Community campaign

Community campaign

A Community Campaign is an individual or individuals from a community campaigning on a common subject to change the actions or perception of an organisation, body or authority.

It bears many similarities to Political Campaigning but differs in that it is driven by members of the public rather than professional politicians.

The key characteristics of a community campaign are that it is local, and focussed on a single issue. It is not a national campaign. It is generally speaking apolitical or has cross-party support. A campaign that was one political party against the other would, generally speaking, be a political campaign. A community campaign is not commercially focussed, it is trying to effect a change for the good of a community.

Popular campaigns

*Stop the construction of unpopular buildings
*Protect areas of natural beauty or interest
*Get new facilities for the community such as schools, leisure centres or parks
*Get commercial organisations to provide their services within an area; although many would argue that any campaign that includes a commercial focus should not be viewed as a community campaign as the motives behind it may be questionable
*Raise awareness of issues within the community

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