original soundtrack (OST) yet for Etheria. However, here are some the list of soundtrack being played in the series:
*"Etheria" aka "Hade" (Main Theme)
**Words by: Suzette Doctolero
**Music by: Allan Feliciano
*"Asshenti" (Love Theme)
**Performed by: Bayang Barrios & Chi Datu
**Words by: Suzette Doctolero
**Music by: Allan Feliciano
*"Ivo" (Lireo Hymn/National Anthem)
**Re-arranged by: Ariel Hugo


(Mega Manila Ratings Only) Encantadia, the show that preceded Etheria was the number one and highest rated (40% above daily) show in the Philippines during its run. Encantadia was only beaten several times by any show from June to December 2005. The only time Encantadia rated lower compared to another show was with Darna in June 2005 and with ABS-CBN's fantaserye Kampanerang Kuba for several days. Encantadia has topped since that span of time. Etheria had beaten its rival shows in its early weeks but has failed to maintain the 35%-45% ratings of Encantadia before. Its ratings dramatically decreased and has failed to consistently top in its time slot and almost went below 20's, unlike its predecessor, Encantadia.Fact|date=September 2008

It is said that Encantadia soared high on Philippine Television because it had captivated the hearts of young audiences particularly the children. Etheria wasn't able to maintain the ratings of Encantadia because of the complicated storylines since it involved time travel and that fans are expecting it to be a "pure" prequel. Furthermore, there are several new characters introduced which added confusion to the audience. Yet, Etheria is still significant because it cleared some questions and doubts raised on its Book 1, hence, became a milestone in the history of Philippine Television.Fact|date=September 2008

The highest rating of Etheria was its pilot episode, with 38.6%, the lowest was 22.9% and the overall ratings of 30.1%.Fact|date=September 2008

See also

* Encantadia
* Sources of inspiration for Encantadia and Etheria
* Enchanta, the language of Encantadia (with the lyrics of Hade)
* Timeline of Encantadia

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